Sunday, May 31, 2020


from the Rotary club of Armadale newsletter

Tahira and daughter Dua attend a routine immunization session in Punjab province, Pakistan
  It is critical that immunization delivery systems are sustained
 through the COVID-19 pandemic. ©WHO Pakistan/Asad Zaidi

This month,
 world leaders have joined together to make
 several important commitments to
 strengthening public health infrastructure
 during the COVID-19 response – 
investments that will go a long way in protecting
 the most vulnerable communities, including 
those affected by polio.
On 4 May 2020, heads of government,
 institutions and industry pledged 
USD $7.4 billion (of the USD $8 billion goal) 
to ensure equitable access to new tools
 for COVID-19 globally. 
The funding will support the 
which will help develop new global health 
technology solutions to test, treat and
 protect people, and prevent the disease from spreading.
A day later, several donors pledged
 new funding to Gavi
one of the partners of the 
Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI),
 ahead of its upcoming replenishment in June 2020.
 This funding will not only help vaccinate 
hundreds of millions of children against
 diseases such as polio,
 but also ensure that immunization delivery
 systems are sustained through the pandemic.
The GPEI greatly appreciates outstanding
 donor community support for both
 the COVID-19 response effort 
and routine immunization programmes around the world.
The GPEI is continuing to do its part to
 support the COVID-19 pandemic,
 in solidarity with other health initiatives.
 In March, the Polio Oversight Board made the
 recommendation to pause polio vaccination
 campaigns to limit further spread of the disease.
 Countries extended their key polio
 eradication assets, 
like infrastructure and human resources, 
to support countries’ COVID-19 response efforts,
 while continuing essential activities.
 As of May, GPEI resources, 
including surveillance laboratories,
 and social mobilization and communication networks,
 are supporting COVID-19 response in at least 55 countries.
The pause of vaccination campaigns 
and the disruption of routine immunization 
services leaves millions of children at
 high risk of contracting polio,
 measles and other vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs).
 The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated
 that vaccines, against both COVID-19 and VPDs,
 are crucial to protecting individuals,
 communities and economies.
As countries continue to implement their 
COVID-19 response plans, 
WHO and UNICEF are working with emergency 
and immunization partners to ensure 
the polio infrastructure not only supports
 the response, but also is fully funded 
in alignment with the ongoing efforts 
to finance COVID-19.
 While work is ongoing to cost those requirements,
 the GPEI hopes that specific COVID funds
 will be able to contribute towards its response efforts.
It is critical that essential health services and systems,
 including polio eradication efforts,
 have necessary support during both the 
response and recovery phases of this pandemic.
 While the GPEI has extended its assets 
to the global COVID-19 response effort,
 sustaining these programmatic 
resources is imperative.
 Continued donor commitments will
 enable the safe and effective resumption 
of polio vaccination campaigns as the situation evolves.

It appears that the lion's share (over a third) of the funds goes to disease prevention
 and treatment projects such as eradication of Polio and Covid-19.
 Thank you, TRF.

podcast has arrived!!
on your phone and follow the Rotary in Western Australia podcast. 
The weekly podcast will come out each Thursday
 and the inaugural episode features the public relations 
chair for Rotary in Western Australia -
of the

. Recorded "prepandemic" during simpler times... Tune in!

Wednesday June 3

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The Global Fund and RAWCS-RAM join hands to eliminate malaria in the Oceania region.

Prevention and early intervention is at the heart of what we do.
If you would like to help support mental health research,
 which is more vital than ever, please donate to our COVID-19 appeal today.
We are only $995 away from $10,000!

The outstanding ongoing work of Rotary District 9465 
was shared with members both face to face and via Zoom 
by District Project Director Max Bird.

Palm Beach Rotarians are proud to work with
 the Rotary Club of Kwinana to bring fresh running water
 via pipelines into East Timorese villages.
 Incoming International Director Mick LeCocq 
will continue to be the driving force in this project in our Club.

Visit to Mick’s shed 🛠Monday night’s ‘socially distanced’ meeting
 at Southgate Engineering
✅Thanks for hosting!

First it was masks... now it is gowns! 
Our frontline team is quite literally the best dressed in town!
Our thanks to the
for making and delivering these gowns with so much love,
 particularly as we continue to celebrate National Volunteer Week
 and help our extended community protect and connect 

Our Drummer Girl! RYE Student Keika Fukuyama has taken to Taiko.
 She looks like a Natural!

We’re still having our weekly Club meetings online 
via Zoom but thanks to the easing of the restrictions
 we’re meeting at Ken’s Church for our
 monthly Board. Sitting 
1.5m apart from each other for social distancing
 we’re all ready to go.

Face to face meeting  [20 people]

Exchange student Noemie [Beligum] reading the charge


Rowan Atkinson
 Toby the Devil 
 We Are Most Amused and Amazed

Rowan Atkinson resurrects Toby the Devil 
for a one-off performance at London's Palladium 
for Prince Charles' 70th Birthday celebration,
 We Are Most Amused and Amazed

Carling Beer
Australian   TV ad

Western Australia

Cathederal Gorge