Sunday, October 30, 2011



November is Rotary Foundation Month

On World Polio Day, 24 October,
 Rotarians around the globe show their support for ending the disease,
which still strikes young children in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. For more than two decades, eradicating polio has been Rotary's No. 1 priority.
Through the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary has come "this close" to its goal.
 The number of polio cases worldwide has dropped 99 percent since 1985,
 and the virus remains endemic in only four countries
 -- Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
India has reported only one case of the virus this year, as of 12 October,
 compared to 39 cases during the same period in 2010.
But much work remains.
The final 1 percent of cases presents the most difficult and expensive challenge.
 Failure would open the door to a resurgence of the disease
that would put millions of children at risk of lifelong paralysis.
 Eradicating polio would free up billions of dollars to address other world problems



Breaking news





Pictures from the End Polio Now concert

courtesy of the Perth Rotaract Club



New Member

Rotary Club of Manjimup
John Davies inducted Helen Ross
Helen was sponsored by Gary Kingston


International visitors


Rotary Club of Heirisson

Rotary Club of Applecross


Rotary Club of Ascot


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast




Rotary Club of Attadale

District Governor Jodie Sparks with President Jeff Spickett

Four Way Test Speaking Contest - First Heat -
From left to right – Santa Maria teacher Emma Blechynden, Maddison Boot, Jessica Brooke, Gemma Walsh, Claudia Kirby and President Jeff Spickett,



Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin

President Peter Snell, Karen Wickham from the Senses Foundation,
 PDG Phil Cordery and recipient Adelle Calley


Rotary Club of Geraldton
Two Rotaractors from Taiwan  Linda and Ken with President Laurie Holland
they are in Australia for 12 months working at various jobs on their trip

President Elect Sean McKeating role playing at HMAS Sydney memorial visit
ed.......looks like he's waiting to be knighted


Rotary Club of Western Endeavour
Pyjama Project



Rotary Club of Applecross



 Rotary Club of Geraldton



Rotary Club of Rossmoyne


Rotary Club of Corrigin

Past President Jackie Bowles gave a Vocational Talk and
was duly awarded a Vocational Certificate from Warren Larke


Promotions and Flyers








Rotary Club of Busselton - Geographe Bay
October 27th [1956]

Rotary Club of Morley
October 28th [1964]

Rotary Club of Boulder
October 30th [1961]

Rotary Club of Nedlands
November 2nd [1959]

Rotary Club of Esperance Bay
November 4th [1978]

Rotary Club of Heirisson
November 9th [1990]

Rotary Club of Como
November24th [1982]


A celebration of life
Life is brief
Death isforever
Enjoy the moments

As a young lawyer working on my first big case,
 I was sitting in Federal District Court watching a prominent attorney question a witness.
 The attorney was trying, unsuccessfully, to elicit certain information.
 Finally the judge turned to the witness
 and asked a question that prompted the appropriate response.
"Thank you, your honor," the attorney said.
 "How is it that you were able to get to the crux of the matter
with one question after I had tried three times?"
 "Easy," replied the judge. "I'm not paid by the hour."