Sunday, September 25, 2011


September is New Generations Month


Rotary Club of Belmont
 District Governor Liz Westoby welcomes Charles Kamwi


Paul Harris Fellows
 Rotary Club of Willetton
 Past President Rob Webster with recipient Ross Priestman


Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin
District Governor Jodie Sparks with President Peter Snell


Rotary International World Convention


Around the Districts


Joint Official DG visit
 President Peter Snell [Bentley Curtin] Stand in President Tom Hoyer [Byford and Districts]
District Governor Jodie Sparks and Colin, Assistant Governor Craig and Eileen Alford


Joint Official DG visit


 Rotary Club of Victoria Park


 Rotary Club of Applecross


Rotary Club of Heirisson

Alastair Bryant ended his membership of Rotary today after 21years in our club.
Alastair has recently retired from the public service where he had held many top jobs during the past years. Was the DG for Culture and the Arts for some years and then headed up the government think tank for the relocation of the Subiaco oval.
We sent him off with a " roasting" whereby he was forced to listen to many chapters of his past life,
some were almost true.


The group photo is of him with some of the core foundation members of our club.

Gary Redmond, James Booth and Alastair


Rotary Club of Albany Port
Three of the four young students who will visit Canberra in January 2012 for NYSF
National Youth Science Forum


 Rotary Club of Ascot

Thanks to Emma McLerie & Tom Hunter from the Rotaract Club
of the City of Gosnells (and AG Linda McLerie) for coming along to the meeting
and giving us some info on the newest push to eradicate Polio.

The Rotaract Club of Subiaco, along with Rotary and Global Poverty Project,
 invite you to a Breakfast to End Polio.
The Breakfast will be held on 5 October 2011 from 7-9am
at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre.
Tickets are available at
The July special is $380 for a table of 8, or $50 per ticket.
For more details please visit


 Rotary Club of Corrigin


 Rotary Club of Manjimup


The visit and dinner meeting at Manjimup Senior High School was a huge success
and a good example of the many facets of Rotary.
54 Rotarians and guests attended the event which began for most of the the attendees
 as a VOCATIONAL visit.
Deputy Principal Tim Harrington acted as the proud host in the absence of principal Steve Miolin.
 The Federal Government have just spent over $5 million on new buildings
 and upgrading the Vet training areas to enable students to study
Automotive Repair, Metal Working and Cabinet Making.
 Deputy Principal Tim Harrington and John Jenkins

RYPEN students Ellen Chapman, Tellisa Holling and Teila Allen


Rotary Club of Mundaring
According to the Bulleti Editor this was secret "Womens Bizz"


Rotary Club of Hannans


Rotary Club of Victoria Park

from the club newsletter,  hope it wasn't the same day as the DG's visit


I was sent this video
Its very well done
Can you identify the song the Rotaractors are singing???


Rotary Club of Geraldton

Rotary Club of Northam
Anders from Denmark presentation night

 Group photo of D9455 Outbounds and Inbounds at last weekends briefings
more pictures from briefing


 Who's this??
its the intrepid photographer Doug Worthing D9445  who supplys many of the YEP pictures
Thanks Doug








last weeks picture was in Mary Street North Perth


A butcher just out of trade school, applied for and got, a job in Northwest America,
 skinning and cutting up the kills of local hunters.
The first job he had was to cut up a moose to put in the freezer.
He finally got the moose cut up and put it into bags
and marked them with the contents: chops, rump steak, ribs, sirloin, etc.
When he finished with the stuff he knew,
 he was left with a pile of unidentifiable parts.
At a loss as to what to do with them,
 he finally put them all into one bag and labelled them
… moosellanious.


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