Monday, January 25, 2010


News and information for Districts 9450, 9460 9470

Rotary International World President Elect
Ray Klingsmith unveiling the new Rotary Theme for
2010/2011 in San Diego last week.

DGE Ian Hutton and Jan
I am very pleased to be able to welcome you to the District 9455
and to give you a brief update on preparations and plans for
inaugurating the new District in July 2010.
The Clubs that will form the new District are determined by Rotary International.
Whilst it is possible that there could still be further changes
in the number of Clubs in either of the two new Western Australian Districts
, those that are presently listed by RI as being part of District 9455
We hope to include contact details on the website for all Clubs in the near future.

Board, Assistant Governor and Committee Chair Appointments
Board appointments have been settled and it is intended to have all
Assistant Governors and District Committee Chair appointments confirmed
before the end of this month.
The aim is to appoint a leadership team that is representative of the whole District.

President Elect Training Seminar (PETS)
PETS will be held in Northam on the weekend of 12 – 14 March 2010.
A single two day PETS will be held, rather than two one day sessions,
to make it easier for remote Clubs
to be represented at this important training session.
Assistant Governors will also be invited to attend PETS.
There will be separate training for Assistant Governors during the weekend.
In addition, Assistant Governors will have an opportunity
to meet their President Elects and to participate
in the development of Club Plans during the weekend.

District Assembly
It is proposed that the Perth Assembly for metropolitan and nearby country Clubs
will be held on Sunday 2 May 2010.
A preferred venue has been identified but has not yet been confirmed.
A number of country Assemblies will be held to reduce the cost
for the Boards of remote Clubs participating in this training opportunity.

District Changeover
Re-Districting in Western Australia means we will see three Districts
(9450, 9460 and 9470) winding up and two new Districts (9455 and 9465)
being established.
It has been decided that we will hold a joint District Changeover on 3 July 2010
so that all Rotarians can recognise their outgoing District Governors
and celebrate together the start of the two new Districts.
Rotary International Director Elect, Stuart Heal and Adrienne, will preside over the event.

I am looking forward to working with the Clubs and Rotarians of District 9455
during 2010-11 to continue the great work of Rotary
. I wish you all a very a happy New Year.

Ian Hutton and Jan
Governor Elect 2010-11
Rotary International District 9455
Ph: +618 9384 3344
Fax: +618 9384 2329
Mob: 0418 938 939

DGE Marilyn Barton and David

Redistricting – the background
In late January 2009, Rotary International informed the three Districts
in Western Australia, District 9450, District 9460 and District 9470
that they were to no longer exist as of July, 2010.
Two new districts, District 9455 and District 9645 were to come into being
and the positions of the three District Governors for 2010-11
were made redundant at that time.
Since that time, a great deal of work was carried out by Past District
Governors and members of the Redistricting Working Party,
a committee formed to assist in the development
of the two new districts.
One of those tasks was to identify the boundary between the
two districts, and to inform clubs to which district they belonged.
As a result there are 54 clubs in District 9465, comprising 35 clubs from
District 9460 and 19 clubs from District 9470)
Another one of those tasks was the selection of the District Governors
for 2010-11 and for 2011-12 for both new Districts.
In May, 2009, I was appointed District Governor for District 9465
along with Ian Hutton for District 9455, and in August, 2009,
Jodie Sparks was appointed District Governor for 2011-12 for District 9465
and Liz Westoby for District 9455.
The New Team

I am working in co-operation with members of the Redistricting
Working Party on a myriad of future visions for District 9465,
and in line with the new By-Laws and Constitution which has
combined existing structures and procedures from all three current
districts, a new Board has been developed using the District
Leadership Plan as a blueprint.
Therefore the 9465 Board will consist of eleven positions
and each position will have a subcommittee who reports to them.
The new Board consists of Rotarians from both 9460 and 9470
and interim Board meeting have already taken place in order
to determine how we can best amalgamate the 35 clubs from District 9460
and the 19 clubs from District 9470 into District 9465,
as well as the fantastic projects that are organised by
the two districts and/or their clubs.
The amalgamation of the two districts is a wonderful opportunity to
share projects that have been specific to one district or another,
as well as to combine projects that have previously existed in both
I would appreciate advice from any Rotarian in the District who
wishes to be considered for a position under the direction of one of
the District Team.
Due to the spread of clubs within the new District, new Groups
have been formed. The majority of Assistant Governors gave been
chosen for each of these Groupings and have already undergone
their initial training so that they can be a valuable resource for you
or your club to access.
However, there is no real change to the way your club runs now –
just a change of stationery, time for a maybe a new banner design,
club hats/t-shirts etc.
The District 9465 Training preparations are underway and PDG
David Barton has been appointed as District Trainer and has
already implemented District Leadership Training in September
this year for the Assistant Governors and PEPS (formerly known
as Pre-Pets or "Choosing Your Team") Seminar in October 2009,
to coincide with District 9470’s District Conference.
PETS will take place on Friday 25th March, 2010, in conjunction
with the 9460 conference in Manjimup, and Assembly on Sunday
2nd May, 2010. More information about these events will be
circulated closer to the dates.
It is of high importance that Presidents Elect attend both PETS and
Assembly in order to become familiar with the workings of the
new district and for all Club Directors and Chairs to attend
Assembly, due to, as mentioned earlier, the amalgamation of the
two districts is a wonderful opportunity to share projects that have
been specific to one district or another, as well as to combine
projects that have previously existed in both districts.
Important Dates
Fri 25/03/10
9460 Conference
Sun 02/05/10
District Charter Night
Sat 03/07/10
The finances of District 9460 and District 9470 will be reviewed in
the coming months, in relation to the disbursement of funds and
the winding up of the entities and it is proposed at this stage that
funds would be apportioned based on how members align to each

In conjunction with DGE Ian Hutton (District 9455) all clubs were
contacted on a number of occasions during 2009, regarding their
views on the date and time of the conference to be held in 2010-11.
The majority of responses indicated that clubs were happy to have
a combined 9455/65 conference in March of 2011. Therefore DGE
Ian Hutton and myself have already been working hard to begin
the early preparations for that conference. Burswood Convention
Centre has now been decided as the venue and a booking has
already been made for the weekend of the 25th-27th March, 20011.
Official Inauguration of District 9465
The inauguration of District 9465 will be held on Saturday 3rd July,
2010, in conjunction with the inauguration of District 9455. RI
Director 2010-13, Stuart Heal, is delighted to attend the function to
assist the two new Districts take place.
I would like to thank District Governor Keith Hopkins and District
Governor Ian Jones as they not only continue their fantastic work
with District 9460 and 9470 but are also providing me with help
and assistance for the future.
I look forward to meeting all of you this year as DGE, and next
year as the District Governor of District 9465.

Marilyn L. Barton
District Governor 2010 -11
Rotary District 9465


Meet the Presidents

Rotary Club of Kwinana
Genevieve Carr

Rotary Club of Ascot
Stephen Kendall

Rotary Club of Mount Barker

Hi Phil,
Please find attached some photos of the RC of Mount Barker
facilitating the town’s Senior Citizen’s Christmas Luncheon.
The ladies of the club organised this event,
enlisting the help of Inner Wheel members and HACC.
The gentlemen organised the bar and ensured quality control
of some premium local wines.
Primary students from the local college provided the entertainment
in the form of Christmas songs along with a local group Tribal Thunder
who danced up a storm
. Senior students assisted with serving, selling tickets
and generally looking after the odd jobs that popped up.
Quite a community event of which we are very proud.


Rotary Club of Hillarys

The Carine Community Fair will be held again on Sunday March 14th 2010,
and we are now calling for expressions of interest from stall holders
who wish to participate
Now in its 3rd decade, the fair has grown to become one
of the major annual events in the northern suburbs.
It is designed to give community groups with limited resources
an opportunity to raise their own funds which otherwise may not have been possible.
Organisations which have benefited in the past by using the fair
as a means of supplementing their own fundraising efforts include
scouting groups, Silver Chain, Motor Neurone Disease Association,
Red Cross, school P& C’s, junior sporting clubs and the like.
In addition, the event provides participants with an opportunity
to engage with a large number of visitors from the surrounding area
who are drawn to the fair to see a variety of fun and interesting attractions
in a safe and friendly atmosphere.
An application form with terms and conditions for stall holders
can be obtained from the Fair Co-ordinator Bill Holman
at PO Box 156 North Beach WA 6920
or Bill can be reached at
Bill Holman
Rotary Club of Hillarys


Ambassadorial Scholar
On January 20th Claire Litton, our latest Ambassadorial Scholar
arrived from Pittsburgh USA
Claire is studying at Curtin University for the next 12 months.
She is being hosted by the Rotary Club of Bentley/Curtin
During her time in Perth she will be available as at speaker for your club.

Claire with her counsellor Phil Cordery


Shelterbox now has a team on the ground in Haiti
. The following message was received today from ShelterBox Press Officer,
Angelina Lambourn.

Aid workers for the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox
are on the ground in Port au Prince, Haiti.

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members Dave Eby (US), Wayne Robinson (US)
and Mark Pearson (UK) arrived in the island's capital on Thursday, January 14
and have already been in contact with government officials
and Rotarians in the country.
The Response Team, who are completely self-sufficient,
has set up base with the help of a Haitian Rotarian.

Speaking from Port au Prince, David Eby said
: 'We're working hard to resolve security, logistics and communications.
The city is totally devastated. Our host told us, "There is no more Haiti ."'

ShelterBox's Head of Operations John Leach said:
'We spoke with our team in Haiti this morning
and already they've been working with other aid agencies
and the government to assess where ShelterBoxes are most needed.
'Our priority is now getting logistics in and doing all we can to get it on the island.
We're sending a ShelterBox Logistics team into Miami
to work and coordinate logistics into Haiti from there.'

ShelterBox's Logistics Manager Richard Lewis added:
'We're doing everything we can to make sure
emergency aid reaches the people of Haiti.

'The situation is changing by the minute
and we're exploring every single avenue available to us in order to make sure
the aid gets on the ground as quickly as possible.'

The ShelterBox Logistics team, made up of SRT members Mark Dyer (US),
John Lacquey (US) and Ian Neal (UK),
will meet a consignment of ShelterBoxes being flown into Miami, USA
and run the logistics into Haiti from there.

930 ShelterBoxes have already been dispatched
and are en route to Haiti while another 1,000
are being packed today at ShelterBox HQ by ShelterBox's team of volunteers
. Virgin Atlantic is supporting the relief effort
by flying hundreds of the ShelterBoxes on their planes.

Sir Richard Branson, President of Virgin Atlantic, said:
"Everyone who has seen the sheer destruction in Haiti over the last few days
will have been moved to help in any way they can.
We will fly in as much aid as possible
so that the agencies on the ground can respond to the needs
of everyone in Haiti whose lives have been devastated by this tragedy."

With the need in Haiti growing each day,
there are millions of people in need of emergency shelter.
ShelterBox Founder Tom Henderson, OBE,
says support at this time is crucial.
"The support we've seen in the last few days has been staggering," he said.
"It's all hands on deck for ShelterBox right across the globe.
People in Haiti need our help and we will not stop until they get it.
If you can help, in any way at all, I'd urge you to do so."


Tom Henderson, the founder of the Cornish charity ShelterBox,
has been recognised for his charity work by the Queen
in her New Years Honours list.
Mr Henderson from Helston, has been appointed an OBE
for services to Humanatarian aid.
Tom Henderson launched Shelterbox in 2000.
In nearly 10 years it has become the largest Rotary project in the world
with affiliates in eight countries.
Boxes have been sent to 65 countries, helping more than a million people.
ShelterBox has worked on every continent providing emergency aid
to victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, typhoons, hurricanes,
bushfires, volcanoes and conflicts.
Mr Henderson said he was “immensely proud” to have been appointed.
He said “On occasions like this everybody always say
it’s not a personal thing and I genuinely believe it”
“We work very hard with lots of people,
from the trustees right down to our huge band of volunteers”


The City of Gosnells Rotaract Club
Charter Night
Monday February 8th @6.00pm
At the Last Drop Pub and Brewery
Lot 51 Nicholson Road
Canning Vale
$50 per ticket includes a three course meal
Drinks available at the Bar
Tickets issued upon payment
Ken Cockman
Assistant District Governor
9398 7227
0409 398 109
Post cheques made out to
Gosnells Rotaract Club
PO Box 380
Post Office Gosnells 6990


Some of the Goldfields Rotaractor's


D9450 RYLA
January 30th to February 5th
atBickley Department of Sport and Recreation Camp
Hardinge Road... Orange Grove
District Chair ...... Barry Ryall 0418 177 191
D9460 RYLA
January 30th to February 7th
atBaptist Camp Busselton
District Chair......Ed Rose .. 0419 854 633
D 9460 still has a few vacancies ,
so please contact Ed
D9470 RYLA
January 17th to January 23rd
atYAL Araluen Camp Site"Camp Simons"
68 Lady McNess Drive ... Araluen
District Chair......Roy Philbin...0418 948 847
[ D9470 Seminar finished last Saturday]

Tri District Calendar

January 30th -February 5th ......D9450 RYLA Camp
January 30th-February7th..........D9460 RYLA Camp
February 24th...Wednesday......Australian Rotary Health Tri District Seminar
March 14th ………Sunday………..Carine Fair [Rotary Club of Hillarys]
March 19th-21st.............................. D9460 Conference Manjimup
April 16th-18th ................................D9450 Conference
May 2nd……Sunday…………………………..District Assembly D9455
May 2nd……..Sunday……………………….District Assembly D9645
June 20th-23rd………………….... Rotary International Convention Montreal
June 26th..........Saturday..............Rotary Club of Canningtons Ladies Seminar
July 3rd…………….Saturday……………District Changeover [D94555 and D9645]
December 3rd -5th.....................Rotary Institute [Perth]



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