Sunday, May 26, 2013


Why You Should Worry 
about a Case of Polio in Somalia
Low vaccination rates in multiple African countries
 could doom global eradication efforts
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From Afghanistan to Somalia, the struggle to eradicate polio continues to lurch along in fits and starts. The past few days have brought a modicum of good news and some potentially quite bad news.
On May 13, the Taliban issued a statement declaring that it would no longer target polio vaccine workers and is ordering its fighters to help in vaccination campaigns. The group had previously marked vaccine workers for death because of fears that they might be acting as spies for Western countries—fears that were further inflamed by a successful US effort to assassinate Osama bin Laden that included a sham hepatitis vaccine campaign by the CIA.
Just two days earlier, however, the World Health Organization reported that “wild-type” poliovirus was isolated in Somalia from a 32-month-old girl who suddenly became paralyzed, as well as from three other individuals with whom she was in contact. Genetic testing has since indicated that the virus in question is linked to polioviruses circulating in northern Nigeria, according to Nature’s newsblog.  The setback marks the first new case of naturally occurring polio in Somalia since March 2007. Emergency vaccination initiatives—and fund-raising to pay for them—are now underway.
As the accompanying map shows, this development is a concern not just for Somalia, but for a broad swath of Africa, where low vaccination rates leave children particularly vulnerable to infection with polio, most likely from Nigeria (particularly northern Nigeria), where the virus is still endemic. In our increasingly interconnected world, an uncontrolled outbreak in these countries could fuel polio’s return around the globe--which would be particularly tragic considering that there had been only 26 cases of polio (before the Somalia news) reported worldwide so far in 2013, compared with 53 at this point last year




Doing Good Intro


Rotary Club of Bridgetown

Alan Wilson inducting new Rotarians Ted Lamont and Richard Wittenoom


Rotary Club of Heirisson

Our lovely new member Denise Ram 
was inducted by Greg Thurston at the meeting on the 16th, 
Mike Shade presented her with a lovely bouquet of flowers,
 Denise is a very welcome addition to the club.


Rotary Club of Mill Point


Rotary Club of Bridgetown

Last Sunday’s special lunch at our regular meeting place
at Nelsons of Bridgetown to honour the long service of Rotarian Max Armstrong. 
 Max has provided many decades of community service
 and is now 86 years old.

Presentation to Max of Special Certificate

 Alan Wilson Club Secretary hand Max knife to cut the cake

 Max cuts the cake

 Max with his wife Doris shows the certificate

Certificate close up




Doing Good in Japan


This coming Tuesday



Pictures from the recent Parra amble....   in Parramatta
wonder where they got the idea from??


June 8th is a busy night for Quiz nights


Rotary Club of Heirisson  Duck Derby 2013


 RC Byford and Districts 
and Victoria Park Rotary 
came together to achieve for peace in Timor-Leste
 and enjoy some time together. 
The team's project provided reliable clean water for communities. — in Timor-Leste.


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast



 Rotary Club of Applecross


Rotary Club of Northbridge

 Amanda Cormier (L) and Brianna James (R), the 2013
 incoming and outgoing students for the Rotary Adventures in Tourism exchange
 that our club participates in with the Rotary Club of Kelowna-Ogopogo
 in British Columbia, Canada (D5060).


Rotary Club of Geraldton


 Rotary Club of West Perth




Rotary Clubs of Fremantle


Rotary Club of Belmont
 President Elect Michele Alexander with District Governor Elect Hank de Smitt


Rotary Club of Ascot
Vocational visit to Food bank


Rotary Club of Mundaring


Rotary Clubs of Bunbury    
South Bunbury 
and Bunbury Leschenault


Rotary Club of Bunbury Leschenault
 at Roses Bar for Friday afternoon drinks and with the clubs new Promotional Banner


Rotary Club of Ballajura Malaga

 some of 600 people who attended the Quiz night on May 18th


Rotary Clubs of Melville and Applecross


Rotary Club of Mill Point
Golf Day


 Researching bars for Australian  Rotaract Conference 2013 — 


More pictures of Youth Exchange Students from both Districts on the North West Safari

On the beach at Monkey Mia

 Mile long jetty in Carnarvon

 Vlaming Lighthouse

Camping out



This weeks funny picture
Seen at the Rotary Club of Mill Point



Rotary in Egypt


Rotary Club of Hannans Kalgoorlie
May 28th  [1994]

Rotary Club of Applecross
June 3rd  [1971]

Rotary Club of East Perth
June 9th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Esperance
June 12th   [1962]

Rotary Club of Midland
June 14th   [1985]

Rotary Club of Wongan Hills
June 15th   [1965]

Rotary Club of Cockburn
June 18th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Bunbury
June 19th   [1939]

Rotary Club of Booragoon
June 21st   [1983]

Rotary Club of South Bunbury
June 23rd  [1967]

Rotary Club of Willetton
June 25th   [1982]

Rotary Club of Kalamunda
June 27th   [1962]

Rotary Club of Mandurah
June 27th  [1961]

Rotary Club of Mount Lawley
June  28th  [1949]

Rotary Club of West Perth
June 28th  [1954]

Rotary Club of Quairading
June 30th  [1963]

Rotary Club of Cambridge
June 30th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Rossmoyne
June 30th   [1972]



fun with Animals

For decades it had been just a small village at a ford across a small river.
As the area became more closely settled a dam was built upstream.
Unnoticed by the dam builders,
 a vein of valuable gemstones was amongst 
the material used to create the wall.
It didn’t take some of the locals long to find this source of wealth
 and a gemstone marketplace was set up in the now-dry riverbed.
It was a challenge to dig the stones out of the dam,
 but it provided a good living.
A new and  inexperienced gemstone hunter
 wanted to gather all the stones at once and sell them 
in one huge batch at the riverbed market.
However wiser heads prevailed after they told him, 
“You don’t want to dig out all the stones at one time.
 You’ll flood the market.”

Savour the moment

 stolen from the Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie newsletter