Sunday, November 1, 2009


News and information for Districts 9450, 9460, 9470

November is Rotary Foundation Month

The Rotary Foundation has brought hope to millions of people
throughout the world as it has worked to fulfil its Mission Statement:
“To enable Rotarians to advance world understanding,
goodwill and peace through the improvement of health,
the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.”
Through a wide range of educational and humanitarian projects lives
have been changed and endless opportunities have been opened up
to men and women across the globe.
For more details check the RI website:

Special Preview
Wednesday November 11th
Greater Union Cinema
57 Liege Street

This Special Preview will also support Polio Plus.
Check out the trailer

See What The Hollywood Reporter Says About AMELIA!

"Bottom Line: A top-flight portrayal of the aviator by Hilary Swank
is an instant bio classic...
It ranks with recent real-life portrayals of Ray Charles by Jamie Foxx
and Truman Capote by Philip Seymour Hoffman
and could be similarly awards-bound...
Earhart wanted to be able to fly free as a bird above the clouds,
and director Nair and star Swank make her quest
not only understandable but truly impressive."
Tickets can be arranged through Ken Collins as below.
We still have plenty of tickets
and I would ask your members to phone me on 9385 0471
and I will arrange to get tickets to them.
Each ticket sold will create a donation of $8
from the member's club to the Gates Challenge.
Kind regards,
Ken Collins

Rotarian Bio

Phil Cousins......Rotary Club of Wanneroo
Joined Rotary.....................1989
Children..............................Jarrad and Danielle
Favourite drink...................Beer
Favourite hoilday destination.....Like to experience new places all the time
Famous person or celebrity I would like to have dinner with...close friends and family
If I could change one thing about let the world know what Rotary does



Greetings all
I have been waiting for information on the successful tender

but as many of you are anxious to receive an update
I will follow up with that information later.

Building Progress
Tenders have been called and have now been received for processing.
Although the figures have not been analysed the general trend
shows that there is no major cost escalation as we feared might have been.
Further updates will be provided once the tender has been accepted.
We anticipate commencement and completion in 2010.

Guest Speakers and Promotion
Committee members have access to a DVD which provides an animated
“walk through” of the proposed building
please contact your representatives if you want an updated presentation.

As you will be aware our original target of $5,000,000
was revised to $6,000,000 to cover cost increases over
the extended period of the project.
To date we have received cash and pledges of $5,550,674 net after expenses.
The most positive aspect of the fundraising is the 100% response from all pledges.
By January 2010 almost all pledges will have been received.

Further donations will be coming in from the Climb for a Smile about $20,000
and the Kwinana Golf Club Charity Match
which will raise about $10,000 for our project
and $20,000 donated to the charity nominated by the winning team.
The match has attracted 28 teams including representation from the
Rotary Clubs of Bunbury, Melville, Scarborough, Palm Beach.
Many of the teams have nominated RWACBB as their charity so we win both ways.
The game will be played on Friday 6th November 2009
on a course which is in tip top condition.

Thank you for your continued support

District 9450
PDG Axel Handevit-Haar
PDG Peter McKerracher

District 9460
PDG John Iriks
PDG Ed McKinnon

District 9470
PDG Hugh Langridge
PP Andrew Heddle

John Iriks
Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank Trust
PO Box 85, Kwinana WA 6966
Phone 08 94191077

Fax 08 94191721
Mobile: 0417 904 419


In your busy schedule could you please forward this promotion
of Storm the Stage production to your members.
Gather for a Storm and fellowship for your club.
The Rotary Club of Cannington in association with the Rotary Club of Melville
with support by the Rotary Club of Belmont
and many clubs from around Australia present a wonderful show case of talent
in monologue performances in drama and musical theatre.
Performers are 16 to 19 years of age
and this is a New Generations Service Project.

Clubs have the opportunity to fund raise
and may purchase 10 or more tickets for $20.00 each
and on sell for $30.00 retaining the $10.00.
If resourceful and sell 100 tickets a club may raise $1,000.00.
this would not be a difficult task especially if sales are made to friends and family.
See contact details below for tickets.
Don Briggs
Carolyn Fennelle
Chairpersons, 2009

Storm the Stage 2009
Gather for a Storm

Storm the Stage National Stage Production
Proudly Supported by the Burswood Entertainment Complex

BURSWOOD THEATRE, Friday 4 December, 8:00pm

“Feel the drama and passion as 19 amazing young performers
from around the country perform monologue acts in drama and musical theatre”

Supporting Acts
The timeless Wadumba Aboriginal Dance Group,
Didgeridoo and the extraordinary talent of James T. Webb
A timeless journey of duo performances in song and dance

Tim Cunniffe Musical Director

For pre bookings and to talk to a person call Tania on 9498 5880

Adult $30.00
Concession $20.00
Family $80.00
Group of 10 or more $25.00
On sell offer for Rotary Clubs –
purchase tickets at $20.00 and on sale for adult ticket price of $30.00
and club earns $10.00 per ticket (call Tania)


The Australian Rotary Health tri-district seminar
is to be held on Wednesday 24th February , 2010,
commencing at 6.00pm for 6.30pm so that Rotarians can attend after work.
It is being held in the Lakes Suite, The Boulevard Centre, 99 The Boulevard, Floreat.
Tea and coffee will be available on arrival.
One of the key note speakers is Dr Michael Sawyer ,

MBBS, PhD, Head, Research and Evaluation Unit Children,
Youth and Woman’s Health Service,
Women’s and Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide, South Australia.
Michael is also Chairman of the Fund’s Research committee.

We are suggesting that clubs consider cancelling their normal meeting

and doing a make up by attending the seminar.
After the seminar which will finish at 8.00pm

they could go as a group and dine at a nearby restaurant.
Please make a note in your diaries and come along and be informed

PDG Graham Brown
ARH Director Western Region


At the recent District 9470 Conference ,
DGE Ian Hutton (District 9455) and myself, DGE Marilyn Barton (District 9465)
jointly announced the conference for 2010-11.
This conference will be held at the Burswood Resort on the weekend
of March 24-25 , 2011.
Some work is already underway in securing venues etc,
however there is a need to expand the committee
to ensure a highly successful conference.

To this end, I invite Rotarians from throughout district 9465

to join the other enthusiastic Rotarians from both districts
on the 2010-11 conference committee.
I look forward to your responses,
so that appointments can be made prior to
our next conference meeting in a few week’s time.

Yours in Rotary Service
Marilyn Barton
Dr Marilyn Barton
District 9465 District Governor 2010-11
P.O. Box 1099 Canning Bridge,

Picture Taken at D9470 Conference
DG Ian Jones and GSE Chair Mike Bermann with the GSE team from India

thanks to Esther Roadnight [Hannans]


RotaryDolphin Wishing Well

Inspired by dolphins… and supporting the community
The idea for a unique community wishing well, featuring three dolphins
which rotate on demand whenever a gold coin is inserted,
was inspired by Rajah, Mila and Echo,
three popular bottle-nose dolphins seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors
to Hillarys Boat Harbour in Western Australia.
All of the income from the wishing well and this associated website -
by agreement between the two Rotary Clubs and supported by Foundations –
is being directed towards the benefit of the local community,
with an emphasis on education and health,
coastal and marine sustainability,
school volunteering and helping the less able.
The wishing well with its three dolphins has been a joint venture project
of the Rotary Clubs of Hillarys and Wanneroo,
benefiting from the financial support of the local community,
the Government of Western Australia (a 25 year lease),
The City of Joondalup (building approval and a $12,500 Centennial Grant)
and the generous support of Lotterywest
($43,000 in grants towards acquiring the dolphin sculpture as public art)

A History of the Rotary Dolphin Wishing Well
Rajah, Mila and Echo were three bottle-nose dolphins.
They were penned at Hillarys’ Boat Harbour
(adjacent to Underwater World - now AQWA)
until their mysterious death by (apparent) poisoning in December 1999.
Prior to that, they had spent time in captivity
and demonstrating their abilities to visitors at Atlantis Marine Park in Yanchep.
Also prior to their time at Hillary’s Boat Harbour,
there was an unsuccessful attempt to rehabilitate them back “into the wild”
in the Indian Ocean off Perth, but this failed.
Hence they were penned for their safety and survival at the time they all died.
In 2000, Jim Scott, then Manager of the Hillary’s Boat Harbour
(which is now managed by Don Froome
for the Department for Planning and Infrastructure - DPI)
separately addressed both the Rotary Clubs of Carine
and the Rotary Club of Sorrento -North Shore
and the “project” of a Dolphin Memorial Wishing Well was born out of this,
assisted by Gloria Jackson,
the carer at AQWA for Rajah, Mila and Echo
(and now a member of the RC of Hillarys)
and others in the two Rotary Clubs.
We had almost immediate support from DPI for a memorial wishing well
to be erected at a site (a rectangular garden bed)
in public walking space near to Portofinos Restaurant.
A stainless steel plaque announcing the project was then erected in the garden bed.
The Rotary Clubs of Carine and Sorrento-North Shore
subsequently combined to form the Rotary Club of Hillarys,
using the RC of Carine’s Rotary Charter.
From 2000 through to 2004/5 the RC of Hillarys pursued the project alone -
the project originally had an estimated cost of around $80,000,
to which the RC of Hillarys contributed $10,000
from it’s own accumulated funds
and also succeeded in raising money from the public
(both private and corporate)
as well as a Lotterywest grant of $10,000
and a City of Joondalup Bi-Centennial Grant of $12,500.
By 2003 this fund-raising for the project was slightly in excess of $40,000
and then a fortuitous meeting between
the Presidents of the Rotary Clubs of Hillarys and Wanneroo
at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp at Bickley in January 2003,
it was established that the RC of Wanneroo had a Foundation
with funds needing to be invested
and that Club then agreed to contribute the other “$40,000”
based on the estimated cost.
The Joint Venture Agreement reached between
the Rotary Clubs of Hillarys and Wanneroo was that all donations
made at or for the wishing well (therefore including internet donations)
would be shared equally by the RC’s of Hillarys and Wanneroo,
after any maintenance and compliance costs.
(this agreement is in the form of a signed JV now being assessed and officially Stamped).
The JV agreement also gave the Rotary Club of Hillarys
income rights on any sales of memorabilia,
as at that time it was considered an opportunity existed for items
such as dolphin statuettes and key-rings to earn additional income.
Responsibility for the management of the wishing well site,
including coin retrieval, cleaning and maintenance
is to be undertaken by a committee of Rotarians
or their nominee from each of the Rotary Club of Hillarys and Wanneroo.
The design and casting of the full-size sculpture of the three dolphins in bronze has,
at September 2008 been completed,
and the three dolphins are now mounted together on their base,
pending completion of the wishing well moat and support base.
Joan Walsh-Smith and Charlie Smith,
who have many major sculptures to their credit in W.A.,
including the Burswood Swans, Kangaroos on the Terrace,
Paddy Hannan, and the HMAS Sydney Memorial at Geraldton
have enthusiastically embraced the idea of a revolving sculpture
which was first proposed at a meeting attended by the Smiths, Mike Graebner,
Andrew Van Der Meer (civil engineer), and Robin Russell.
The approved wishing well design has had both Development Approval
and a Building License granted,
features a full-size and life-like sculpture of Rajah, Mila and Echo
atop a wishing well in a very prominent part of Hillarys Boat Harbour,
The dolphins will rotate when a coin is inserted.
The proposed revolving sculpture of Rajah, Mila and Echo
is seen as a unique and exciting way to have on-going interaction
in a significant item of public art creating interest in a community wishing well.
The final Rotary Dolphin Wishing Well design
features a round moat section which houses the electro-mechanicals required
to safely rotate the one tonne sculpture.
It is also proposed to have a live-camera feed
with the possibility of 24/7 world exposure
and operation (from internet donations) via the web.
This will help make it a truly unique “community wishing well” in the world,
and hopefully and iconic ‘must see’ tourist attraction.

for further information visit the Rotary Dolphin Wishing Well website
It is located in the Rotary links

Rotary Quiz
Who was featured on page 14 of the October edition of Rotary Down Under??
Answer.....Veronica Devereux from the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour
The first correct email was received from Mays Kraj-Krajewski
from the Rotary Club of York.
Her scratchies have been sent to her clubs PO Box

Tri District Calendar

October 31st .....Saturday............ Rotary Club of Bridgetown Annual Marathon
November 1st.... Sunday .............Rotary Club of Geraldton Radio Auction
November 6th....Friday................Kwinana Golf Club Charity Match
November 8th ....Sunday...........Rotary Club of Mosman Park BIG WALK
November 9th-15th .....................Rotary Institute [Newcastle]
November 11th...Wednesday......"Amelia" movie preview Innaloo
November 14th... Saturday....... Rotary Club of Cunderdin Craft Day and Kuringal Concert
November 16th .... Monday............. 12th Annual Ken Collins address
November 28th.....Saturday.......Rotary Club of Applecross Jacaranda Festival
November 22nd.....Sunday..........Rotary Club of Perth Great Bike Ride
December 4th......Friday...............Storm the Stage @ the Burswood
February 24th...Wednesday......Australian Rotary Health Tri District Seminar
March 19th-21st.............................. D9460 Conference Manjimup
April 16th-18th ................................D9450 Conference

Just for fun


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