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 August is Membership and Retention Month


Paul Harris Fellow

Rotary Club of Geraldton
Past President Glen Feltham [2009/2010] with President Laurie Holland

 Also at the Rotary Club of Geraldton Glen Feltham [60] and Ken Allen [80]

 On August 13th Australian Rotary Health celebrated its 30th birthday


Have you got your team together yet!!!!!!
Don't miss out on this day of Fun

South Perth based Mill Point Rotary Club are embarking on a really big fundraising project.
 They are attempting to reignite some spark into the heart of Perth
and have ambitiously planned the first annual BHP Billiton Ramble for October 9th.
 Described as a cross between the ‘Amazing Race’ and a treasure hunt,
 the Ramble is expecting to see thousands of competitors hit the streets of Perth
 in the name of fun and charity.
 More about brains than brawn, teams will use foot power and public transport
 to uncover hidden checkpoints at iconic landmarks and quirky locations
 across the city where they’ll solve puzzles and challenges.
The event is accessible to everyone and will have a wheel chair-friendly course.
 Designed to attract families, friends, university students and corporations,
 it’s going to be a big day. Funds raised will benefit Australian Rotary Health and Telethon.
The BHP Billiton Ramble will begin from Forrest Place
 in the centre of Perth on October 9th.
Rotary Clubs of Western Australia are encouraged to help spread the word
 about this terrific event as well as to join in the fun
and enter a team at

Rotary Club of Albany Port

President Gary Ironmonger with DG Jodie Sparks


 Rotary Club of Boulder

Seen at the Friday night cocktail party George Wasun with daughter Natalie


Rotary Club of Mundaring
The club Bulletin editor posted this
I think its Rudy and Lynn Hanich


 Rotary Club of Swan Valley

Farewell to John Scotford
President David farewelled John Scotford and Alison Crawley on behalf of all the club members.
 He spoke about John’s wonderful contribution to our Club
 including his work in setting up the Old Perth Road Markets.
 John and Alison are moving to Somerset where they will live in a barn conversion.
 Of course, there were the obligatory jokes about Midsomer Murders
 that John and Alison giving as good as they got.
Finally, and very importantly, everyone wished John a very Happy Birthday.
In response, John thanked everyone for their good wishes
and for the friendships and community that he has experienced at Rotary Club of Swan Valley.
 He said, in answer to many questions about his future in Rotary,
 that this would depend on the clubs around his new home.
 After all, RCSV is a high level to live up to.


 Rotary Club of Ascot
Past Ambassadorial Scholar [2000/2001] Tony Hendrikson revisited the club


Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay
Had visitors from the Rotary Club of Goladming UK

D9455 Group Study Exchange will be with D6910 Georgia USA

Rotary Club of Southern Districts
Where's the finesmaster???
recently two members of the club Tony Italiano and Zaneta Onasz
 took part in the recent Varieth Club Car Bash in te NW
Seen here enjoying themselves with co driver Jim Cirillo


Rotary Club of Hannans
Sausage Sizzle


Rotary Club of Heirisson


 Rotary Club of Willetton
at the recent "Red Dog" fundraiser


 Rotary Club of Hillarys
helping out on Daffodil Day


Rotary Club of Manjimup
Rowena Roberts with Club guest Helen Ross

Rotary Club of Belmont


From our first award winner right up to the 1997 winner ,
 the award presentations were held at a normal Rotary meeting,
with the exception of those towards the end which were held at a special partners evening.
In 1998 , in good faith the Rotary Club agreed for Commissioner Falconer
 to trial it at the police social club with the proviso that Rotary
could take it back to run at their meetings if they so wished.
The 1998 winner was the first aboriginal winner
 and the 1983 was our first female winner.
The 2011 Award will be the 39th consecutive award

 Rotary Club of Geraldton
Grant and Cathy Hargraves with Lachlan aged 14 weeks


Rotary Club of Belmont


Rotaractor Ian Ball looking a bit perplexed



For more information











 Rotary Club of Geraldton


Rotary Club of Attadale


 Rotary Club of Bunbury


 Rotary Club of Cunderdin





On a lighter note

 Some early Perth Pictures


A friend returned from one of those events we get stuck with as we age.
“So, how did the class reunion go?” I asked.
“Kinda fun. Some sad moments, though.
 Remember Lucy? I found out she died,” he answered.
“How awful! What happened?”
“She got a job at a chemical plant. Keith Simons was working there.
You know what those two were like
. Couldn’t think of anything but sex.
 Anyway, one lunch break they sneaked out to a favorite spot
right in the middle of the factory and started making love.
 They rolled under a railing and fell right into a vat of Methyl Orange
 that some idiot had left open.
 He paused for effect. “It reminds me of a Beatles song.”
“Huh? Which one?”
“Lucy in the Dye with Simons.”


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