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News and information for Districts 9450, 9460, 9470

For those of you who did not see the
ABC, 7.30 Report on April 6th


Last weekend was D9460 conference



Thank you fron DG Geoff Simpson

District Conference - What a Wonderful Success

Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
Yesterday I said many thank you's,

today I have sent many more and tomorrow I will send even more.
So many people to thank for such a wonderful Conference.
Those that came would agree,
those who couldn't are the poorer for missing out.
Please put next year's Conference in your diary now -
then you have no excuse for missing the highlight of the Rotary Year -
its on 25-27 March 2011 at the Burswood.
Many thanks to the Rotary Club of West Perth for hosting the Conference

and PP Angus and Grace Buchanan for chairing the Conference Committee
and their superb efforts in all areas.
Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Crawley

on an excellent Charter Breakfast last Thursday.
A huge turnout to witness the official chartering
of our Districts second largest club.
Well done to the 30 Rotary Clubs,

3 Rotaract Clubs and our Mt Lawley Interact Club
on achieving a RI Presidential Citation
. DGN Liz is to be congratulated for championing
this award over the last two years.
The Metropolitan District Assembly is on Sunday, 2nd May
at Mt Lawley Senior High School.
All incoming club board members need to attend
to ensure they are updated on their roles for next year.
All other interested Rotarians are also welcome.
Another event to diarise is the multi-district Changeover Dinner - 3rd July.
Come along and say goodbye to D9450
and celebrate the launch of D9455 with RID Stuart Heal.
DGE Ian Hutton and I will be spending the next few week

s conducting country assemblies.
We were in Geraldton a week ago and will be in Karratha next weekend.
The metro, wheatbelt and Kimberley ones to follow.
Margaret and I are travelling to the RI Convention in Montreal in June,
I hope to see some of you there.
May is Australian Rotary Health month

and getting near the end of the year.
Time for Club's to consider their annual donations to the Rotary Foundation,
Polio Plus and ARH.
Time is running out -

review this year's goals and put a plan in place to achieve them
Geoff Simpson
District 9450 Governor 2009-10

the above articles and video were taken from
the Rotary Club of West Perth
and the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour websites


On Thursday April 15th the Rotary Club of Crawley
was chartered with 250 invited guest witnessing the event

DG Geoff Simpson and Charter President Jaap Poll

Katherine Hazelwood RCC’s youngest member (20)

and David Goldstone RCC’s oldest member (74) with the Charter document

Singer Jay Weston

Charter President Jaap Poll

Thanks to Judith Giddings and photographer Scott Nodwell


Annual Ken Collins Address
The 13th Annual Dr Ken Collins Address
will be held on Monday 29th November 2010
at 7.00 pm for 7.30pm in the Golden Nugget Room, Gloucester Park.
The Keynote Speaker will be RI President Ray Klinginsmith
and the Support Speaker will be former
Ambassadorial Scholar Maryanne Takome-Amu from Papua New Guinea
who I first met in the refugee camps along the West Irian border in 1986.
.She has a powerful message to tell.
The cost is yet to be determined
but I will notify you as soon as it is available.
Kind regards,
Ken Collins

Rotary Clubs of
Mandurah City
Mandurah Districts

April 3rd was the inaugural Mandurah Duck Race
over 4900 ducks ware purchased

And 120+ entries for the best dressed duck
pictures taken from
www.mandurahrotary ducks website


Rotary Club of Ballajura/Malaga

Is it possible to have fun and help members of your community

Get on board the Rotary Community Bus Project
We are pleased to invite your support and participation
in a special Quiz Night to launch the Rotary Community Bus Project.
This is an important and exciting project
in which Rotary can make a significant difference in the local community.
A community bus would enable individuals
and community groups to more easily be able to get around their community
to participate in events or simply attend appointments.
For those without their own transport,
a community bus will he an invariable asset to them,
providing a renewed level of fi-eedorn
and capacity to participate more actively in their community.
When: Saturday 19th June 20/10, Doors open 5:30pm
Where: Morley Recreation Centre
(Car Wellington Road and Mangini, Morley)
How can you assist:
In launching this project we would value your support
in selling tickets to the Quiz Night.
As an added incentive for your Rotary Club
you will receive $S (per ticket) fur every 10 or more tickets sold_
By selling just 100 tickets your club could earn $501).
To provide your support,
purchase tickets and for further information please contact:-
Barrie Conway-Mortimer
Mobile - 0407 425 021
Rotary Club of Ballajura Malaga


Rotary Club of Bentley/Curtin


Rrotary Club of Swan Valley

Our advertising flyer providing all the details for
our ‘Just Say No’ Community Drug Prevention Presentation
to be held at the Midland Junction Arts Centre
on Sunday 30th May from 2.30pm to 4.00pm.
It would be much appreciated if you could please promote this event
through the Rotary our West blog
\as much as possible in the coming weeks leading up to the day.
The event is a Just Say No Community Drug Prevention Presentation
featuring guest speakers Jade and Tristan Lewis
and well as Jade’s father Kevin McSherry.
We are also hoping to have representatives from the WA Police Force
and a health practitioner to present an overall combined
social, emotional, physical and community driven message
encouraging our youth to make positives choices and Just Say No -
avoiding the destructive path and damaging drug scene.
The purpose of the event is to disseminate the Just Say No
drug prevention message to facilitators such
as principals, teachers, student, parents, sports clubs, captains,
presidents, Rotarians, councillors, youth group leaders etc...
as well as the general public and give information relating to assistance,
help and support, role models and agencies promoting positive choices
and solutions in the fight against drugs within the community.
Our special MC for the event will be Robyn Jones
with DG Ian Jones delivering the official opening as well
as hosting the panel discussion session where attendees
will be able address their questions directly with guest speakers.
We would be grateful if as many details as possible from the flyer
could be included in your blog to give our event
as much profile and publicity as possible.

Kind regards
Yours in Rotary
Rachel Ivic
Rotary Club of Swan Valley

Rotary Club of Rossmoyne


The Rotary Club of Rossmoyne will provide your Club
with Raffle Tickets in books of 25 tickets
to be sold at $2.00 per ticket,
of which your Club receives $1.00 for every ticket sold.

Rossmoyne provide the prizes and the tickets,
all you have to do is sell them

First Prize
$10,000.00 Cash
2nd Prize
$3,000.00 Cash
3rd Prize
Two nights accommodation in Margaret River including Lunch
and escorted winery tour
(return transport to and from not included)

. 1st July 2010 to 24th September 2010.
Drawn 13th October 2010.

to operate your own Raffle offering the same value of prizes
you would have to sell at least 300 books of tickets
to cover your costs with no profit.
Participate with us
and you will have made $7,500.00
selling the same amount of tickets.with:


If you order a minimum of 60 books of tickets
by the 31st May 2010,
your Club name will be prominently displayed
on each ticket in the books you order.
If you order less than 60 books (minimum order 20 books)
the same area will be left on the ticket
for your own Club stamp to assist your sales.

If you haven't sold all your tickets that you ordered there is no penalty,
you will still receive the $1.00 for each ticket you have sold.
We do request you endeavour to sell all your ticket allocation.

and click on Projects.
OR phone David Hackett on 9310 1411,

We will get the Raffle Books to you.
Rotary Club of Rossmoyne.



May 2nd……Sunday…………………………..District Assembly D9455
May 2nd……..Sunday……………………….District Assembly D9645
May 8th..........Saturday........................Rotary Club of Bentley/CurtinBush Band Concert
May 14th.......Friday.........................Rotary Club of Belmont 50th Birthday
May 30th...............Sunday..........Rotary Club of Swan Valley "Just say No"
June 12th................Saturday............Rotary Foundation Fund raiserfeaturing belly dancers and other performers
June 19th..............Saturday................Rotary Club of Balajura/Malaga Quiz Night
June 20th-23rd………………………………. Rotary International Convention Montreal
June 26th..........Saturday..............Rotary Club of Canningtons Ladies Seminar
July 3rd…………….Saturday……………District Changeover [D94555 and D9645]
October 24th-29th..............International Fellowship of Cricketing RotariansFestival@ Lillac Hill
October 31st........Sunday................Rotary Club of Matilda Bay Subiaco Craft and Community Fair
November 19th.................Monday..............13th Annual Ken Collins address
December 3rd -5th.....................Rotary Institute [Perth]


Quote of the week


Once upon a time in England,
a very mean witch was terrorizing the local population,
who finally went to see a wizard to see what could be done about her.
The wizard gave them a potion that would turn the witch into a statue.
The townpeople managed to put the potion in the witch's food.
When she found out about this,
she turned green with rage, but it was too late and the potion worked as expected.
The jubilant population had a big celebration and parade
, and placed the petrified witch in a park as a public example.
Pretty soon, people discovered that the witch had been frozen in a position
that made her a perfect sundial,
and started using her to tell the time of day.
The custom grew and even today,
people often refer to Mean Green Witch Time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


News and Information for Districts 9450, 9460, 9470


The Rotary Club of Margaret River was chartered

on 17th February 1960

and this year celebrated their 50th birthday

Pictured with DG Keith Hopkins is President Marilyn Hopkins


Dear District Club President, Secretary & Rotarians,

Shelterbox in Australia
Shelterbox Australia is no longer affiliated with ShelterBox Trust (UK).

It would seem that reconciliation between ShelterBox Australia

and the ShelterBox Trust (U.K.) is now clearly off the table.

This is extremely disappointing,

however we must put arrangements in place until the way ahead

for ShelterBox in Australia becomes clear.
Process for remitting donations direct to ShelterBox UK
There are three methods by which you can remit donations

direct to ShelterBox Trust in the UK:

1. Cheque drawn on an Australian bank account
Please make your cheque payable to ShelterBox Trust

and send it by airmail to ShelterBox,

Unit 1A, Water-ma-Trout, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0LW, United Kingdom.

The usual delivery time is four to five working days.
Please enclose your contact details and provide the name(s)

and address (es) of the donor(s)

as well as indicating the amount applicable to each donor.

2. Bank transfer from an Australian bank account
Your bank will be able to make a transfer of funds from your account to our account.

Please note that your bank will usually charge a fee.

You will need to provide your bank with the

following details of our bank account:
Account Name: ShelterBox Trust
Bank: National Westminster Bank plc,

29 Meneage Street Helston, Cornwall TR13 8AZ, UK
IBAN: GB71 NWBK 5350 3754 0048 53
Please ask your bank to use your District number

and your name as the transaction reference.
Please let us know that the transfer is on its way

by emailing with your contact details

as well as the name(s) and address (es) of the donor(s)

and the amount applicable to each donor.

3. Online via the ShelterBox UK website
You can make an online donation (in UK pounds only) using a credit card

or debit card via the UK website at
Please let us know that the transfer is on its way

by emailing with your contact details

as well as the name(s) and address (es) of the donor(s)

and the amount applicable to each donor.

Please also state the RBS World Pay Transaction ID

which will appear on your screen immediately

after your payment has been processed.

It is our understanding that ShelterBox Australia

is required to forward all monies they have in their accounts

from Donors to the Shelterbox Trust (U.K.)
We will keep you informed of developments as they come to hand

and may we say in closing,

many thanks to you all for the enthusiastic support

we have received for ShelterBox from you all.

One would dearly hope that ShelterBox

will be fully represented again in Australia in the near future

enabling us to continue with the vital work that the organization undertakes.

If you have any queries please contact us in the usual manner.
DG Ian Jones Pat Crichton & David Brockway (D9470 ShelterBox reps)


Kids Get Depressed Too
4 January 2010

In an ideal world children would grow up untouched by illness.
The real world, however, can be a bewildering
and sad place for many children struggling
with depression and other mental illnesses.
Depression in adolescents is a serious illness carrying
a high risk for recurrence throughout adult life.
Australian Rotary Health is tackling mental illness in Australia head on!
This year 10 pilot research studies have been endowed under the initiative
“Mental Health of Young Australians (Birth to 17 Years)”.
The project is the first of its kind in Australia.
Australian Rotary Health Chairman, Noel Trevaskis,
noted that “the $300,000 spent on funding the pilot research projects
is a valuable investment in the health of Australian children”.
One of the pilot studies is being undertaken by Dr Naomi Wray
from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR).
Naomi Wray’s speciality is genetics.
Her work at QIMR involves researching the pattern of disease in families,
particularly in identical and non-identical twins.
Dr Wray’s research is testing whether cytokines,
key molecules for communication between cells in the body,
are associated with symptoms of depression in adolescents.
“Cytokines are well known for their role in the
response of the immune system to infection,
but evidence of an additional role for cytokines
within the brain is starting to emerge” Dr Wray said.
“The theory of cytokine induced depression is compelling” she added.
“It is supported by a number of research studies and complements,
rather than replaces, other theories of depression”.
However, previous studies were limited in scope
and only one study focussed on depression in adolescents.
“A larger, more comprehensive study is needed to unravel the relationship
between cytokines and depression in adolescence” Dr Wray said.
In the pilot study Dr Wray will determine whether genetic variations
can be detected in levels of cytokines in the blood of 16 year old children.
If so, the data will give her a competitive edge to secure further funding
to investigate if there is a relationship between cytokines
and depression in adolescents
and whether the relationship has a genetic basis.
“We are extremely excited to be given the opportunity
to generate pilot data for this new direction of research:
it is essential to obtaining funding for a
full research study in the future” she added.
Gerardine Grace - Media & Communications
Phone: 02 8837 1900


Substainable Cambodia
The Kangaroo Club
The Kangaroo club at the Sylvia Lasky Memmorial school
in Pursat Province in Cambodia!
All of these students are sponsored by Western Australians,
mostly Rotarians and partners and families.
When the photo was taken three weeks ago
we had 20 kangaroos now we have 25 and only 5 to go to meet our target for the year
.Good looking bunch of kids aren't they?
Just goes to show in our self-help Rotary programme in Cambodia
you can start off with wells and filters for clean water
and then advance step by step to fishponds, vegetable gardens,
community dams,then to preschools and nutrition.
We Rotarians here in the West are feeding 200 children
in the 0-5 age group in seven rural preschools with a high protein breakfast
each morning prepared by the ladies of the village.
This programme will continue until November 2011
when the seven communities have agreed to assume responsibility
and keep the programme going themselves,
because they can see with their own eyes the improving health of their children,
its called sustainablility.
From preschools we move to primary schools
where we have so far provided two thousand school books to government
as well as our own three schools in Pursat province.
We, together with the Rotary Club of Lismore West
have just finished building a rural Primary school in Beung Thenaut
right on the edge of the Khmer Rouge minefields, very remote
. And Yes, we have just started on another two schools in the same area,
both with a capacity for 150 students.
One already has 41 students enrolled and another 90 students enrolled
. Many of the children in this area in the foothills of the Cardamon mountains
because of the dangerous minefields surrounding them.
Now our outreach Cambodian teachers there,
all of them wonderful,dedicated young Cambodian people,
have to cope with a classrooms of children from 6 to
16 most of whom have never been to school.
The needs of these impoverished and truly destitute people are,
frankly almost overwhelming....
but with the help of Rotarians in Western Australia we are making a difference.
The magnificent efforts of our Western Australian Cambodian
coordinating committee make this whole project come together
, each one of them is responsible for a project...
. be it water, nutrition, health, education, schools, student sponsorships,
or scholarships to higher learning establishments in Cambodia
. (recently one has won a scholarship to the US)

So you see.... water to university...that's what we do...
and for sure Cambodia needs these educated, bright young people
to take their country forward and hopefully take with them the message
and the ethical values of Rotarians everywhere.
On their progress through life we trust they
will instil in the people they will teach, and doctor, and mentor,
the lessons they have learned from their association
with the people in Rotary international. Service above self.
Have a look at the bright and intelligent features of the kids in this photo
and if you think you would like to help us with our efforts,
as some have, get in touch with any of us on the co-ordinating committee.
Names are in your 9470 District directory on page 42.
When the new District directories are published they will be there too.
In 2010-11 we are looking forward to being part
of the Western Australian
9465 and 9455 joint Rotary community, combining both districts.
Our Coordinating committee already consists
of representatives from both new districts.
See our website.
Google up Sustainable Cambodia (Australia)
listen to Peter Holland tell you about how this all began,
follow the site to the US and learn how and
why this Cambodian effort was put together
by Rotarians only a few years ago,
and what has been achieved since then.

PDG Allan Lewins


Youth Exchange


"Hands of Friendship"

The story that goes with them is that Nick Sabotch
(of the Belmont club at the time )
came back from Queensland with the idea to encourage "Make Ups"
In Queenland they used a stuffed cane toad.
Nick and I visited an orthopedic surgeon
who made a plaster cast of our handshake,
and Nick had them made with a special epoxy,
I mounted them on the wooden base and painted it gold.
They were presented to PDG Allan Lewins
at the District Changeover of 1995
and were sent into the District to encourage makeups,
they have not been seen for some time
and must be being held for ransom by one of the clubs,
although I have not been sent any demands,
I am prepared to offer a reward for their release
as they have a real sentimental value for me.
They were in a Blue Viynl "'Hand Bag"
they may have gone Inter District but I don't think so
If you know their wherabouts
contact PDG Rob Lyons 0408 077 736


Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of Geraldton
pictures from a recent meeting at Arcadia Waters


Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough

Held their annual concert at Red Hill recently
The above pictures are fron the Rotary Club of Geraldton's newsletter


Rotary Club of Subiaco

We've received an e-mail from The School of St Judes, Tanzania
informing us that our other sponsored teacher has won an award:
Dear Sponsor,
You’ll be pleased to know that your sponsored Teacher Christine
received an award at this week’s assembly.
Thank you for your continuing support of the school.
Kind regards
,Alice Mlay
Sponsorship Team
This is great news;
it is good that our Club is able to continue its association with the School,
and to learn that the two teachers we are sponsoring are both doing well.
David Cuff

taken from the Rotary Club of Subiaco website


Rotary Club of Margaret River

The club has a pontoon anchored at Gnarabup Beach
for swimmers over the summer months.
Gnarabup residents awoke one sunday morning recently
to find a local cow statue had been transported onto the pontoon
by some enterprising locals.
Past President Bill Ivory said
" Itis presumed that the cow was actually floated out to the pontoon
.and some planning had gone into the operation
as a plank of wood had been secured to the cows foot to stabilise it"

even the local papers cartoonist got in on the act

pictures and cartoon from Augusta/Maragret River Mail



May 2nd……Sunday…………………………..District Assembly D9455
May 2nd……..Sunday……………………….District Assembly D9645
May 8th..........Saturday........................Rotary Club of Bentley/CurtinBush Band Concert
May 14th.......Friday.........................Rotary Club of Belmont50 th Birthday
May 16th..........Sunday.....................Rotary Club of Albany Port Radio Auction
June 12th................Saturday............Rotary Foundation Fund raiserfeaturing belly dancers and other performers
June 20th-23rd………………………………. Rotary International Convention Montreal
June 26th..........Saturday..............Rotary Club of Canningtons Ladies Seminar
July 3rd…………….Saturday……………District Changeover [D94555 and D9645]
October 24th-29th..............International Fellowship of Cricketing RotariansFestival@ Lillac Hill
October 31st........Sunday................Rotary Club of Matilda BaySubiaco Craft and Community Fair
December 3rd -5th.....................Rotary Institute [Perth]




Polar Bears were hunted for food and fur by the Inuit.
There was an art to capturing polar bears.
Each Inuit village had a different technique
and there was considerable competition between villages
in how effective their techniques really are.
The most famous village of all had a technique that worked nearly all of the time.
The technique stayed a secret until one old gentleman
finally told the leaders of the other villages.
“The technique,” he said, “is to make a large hole in the ice.
Then, you must surround the hole with fresh peas.
They must be fresh.
Canned ones will not work.
After this, you wait.
When the bear comes up to take a pea,
you kick him in the ice hole.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

News and information for Districts 9450,9460,9470

Next Weekend is D9450 Conference

Rotary International District 9450Conference 2010
When: 16th - 18th April 2010

Where: Karrinyup, Western Australia

Venue: St Mary's Anglican Girls School, Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre

Organised by: District Governor Geoff Simpson,
Rotary Club of West Perth

Theme: The Future of Rotary is in your Hands

Tip: Print the PDF form and fill it in first to familiarise yourself with the document!
Tip: On-line registration requests the same information.


: PDF / MS Word as at 2010-Feb-21


Mesaage from District Governor Keith Hopkins D9460

Thank you to all the presenters and Keynote Speakers
for your willingness to help us through your entertaining
and informative presentations to
"Discover Ourselves, Discover Manjimup and Discover Rotary International".
I am sure that your efforts have helped us to have a better idea
of what our hands could do as we look toward building the future.
Thank you to all the attendees, especially the "first timers"
as without an infusion of new delegates events and organizations die.
While there is little point in presenting with out an audience,
your active participation and full attendance at each session
helped to lift us all to greater heights.
Thank you to my Conference Committee and all the Manjimup Rotarians
and their partners who did all the ground work to make their
and my visions of what a District Conference could be like in to a reality.
In my view they provided an excellant Rotary model
of how our hands can build the future into something positive
that personally resonates with all concerned.
Thank you to my Conference MC, Alan,
the up front guide who ably filled gaps, kept us informed and on task.
Lastly thank you to Libby for her support through the whole journey
from DGN, but especially for her endurance
and assistance with a Conference focussed DG
.DG Keith Hopkins and Libby Keith Hopkins
D9460 District Governor 2009-10


ASAP with payment to ensure and secure seat:
Robyn 0429815013 / 94346308

When direct debiting please Email
with details & include your club name & your name.
Rotary District 9470
Bsb: 036062
Acc no: 420451

OR Mail cheques to: Robyn Jones,
8 Soric Rise, Coogee. W.A. 6166


Please provide us with details of Food Allergies

Please list Club Tables you wish to sit at.
(We will endeavour to accommodate preferences as best we can!)

I would like to extend an invitation to attend theRotary Club of Crawley
"Charter Breakfast"
“What is our Charter Breakfast and why is it such a special occasion?
Only once in its lifetime does a Rotary Club
receive its Charter from Rotary International.
This document and its presentation is the official recognition
that The Rotary Club of Crawley has met all the requirements for a new club
and has been accepted into the vast international family
that now comprises more than 32000 clubs and 1.2 million of members.
There is no more successful service organisation in the world than Rotary,
there is no bigger network of professional and personal contacts
that you can freely enter when travelling or solving problems
for communities all over the world.
At our Charter Breakfast on April 15th the Rotary Club of Crawley
will be presented with its Charter by The District Governor
and recognised by The Governor of Western Australia.
It will be a wonderful celebration
and a significant step in uniting our 70+ members
in a bond of service, fellowship and friendship,
one that only those present at the birth of a new club will ever experience.
Send your booking by email to
Celine at
Just a list of the names and she’ll do the rest.

A Rotary Club Charter
Charter Breakfast Rotary Club of Crawley
Special Guests - His Excellency Dr Ken Michael AC and Mrs Julie Michael
at the University Club of WA on
Thursday 15 April 2010 at 7am for 7.30am for 8.45am
Cost: $40pp - $400 per table of 10
Dress: Business



Joolleen Hicks
A ROEBOURNE lawyer has taken out the
Women Lawyers of WA's top prize.
Jolleen Hicks was named as the WA
Young Woman Lawyer of the Year recently
and her brother Gerrard, who still lives in Roebourne,
couldn't be more proud.
"It's not too often that a girl from Roebourne
wins the WA Young Woman Lawyer of theYear," he said.
He said his sister was an inspiration to
not only his family but to the Roebourne community.
"Hopefully she can change someone
else's life when they read her story and
they can see what someone from Roebourne can do."
Attending Roebourne Primary Schoo land Wickham
and Karratha High Schools,
Ms Hicks said she first got a taste for the profession
while she was part of Gumula Mirnuwarni,
an education program, which supported local
indigenous students in secondary school.
" I liked the idea or-a career in iaw
and iwanted to work in an area that affected
the rights of our indigenous people," she said.
After receiving the UWA Leadership
Award at Karratha Senior High School,
Ms Hicks was given entry into UWA's law program,
where she studied for five years.
She lived in Perth for nine years,
but always made time to come back to Roebourne
as she believed it was important to stay connected to her community,
and she was often home sick.
After working for Rio Tinto,
and law firm Allens Arthur Robinson, Ms Hicks
jumped at the chance to work for the Kimberley Land Council in Broome.
She said working as a native title claims lawyer was incredibly rewarding
because it gave her the opportunity to help Kimberley Aboriginal people get
recognition of their native title rights and interests.
Ms Hicks also enjoyed her role as aboard member of the
Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation,
which manages education programs for indigenous students
across WA - including Gumula Minuwarni - the Northern Territory, SA
and more recently in NSW.
"I'd like to see more Aboriginal men
and women working in areas that affect
them and their communities," Ms Hicks said.
Joolleen Hicks was a member of D9470's GSE [Group Study Exchange]
indigenous team that visited D5050 Canada/USA last year


"Programs of Rotarians Down Under" and "Good Manners in Rotary"
relaunchedRDU Merchandising and Promotions
has just taken delivery of revised editions of two of the most popular publications,
"Programs of Rotarians Down Under"
and John Thorne's "Good Manners in Rotary"
."Programs of Rotarians Down Under" is a must have guide for all Rotarians,
with up to date contacts for and description of all the programs
that Rotarians support in this part of the world
John Thorne's "Good Manners in Rotary"
will settle all those discussions about Rotary protocol
and manners that invariably clog meeting schedules from time to time.
Want to know how to propose a toast?
How to display the national flag?
How to properly conduct yourself as a Governor's Aide?
It's all in "Good Manners in Rotary"
.Both publications are now available through
Rotary Down Under Merchandise and Supplies
.Contact RDU Merchandising and Promotions
on 61 2 9897 3118
or NZ callers can dial 0800 738 695.
Orders can be taken by email:
or visit the website at
Click here to visit the shop online

taken from Rotary Down Under


Rotary Clubs of Hillarys and Wanneroo

The newly installed Rotary Dolphin Wishing Well.
It has been a joint venture between the Rotary Clubs of Wanneroo
and Hillarys and has been 10 years in the making.
The official opening will be in due course (possibly the end of May)
but it is up and running now and starting to generate income.

thanks Greg Fitch



UWA Oak Lawn
Saturday 30 October
Sunday 31 October




Some ladies have been asking about the 2010 Ladies Seminar
so I am attaching a copy of the programme
and registration form so that you will have plenty of time to organise your party.
As you can see, the group of speakers promises to be as interesting
and stimulating as ever,
and we shall look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, 26th June.

Regards Geoff Saw
Ladies Seminar Committee

41st Annual Ladies Seminar and Luncheon
Saturday June 26th 2010,
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Adelaide Terrace Perth

Display and sales in the foyer.
Complimentary coffee on arrival
Registrations open
Welcome – Chairman Rotarian Carolyn Fennelle
Roll Call – Rotarian Donna Sharples
Official opening –
District Governor Nominee Jodie Sparks
Prof. Klaus Regenauer
-Lieb Director WA Geothermal Centre of Excellence UWA
Question time
Leanne Wesche Entrepreneur & Australian Telstra Business
Woman of the Year 2008
Question Time
Drawing of the Raffle
Assoc. Professor Robert Somerville AM
Director Aboriginal Education Western Australia
Question Time
Ellie Wilkie An Artist and a Writer
Question Time
Close Robyn Jones
Wife of District Governor, District 9470

Registration form
Closing date for registrations Wednesday 23rd June 2010.
Please post cheque and
Registration Form to:-
Parking; ample parking available at $10 for the day.

Pay at the desk when registering.
Ladies Seminar Committee
Rotary Club of Cannington
PO Box 31, Cannington 6987

Any queries: ring Geoff 9354 1562
or email


The Biblioburro is, literally, a “travelling library”
powered by two donkeys named, Alfa and Beto
and created by Luis Soriano.
SeƱor Soriano created a “travelling library”
to distribute books to the most confined areas in Colombia
that had been affected by guerrilla conflicts.
His project started with only 70 books,
but, now, has expanded to 4,800 volumes
thanks to donations.
Now, children have found hope
and joy in literature that first had been restricted to them.

April 15th............Thursday.......Rotary Club of Crawley Charter
April 17th...........Saturday...........Rotary Club of Gosnells Rock and Roll night
April 16th-18th ................................D9450 Conference
May 2nd……Sunday…………………………..District Assembly D9455
May 2nd……..Sunday……………………….District Assembly D9645
May 8th..........Saturday........................Rotary Club of Bentley/Curtin
Bush Band Concert
May 14th.......Friday.........................Rotary Club of Belmont
50th Birthday
June 12th................Saturday............Rotary Foundation Fund raiser
featuring belly dancers and oter performers
June 20th-23rd………………………………. Rotary International Convention Montreal
June 26th..........Saturday..............Rotary Club of Canningtons Ladies Seminar
July 3rd…………….Saturday……………District Changeover [D94555 and D9645]
October 24th-29th..............International Fellowship of Cricketing RotariansFestival@ Lillac Hill
October 31st........Sunday................Rotary Club of Matilda Bay
Subiaco Craft and Community Fair
December 3rd -5th.....................Rotary Institute [Perth]



The banker saw his old friend Tom, an eighty-year-old rancher, in town.
Tom had lost his wife a year or so before
and rumour had it that he was marrying a mail order bride.
Being a good friend, the banker asked Tom if the rumour was true.
Tom assured him that it was.
The banker then asked Tom the age of his new bride to be.
Tom proudly said, "She'll be twenty-one in November."
Now the banker, being the wise man that he was could see
that the sexual appetite of a young woman could not
be satisfied by an eighty-year-old man.
Wanting his old friend's remaining years to be happy,
the banker tactfully suggested that Tom should
consider getting a hired hand to help him out on the ranch,
knowing nature would take its own course.
Tom thought this was a good idea
and said he would look for one that afternoon
. About four months later, the banker ran into Tom in town again.
"How's the new wife?" asked the banker.
Tom proudly said, "Good - she's pregnant."
The banker, happy that his sage advice had worked out, continued,
"And how's the hired hand?"
Without hesitating,
Tom said, "She's pregnant, too."