Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Rotarian Magazine" turns 100
Cover of special edition

There are words of wisdom imparted in chronological order,
grouping articles, naming famous and well known,
and the ordinary who have graced the pages over the Century,
Noted Contributors; including the John F Kennedy, Albert Einstein,
Dolly Parton, Amy Vanderbilt, Philip Wrigley and Orville Wright ;
Pope John Paul 11, Herbert Hoover, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Hayes and Mohandas Gandhi.
Many pages are replicated Front Covers of The Rotarian editions past.
The photography is first class.
There is also a commendation for Water.
First issued in January 1911 the publication –
12 pages was named The National Rotarian.
Paul Harris dubbed it,
“a means for exchange of ideas between Rotarians around the World”
Chesley R Perry was the first Editor.
It wasn’t until the Convention in July 1911
that Rotary formally issued a Monthly Magazine.


Call for Nominations for District Governor of District
9455 in 2013-14
This is an invitation to Clubs to nominate candidates to
be considered for the position of District Governor of
District 9455 in 2013-14.
Clubs are requested tocanvass members of their Clubs that meet the criteria
and nominate the best candidate for the position.
OurRotarians and the work they do deserve the best
available person to become our leader in 2013-14.
District 9455 uses the Nominating Committee process
for selecting individuals for Governor Nominee but the
points regarding lobbying are still applicable.
I am notaware of there having been concern about this in our
District but, as it has come from RI as reinforcement ofthe point,
I imagine someone somewhere in the world
has in recent times transgressed this long established rule.
Please note that the closing date for submission of
nominations is Tuesday 22nd February 2011.
Also please note that, subject to confirmation with the
other members of the Nominating Committee, I
propose to convene the Nominating Committee to
consider the applications received on 20th March 2011.
Potential candidates should plan to be available to meet
with the Nominating Committee on that day.
Any possible candidate or Club should feel free to call
me should they wish to discuss the requirements of the position.
Regards Ian Hutton
District Governor 2010-11
Rotary International District 9455
36 Brighton Street
Cottesloe WA 6011
Ph: +618 9384 3344
Fax: +618 9384 2329
Mob: +61 418 938939


Dear Club President,
As Chairperson of the District Governor Nominee Nomination Committee 2011,
and in compliance with the MOP (RI Manual of Procedure) and District 9465 By-laws,
I officially invite the submission of names and details of candidates
who are prepared to stand for nomination for the position of
District Governor 2013-2014 as per section 13.020.2 of the MOP.
The District Governor is the Officer of R.I.
in the District under the general control and supervision of the R.I Board.
The Governor is charged with the duty of furthering the
Object of Rotary by providing leadership and supervision of the clubs in the District.
The Governor shall inspire and motivate them, and ensure continuity within the district.
The District Governor’s term of office begins on July 1st
and continues for one year or until a successor is elected and qualified.
A Rotarian qualifies for nomination as District Governor Nominee
if he/she fulfils the following criteria
(refer to sections 15.070 and 15.080 of MOP for full description):
· Be a Rotarian in Good Standing
· Rotarian maintaining full qualifications of Membership
· Must have served as president of a club for a full term.
· Able to fulfil duties of Governor.
· At the time of taking office as Governor (1st July 2013)
must have been a member of one or more Rotary Clubs for at least seven years.

A club may suggest only one of its own members as a candidate for the position,
and all nominations must be made in writing and signed
by the President and Secretary of the Club.
Once eligible nominations are received, a selection interview,
as described for in section 13.020 of MOP will be conducted.
The official nomination form is attached
and completed forms should be received by me at the address listed below
no later than 5pm Tuesday 15th March, 2011.
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1099 Canning Bridge WA 6153
Email Address:
Yours in Rotary Service,
Dr. Marilyn L. Barton
Rotary District 9465
District Governor 2010-11

15th January, 2011
Dr Marilyn Barton District Governor 2010 - 2011
Rotary International District 9465
12 Matheson Road Western Australia 6153
Mail: PO Box 1099 Canning Bridge Western Australia 6153
Telephone +61 8 9364 4429(H) +61 411 076 900 (M) Facsimile +61 8 9364 4999



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doesn’t allow me to present images with readable text.
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Around the Clubs


Rotary Club of Booragoon

from the club newsletter


Rotary Club of Geraldton

from the club newsletter

Rotary Club of Pinjarra

Club of Rotarians

In the thriving town of Pinjarra,
between Dwellingup and the Sea,
is a friendly Club of Rotarians, always welcoming to you and me.

Be sure that there’s always a friendly face waiting at the door,
age is respected in this town since eighteen thirty-four.

Like the mighty Jarrah all around that grows from the smallest shoots,
always remember from where you came, our strength lies in our roots.

Some say the word community, but you work for it every day,
the town is better for all you’ve done quite freely, expecting no pay.

The cities and the world of the rat race, that’s no way to live,
life’s not about what you can get, it’s about what you can give.

Yes, you’ve long since learned that, with work on the desk, and on land,
in every field of endeavour, a Rotarian can lend a hand.

You support and inspire young people, help them grow straight and tall,
but to see the example of lives well lived, is the best lesson of all.

Some there are who’ve now passed on, they’ve lived and played their parts,
but Goodwill and Friendship never die, they’re forever in our hearts.

Your hand of friendship reaches around the world, to nations small and great,
A force for good over miles and time, where understanding conquers hate.

Goodwill and Peace throughout the world is the vision more precious than wealth,
Your hearts are revealed to all in these words, “Service above Self”.

Time and time again you’re there, you’ve stood the Four Way Test,
and in this moment of fellowship, to you I say,
You’re all Simply the Best!

Nigel Branch

NB: Nigel Branch retired from Pinjarra Senior High School at the end of 2010 after 25 Years.
Nigel prepared many students for the Rotary 4-Way Test over many years.
Nigel was our Head of English.
This poem was sent in by Beth Aitken of the Rotary Club of Pinjarra
Thanks Beth
Rotary Club of Byford and Districts

from the SJ Crier


Rotary Club of Southern Districts

Guest Speaker

from the club newsletter


Applications are now open

Closing dates for both D9455 and D9465
March 31st 2011

Peter Durrant 9388 9775
Peter Hodgson 9494 1250

Beth Cleary about to leave for France

Cara Hillerbrand swapping between Corrigin and Rossmoyne

Marine and Michele at the Northam Club

cooking snags at Geraldton's Australia Day function

Georgia Hodson leaving for Switzerland

Jesse Seaton bound for Germany

Sarah Kapeller home from Germany

Sophie Durand bound for Finland

Yuri Pravo inbound from Brazil

Luis Augusto Muntz inbound from Brazil

pictures of youth exchange students taken from club newsletters,
club websites ,facebook pages
otherssupplied by Doug Worthington D9455

Club Promotions and Flyers
The Carine Community Fair will be held again on Sunday 20 March 2011
and we are now calling for expressions of interest
from stallholders who wish to participate.
Now in 3rd decade, the Fair has grown to become one of the
major annual events in the northern suburbs.
It is designed to give community groups with limited resources
an opportunity to raise their own funds which
otherwise may not have been possible.
Organisations which have benefited in the past by using the Fair
as a means of supplementing their own fund raising efforts
include scouting groups, Silver Chain, Motor Neurone Disease Association,
Red Cross, school P&C’s, junior sporting clubs and the like.
In addition, the event provides participants with an opportunity
to engage with a large number of visitors from the surrounding area
who are drawn to the Fair to see a variety of fun
and interesting attractions in a safe and friendly atmosphere.
Stall holders wishing to participate can obtain an application form
with the terms and conditions attached,




Interplast was founded as a joint venture between
the Royal Australiaisan College of Surgeons and Australian Rotary Clubs.
Interplast Australia and New Zealand a company limited by guareentee
to provide surgical and allied health services in developing countries
in the Asia Pacific region by providing free medical treatment and training.
Each member of an Interplast program is fully qualified in their field of expertise
and VOLUNTEER their time to participate in an Interplast program.
Interplast volunteers provide free treatment to people living
with a disability from a congenital condition such as cleft lip and palate,
or an acquired condition such as burn scar contractures.
Treatment is targeted to the indigent population who would
otherwise not be able to afford to access services.
Interplast assists with developing local capacity to provide surgery
and ancillary services by providing training and mentoring programs
for medical and allied health professionals.
All Interplast programs are training programs
— leaving a legacy long after the team has gone.

Or in more Detail:
Interplast Australia & New Zealand sends teams of volunteer surgeons,
anaesthetists, nurses and allied therapists to developing countries
in the Asia Pacific Region to provide free treatment and medical training.

Interplast volunteers provide free treatment to people living with a disability
from a congenital condition such as cleft lip and cleft palate
or acquired conditions such as burns scar contractures.
Treatment is targeted to indigent populations who would otherwise
not be able to afford to access services.

People living with a disability are among the most disadvantaged in the world.
Many suffer from treatable deformities and injuries but are unable
to access treatment due to poverty, isolation
and the lack of surgeons skilled in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
70% of the patients of Interplast are under 15 years of age.
Often these children are ostracised from their society
simply because they look different, or cannot perform simple tasks for themselves.
They often do not go to school because they are teased by their peers.
They potentially live a life without friends or an education
and often are a continual burden on their family.
A simple operation will repair their condition,
and give them the confidence to attend school, restore functionality,
and grow up to contribute economically to their family
and ultimately the community in which they live.

Development & Capacity Building
Interplast is invited over, and works with, the countries Ministry of Health
and collaborates with local partners to facilitate training to improve
the access to health services for the indigent population specifically
in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery
and the supporting anaesthetic and nursing services.

Improved health and health service delivery are priorities for all countries
visited by Interplast.
Whilst most aid is directed towards primary health issues,
the interdependence of all areas of the health system must not be overlooked.
A health system must have a full range of trainee personnel to be effective.
Training and capacity development activities are therefore
given high priority by Interplast.
Access to education, professional development, new technologies
and mentoring are important to alleviate professional isolation,
attract human resources, encourage commitment and cultivate expertise.

Interplast is helping to build capacity in the health sector
and address skill shortages by working closely
with the government health departments, institutions, counterparts
and partners to deliver mentoring and training to doctors, nurses
and allied health staff and by providing support to local institutions
to strengthen their training programs.
Where appropriate training attachments to Australian institutions
are facilitated to complement and enhance training delivered in country
and importantly to foster the developing of further leaders
a key determinant in the success of longer term strengthening of the health sector.

Read all about the sustainable differences made in peoples lives,
and the incredible achievements of our amazing Interplast volunteers
in our latest newsletter,click here.

taken from the Rotary Club of Boulder newsletter








Rotary Clubs of Fremantle and Attadale
Golf Day
March 4th 2011
Rotary Club of Swan Valley
Bassendean Markets
Next Markets January 30th
Rotary Club of Southern Districts
Shine On Awards
Tuesday February 8th
Rotary Club of Manjimup
Wine Show
February 2-4th



February 2nd
Rotary Club of Karatha [1979]
February 8th
Rotary Club of Gosnells [1960]
February 12th
Rotary Club of Manjimup [1952]
February 17th
Rotary Club of Margaret River [1960]
February 19th
Rotary Club of Kojonup [1966]
February 19th
Rotary Club of Western Endeavour [1986]
February 21st
Rotary Club of Ascot [1969]
February 28th
Rotary Club of Rockingham [1967]


January 24th-February 4th.........D9455 RYLA Seminar
January 31st - February 6th ......D9465 RYLA Seminar
February 2nd-4th...............Rotary Club of Manjimup Wine Show
February 8th....Tuesday...Rotary Club of Southern Districts Shine On Awards
March 4th .........Rotary Clubs of Fremantle and Attadale Golf Day
March 20th....Sunday......Rotary Club of Hillarys Community Fair
March 25-27th......Districts 9455 and 9465 Conference @Burswood
March 27th...........Sunday......Rotary Club of Willetton Community Fair
March 31st...Thursday..........Closing date for RotaryYouth Exchange 2012
April 8th.........Friday.... Rotary Club of Crawley .. A Night to Remember
April 9th..........Saturday........Rotary Club of Corrigin Motor Show
April 23rd........Saturday... Rotary Clubs of Mandurah "Duck Race"
June 11th...Saturday...Rotary Club of Canningtons Ladies Seminar


All items appearing in Rotary out West are considered to be in the public domain.
Should you own copyright to any of these items or require recognition,
or have your copyright item removed please contact
Phil at


"Quote of the Week"

A fourth-grade teacher was giving her pupils a lesson in logic.
"Here is the situation," she said.
"A man is standing up in a boat in the middle of a river, fishing.
He loses his balance, falls in and begins splashing and yelling for help.
His wife hears the commotion, knows he can't swim,
and runs down to the bank.
Why do you think she ran to the bank?"
A girl raised her hand and asked,
"To draw out all his savings!"

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a kingdom
in which the king was fond of history and ancient things.
He would collect historical objects,
dress in royal threads from bygone eras,
and generally try to live ancient traditions.
One day the king issued a royal proclamation,
as kings are wont to do now and then.
Of course, he wrote the proclamation in the language of two hundred years ago,
rich in antiquated spellings, obsolete words, now-defunct verb forms, etc.
The general population, of course,
could make neither head nor tail of the proclamation.
A vast legal muddle ensued.
The courts, called upon to untangle the mess,
pronounced a ruling that, henceforth,
all royal proclamations must be written in modern, currently accepted prose.
In other words,
"We can't have archaic and edict, too." --


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