Sunday, November 14, 2010

November is Rotary Foundation Month


Grant beneficiaries express their thanks for the generosity of Rotarians
Rotary International News -- 15 October 2010

Five-year-old Mulambuzi Joshuah is thankful for the surgery
that repaired a congenital defect in his heart.
The procedure, one of 20 performed on Ugandan children in January,
was made possible by a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant
through the Gift of Life India program.
Former Rotary Peace Fellow Jeanette Kroes is grateful
for the generosity of donors in supporting the Foundation's work
in peace and conflict resolution.
"I am particularly thankful to the Rotarians from all over the world,
for the endless opportunities to see so many peacemakers in action," she says.
"Truly, you Rotarians make up a United Nations of another kind."
Mariana Ponce is thankful for the loan she received through
a microcredit program operated by Rotarians in Honduras,
which allowed her to set up a small business out of her home near Tegucigalpa.
She is now selling soy products to supplement the income
she earns from washing laundry at a local hospital.
Every year, The Rotary Foundation funds thousands of projects like these,
in the six areas of focus:
Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
Disease prevention and treatment
Water and sanitation
Maternal and child health
Basic education and literacy
Economic and community development
Your generous support through the Every Rotarian, Every Year
initiative is making a difference by
Building Communities -- Bridging Continents
Rotary responds to polio outbreak in Congo Republic
By Dan Nixon Rotary International News -- 11 November 2010

Rotary International and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative
-- the World Health Organization, UNICEF,
and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
-- are responding to a recent outbreak of wild poliovirus in the Republic of the Congo.
Rotary is providing a total of US$500,000 in emergency grants
to WHO and UNICEF for immediate polio immunization
efforts throughout the country.
At least 97 people have died in the outbreak,
with 226 cases of acute flaccid paralysis reported as of 9 November.
Most of the cases involve young people between ages 15 and 29.
To date, four of the AFP cases have been confirmed as polio.
The outbreak is due to imported poliovirus that is related
to the virus circulating in Angola.
The Congo Republic recorded its last case of indigenous polio in 2000,
and urgent action is required by government and partner agencies
to again make the country polio-free.
"Polio outbreaks highlight our global vulnerability to infectious disease,"
says Dr. Robert Scott, chair of Rotary’s International PolioPlus Committee.
"It reinforces the fact that polio 'control' is not an option,
and only successful eradication will stop the disease."
According to WHO, at least three national vaccination campaigns
are planned to combat the outbreak,
with the first targeting three million people of all ages in the Congo Republic
and parts of neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo
and Angola on 12 November and 18-22 November.
Subsequent campaigns are planned for 3-7 December and 26-30 December.
"Every man, every woman, every child will be immunized irrespective
of their past immunization status," says Dr. Luis Sambo,
WHO regional director for Africa.
"This way we can be assured that everybody is reached,
including young adults, whose immunity may be low."
Outbreaks of imported polio cases are not uncommon during eradication efforts,
underscoring the critical need to stop transmission of the virus
in the remaining polio-endemic countries:
Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
"Our experience shows that where polio transmission has been stopped before,
it can be stopped again," Scott says.
"A fast, large-scale, high-quality immunization response using the new tools at hand,
along with strong surveillance, is absolutely critical."

Reaching out to Africa

Committee Goals and Scope
· Mobilize African Rotarians in developing service projects
that address community needs and motivate them to include “hands on”
participation in these projects.
· Build awareness among Rotarians in developed countries
on the compelling needs of the continent and motivate them
in deploying resources to address these needs.
· Develop partnerships among Rotary clubs in Africa,
Rotary clubs in other countries,
and international organizations interested in humanitarian service.
To include a special advocacy role for countries that share a language
or close ties with Africa.
· Provide guidance on Rotary International and Foundation programs
to Rotary clubs in Africa, especially as a resource for service projects
and partnering with clubs in other countries.
· Facilitate communication and better understanding among Rotarians
of different nations, religions, beliefs, cultures
and communities as they work together.
· Involve youth and the Family of Rotary in the Reach Out to Africa Initiative
to build bridges of understanding.
· Promote Rotary values and increase membership in Africa.
· Improve communication and the image of Rotary in Africa.
Six areas to focus for projects and activities were identified:
· Water Management
· Health Initiatives (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis)
· Literacy and Education
· Economic Empowerment
· Children’s Welfare
· Disabilities
for further information visit



Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay
from the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay newsletter


Rotary Club of Belmont

and new members
Peter & Janine Lindsay‐MacFayden
Mathew & Tina Turner
Oscar & Susan Persichitti

from the Rotary Club of Belmont newsletter

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doesn’t allow me to present images with readable text.
It is the same with the photographs I show.
There is help at hand.
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and you will be given a larger view

Article from the
Perth Sunday Times
Sunday November 11th 2010


from the Serpentine/Jarrahdale newsletter




The magnificent Lilac Hill ground was the scene for the
October 2010 Australian IFCR Festival.
Three excellent turf grounds, all adjacent to each other’
plus one synthetic wicket were used during the week.
Historically Lilac Hill was the regular venue for a festival-style opening game
for the touring Test team for many years until the practice
was discontinued quite recently.
Visitors from Chennai, the UK and together with many of our regulars from NZ
(many with their wives) provided the international dimension to our festival.
Teams styled Western Redbacks, Victorian Bushrangers, North Queensland Crocs,
Bundaberg Bears, New Zealand and Extras competed against each other.
Monday, Tuesday and Friday saw two games of 35 overs
each while the Extras team played one of the others in a 36 over double wicket game. Unfortunately the other scheduled playing day,
Thursday, was affected by showers which were sufficient to prevent turf wicket games,
resulting in two T20 games being played on th synthetic wicket.
Fellowship was a very important ingredient in the success of the week.
Features were regular match report sessions on each playing day
together with the more formal opening and closing functions,
together with attendance at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Midland.
Tony Mann (4 Tests for Australia taking 4 wickets
but famous in making 105 not out as a night watchman against India in the 1977/78 series),
a member of a leading Swan Valley wine-making family,
share some anecdotes of his cricket career with us during one of the after match sessions.
At the final dinner cricket aficionados enjoyed the talk by Keith Slater
(1 Test and 2 wickets at Sydney in 1959)
with his reflections on his playing time.
The final dinner was also the occasion on which Ravi spoke
to the assembled guests about the upcoming Vapi 2012 World Festival.
He impressed on his audience that all visitors to the festival would be very safe
and would have an enjoyable time.
Exchange students from Belgium and France featured in the festival –
two girla and one boy. Geoff, the boy from Belgium,
had his first experience of cricket in a double wicket game on Monday.
Observers had some considerable doubt about his bowling action
but sympathetic umpires ensured that none of his ‘deliveries’
were assessed as no balls.
Tours for wives/partners and other non players are always a feature of IFCR festivals.
Perth was no exception.
Guests had te option of visiting the Perth Mint, the WACA ground,
Fremantle and the Swan Valley.
No festival can succeed without an organiser.
This festival ran like clockwork, mainly due to the efforts of David and Jan Horsley.
They earned the plaudits of all for their efforts.

Group photo [click to enlarge]
Photo courtesy of Wilf Hendriks [HendriksPhoto's]

Past District Governors David Horsley and Bruce Smart
ed.. Don't know which was bigger the runs they made or their years in Rotary

Lloyd Dungey [Rotary Club of Southern Districts]
and his son Sheahan

thanks to David Horsley


Rotary Club of Applecross

from the Rotary Club of Applecross newsletter


Rotary Club of Harvey
Model United Nations Assembly
November 11th

from the Rotary Club of Harvey Facebook page


Rotary Club of Geraldton

Radio Auction Team

from the Rotary Club of Geraldton newsletter


Melbourne Cup 2010

Rotary Club of Booragoon

Galloping fun
The (self-described) old grey mare may not be what
she used to be, but the horse by that name was still
good enough to grab a last-stride victory in the
Booragoon Cup last Tuesday.
In eerie parallels to another race earlier held the
same day in Melbourne,
the popular favourite (Val Elsbury)
grabbed what appeared to be a winning
lead in the final stages of the big race.
Just like the Bart Cummings entry So You Think,
however, Val was unable to hold off the late dash to
the line by Wendy Castles.
About the only thing we were spared was the sight
of a Frenchman blowing kisses at the spectators!
Nearly as disconcerting, however, was the sight of
Sergeant Connie wearing a hat that would have
looked more at home in the highest windows of the
Just about everyone got into the spirit of
dressing up for the evening, in outfits
ranging from the sublime to the rather

from the Rotary Club of Booragoon newsletter


Also joining in the fun
Rotary Club of Harvey

from the Rotary Club of Harvey Facebook page


Rotary Club of Corrigin

making presentation of cheque to local Hospital Auxillary
with proceeds from recent Varity night

President Jackie congratulating successful GSE [Group Study Exchange]
applicant Paul Channon

from the Rotary Club of Corrigin newsletter


Rotary Club of Boulder

from the Rotary Club of Boulder newsletter


Rotary Club of Southern Districts

from the Rotary Club of Southern Districts newsletter


from the Rotary Club of Southern Districts newsletter



Rotary Club of Belmont
Legends night

Legends winners
Shannon Reynolds
Hayley Diener
Daniel Johnson


Rotary Club of Victoria Park
Special Guests at the club this week were
Past District Governor Brian Guest
and Steve Weychan
Brian and Steve gave a presentation on Interplast



Rotary Club of Belmont
Sanne enjoying the surf
from club newsletter

Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay

Geoff from Belguim who played in the recent cricket festival at Lillac Hill
thanks David Horsley

Rotary Club of Corrigin
Cara enjoying an iced coffee

from club newsletter


Rotary Clubs Flyers and Promotions

The Joondalup Swap-Mart is a community project supported
by the Rotary Clubs of Hillarys and Joondalup.
All monies from the swap-mart go towards various community projects.
The Swap-Mart operates every Sunday from the Joondalup Library
undercover parking at Boas Avenue, Joondalup.
Sellers admitted from 0630 am and buyers admitted from 0730 am.
$ 8.00 for sellers and $2.00 for buyers.

Rotary Club of Port Hedland
needs your helpThe Rotary Club of Port Hedland
are celebrating our 40th birthday
on 20th November 2010
and we need your help
.Please ask your club associates if they know of any past members
or people who have previously been affiliated with our club.
If so, could they please contact either
Brad Andersonph:0439964969,
or Donna Lewis
with the information.
If you have a phone number
or email address for the person, even better!
You might have even been a past member of our club yourself ‐
if so, don't forget to let us know that too!
Your assistance is greatly appreciated
Karen Enright
Rotary Club of Port Hedland









Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin
in conjunction with the Town of Victoria Park
will have a Chocolate Wheel
at the Street Parade on November 28th
Rotary Club of Harvey
Carols by Candlelight on December 12th
Rotary Clubs of Fremantle and Attadale
Golf Day March 2011
Rotary Club of Swan Valley
Bassendean Markets
Next Market November 28th
Rotary Club of Swan Valley
Victoria Welsh Choir fundraiser
November 14th
-Rotary Club of Bunbury
Thursday 28th October
-Critical Horizons Address & Networking Meeting
Rotary Club of Applecross
"Fiddler on the Roof"Friday
November 20th

Rotary Club of Applecross
November 18th

Rotary Clubs of Pinjarra and Byford Districts
Joint meeting
Monday November 29th
Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club
Rotary Club of Victoria Park
Christmas function
December 21st


November 24th
Rotary Club of Como [1982]
December 17th
Rotary Club of Harvey [1958]
December 19th
Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay [2008]
December 21st
Rotary Club of Armadale [1955]


November 20th..........Saturday............Rotary Club of Port Hedland 40th Birthday
November 25th.... Thursday..........Rotary Clubs of Mandurah Golf Classic
November 26th........Friday..........Rotary Club of Hillarys Quiz Night
November 27th.......Saturday..........Rotary Club of Applecross Jacaranda Festival
November 28th.....Sunday.......Rotary Clubs of Bunbury Networking Function
November 29th...........Monday.......Annual Dr Ken Collins address @ Gloucester Park
December 2nd.....Thursday...Rotary Club of Melville per Institute meeting
December 3rd -5th.....................Rotary Institute [Perth]
December 12th......Sunday....Rotary Club of Harvey Carols by Candlelight
January 24th-February 4th.........D9455 RYLA Seminar
January 31st - February 6th ......D9465 RYLA Seminar
March .........Rotary Clubs of Fremantle and Attadale Golf Day
March 25-27th......Districts 9455 and 9465 Conference @Burswood
April 8th.........Friday.... Rotary Club of Crawley .. A Night to Remember
April 9th..........Saturday........Rotary Club of Corrigin Motor Show


All items appearing in Rotary out West are considered to be in the public domain.
Should you own copyright to any of these items or require recognition,
or have your copyright item removed please contact
Phil at




One day, a long time ago,
when I was young and commas were commonplace,
I walked into a pub and noticed two pieces of meat on the ceiling.
Not that the pieces of rump steak were large or ostentatious or anything.
It was just that they were there.
It was the unusualness of their situation which drew my attention to them.
Way up there on the ceiling.
I walked across to the bar and ordered a double Old Granddad and Coke.
I was going through my pretentious stage.
The bar man asked me,
“Do you want to participate in our competition?”
I looked around but no one else seemed to be paying attention.
In a rather puzzled way I asked him,
“What’s it all about?”
The barman told me,
“All you have to do is get those pieces of meat off the ceiling
and you get a free drink!
If you fail you have to buy the whole pub a drink.”
I may have been young but my ears were dry,
I may have been pretentious but I wasn’t stupid!
“No I don’t think so, mate,”
I said to him…………
"the steaks are too high"


from the Rotary Club of Boulder newsletter


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