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Why you should attend at least one World Convention



District 9455 Rotary Conference
New Norcia
April 12th -14th


Some belated pictures from D9465 Conference in Busselton

 thanks to the Rotary clubs of Busselton Geographe Bay and the Rotary Club of Mill Point




Look whats happening in Parramatta???
A Rotary Ramble.....


Rotary Club of Ascot

 any donations made for this on- going project by either individuals
 or Business are Tax Deductable.


Rotary Club of Geraldton

Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of Mill Point
Bruce Allen, Manager
of Rotary Foundation Business 
(Past District
Governor D9680 Sydney 
and past District Rotary
Foundation Chair)
Bruce gave a detailed presentation
 on what
the Foundation is all about. 
The Rotary
Foundation of Rotary International
 is making
a major effort to improve the life 
of those less
fortunate than ourselves.


Rotary Club of Geraldton


Rotary Club of Fremantle Port
This week the meeting was not at the Flying Angel Club but Azelia Ley Museum


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

Well done Rotarians
 The Cemetary Gazebo is now finished. 
 A great turn out last Saturday, to do the finishing touches. 



Rotary Club of Ascot

 President Michael inspects the clubs Easter Egg Raffle Prize


Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie

Visited by the Group Study Exchange Team from D 4380 Brazil


Rotary Club of Manjimup
 : CEO Jeremy was all smiles, joined by Sgt John, over his recently acquired “chrome dome”. 
Jeremy shaved for Leukemia


Rotary Club of Southern Districts

 Club members wearing purple to the meeting celebrating International Epilepsy Day


Rotary Club of Wanneroo
One these gentleman is Rotarian Phil Cousens?????


Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin
Phil Cordery seen in the City with Rotarian Andrian
from the 
Rotary Club of Surabaya Timur

the two clubs are sister clubs


Rotary Club of Mundaring


This weeks funny Picture

Past District Governor Graham Brown
Rotary Club of Rossmoyne

Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough

         Par Emanuelsson
Inbound exchange student 1992/93, Par Emanuelsson from Sweden 
recently visited our Club and many of his host families 
are still part of our Club today. 
Fabulous to catch up on his life since Exchange,
 just goes to show that Youth Exchange can provide friendships that last a lifetime!


Rotary Club of Manjimup
Kiia recently celebratedher 17th birthday
seen here with President Doug Moyle


Rotary Club of Cockburn

with President Alan Wright

 with Rotarian Barry Hoar


 Konrad (Belmont Rotary Club) and Antonio (Broome), both from Brazil,
 enjoyed visiting a local Brazilian Restaurant.

 Coline (From Belgium and hosted by the Rotary Club of Mundaring) getting to know the locals..

 Eric (from Taiwan and hosted by the Rotary Club of Northam) enjoying Spring in the Bush

Gauthier - France, Rotary Club of Geraldton-Greenough, loves the local sport in Geraldton

Life's tough for Antonio (from Brazil) in Broome...












Rotary Club of Bridgetown
April 10th  [1954]

Rotary Club of Hillarys
April 11th  [1986]

Rotary Club of Mandurah Districts
April 11th  [1982]

Rotary Club of Attadale
April 12th    [1982]

Rotary Club of Palm Beach
April 12th  [1982]

Rotary Club of Perth
April 15th  [1927]

Rotary Club of Collie
April 15th  [1954]

Rotary Club of Mount Barker
April 15th  [1955]

Rotary Club of Carnarvon
April 15th  [1963]

Rotary Club of North Perth
April 17th  [1972]
Rotary Club of Mandurah City
April 19th  [1993]

Rotary Club of Northbridge
April 17th  [1984]

Rotary Club of Kwinana
April 22nd   [1971]

Rotary Club of Dalkeith
April 24th   [1984]


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Laurel and Hardy

Jane and John were childhood sweethearts who grew up 
and married in regular multi-gender partnership.
Time passed and they had a beautiful baby girl.
There was only one problem.
They couldn’t decided on a name for their newborn baby girl.
They’d narrowed it down: John liked Cohen,
and Jane liked Carmen,
 but they couldn’t break the deadlock.
Being so in love Jane and John decided not to argue
 but to give the little girl both names, 
and people could call her whichever they liked best.
John called her Cohen
 and Jane called her Carmen.
By the time she was 18, 
the poor girl didn’t know if she was Carmen or Cohen.


Kool Kats