Sunday, January 27, 2013


January is Rotary Awareness Month

District Governor Elect Ewrin Biemel  [D9465]
 and World President Elect Ron Thornton and partners

The official photo with Rotary International President Elect taken at the international assembly has now been released 

Rotary Club of Crawley


Rotary Club of  Bunbury Leschenault


Visiting Rotarians

District Conferences

A number of Rotary Clubs get involved with Australia Day celebrations

Rotary Club of Kwinana

Rotary Club of Cunderdin

Rotary Club of Byford and Districts

Rotary Club of Kununurra

Rotary Club of Crawley

Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

There are two categories Youth and Adult, this will be a great opportunity to promote Australian Rotary Health to High Schools. 

For more details of the competition at:

Photos will be up loaded onto these sites:

 District Governor Bob Cooper at te opening ceremony on January 18th

Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay
with students and host familys

Pictures of students from the Rotary Club of Fremantle Port newsletter


Inaugural Camp Opportunity 2013
The inaugural District 9455 Camp Opportunity was conducted recently 
at the Point Walter Recreation Centre and culminated in a dinner at which the campers
 and their buddies were presented to the many people who attended.
As one would expect at such a function, 
the organising committee and the corps of helpers were thanked 
and praised by District Governor, Philip Skelton, and rightly so.
 This is a huge undertaking and the work and dedication 
of everyone involved deserves such recognition.
One of the campers, Darren White (pictured above with Rotarian Brian Atkins, 
the Camp Opportunity committee chair) volunteered 
as the spokesperson for the campers. 
Darren gave a short, but heart felt,
 speech in which he spoke of the fun they had all had during the week 
and thanked the organisers,
 and Rotary, for the opportunity to attend the camp



Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of Mill Point

Last week the the Rotary Club of Mill Point
purchased this Gopher off Irene Mallal 
and donated it to the Concord Nursing home in Anstey Street ,South Perth


Rotary Club of Ascot

Roma was given the “Keyman Award” today
 in recognition of the dedication she has shown to battle the freeway
 every time she gets to our meetings.
Unfortunately it didn’t stop her from getting fined as it was handed out


Rotary Club of Northam
 Still enjoying Singapore


Rotary Club of Willetton


Rotary Club of Armadale

Rotary Club of Rossmoyne

Rotarians Jan Moore and Barry Berger
 with Outbound student Luke Warlik who is off to Venezuela


Rotary Club of Heirisson

Jack is back
 And Sally is in Milan


Rotary Club of Kununurra

What an emotional reunion at the airport...tears of joy all round.
..welcome back Megan and welcome Christen!! 


Must watch.
 Never forget these moments of perfection...

A few minutes of perfection

Something for you to enjoy
watch in full screen

 I was in a department store when I heard on the public-address system
 that the optical department was offering free ice cream.
 I headed down the escalator to take advantage of the offer,
 trying to decide on vanilla or chocolate.
 I was nearly drooling when I got to the optical section and said to the clerk
, "I’m here for my ice cream." 
"Ice cream?" came the reply.
 "Sorry. What we have is a free eye screening."

A mother firefly was taking her children for a walk near dusk, 
and they came to a dark woods.
"All right, kids," she ordered, 
"line up, and whatever happens, don't shine your light.
 There are owls in the forest
 and they might fly down and eat you!"
The small fireflies did as they were told, 
with the youngest firefly at the end of the line.
 As they were moving carefully along,
 suddenly the mother saw a light far back.
"Stop!" she whispered.
"Who lit the light back there?"
"I did," admitted the youngster.
"You heard what I told you," scolded the mother.
"Why did you disobey?"
"Well," said the little one,
 "when you gotta glow, you gotta glow!"