Sunday, March 20, 2011


March is Literacy Month


Foundation sets up fund to help earthquake, tsunami victims in Japan

In response to the massive earthquake and tsunami

that struck Japan on 11 March,

The Rotary Foundation established the Rotary Japan

and Pacific Islands Disaster Recovery Fund,

which will support recovery projects in the affected areas.

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake, Japan's largest in the last century,

caused a devastating tsunami that swept over northern coastal towns.

More than 200 people are confirmed dead,

but government officials say the death toll will rise.

Rotarians, clubs, and districts can contribute cash

and District Designated Fund (DDF) allocations to the fund.

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March 15, 2011 at 11:08pm Subject:

RI Satellite Club Pilot Project--------------March 2011

Dear Rotarians:

Greetings from Rotary International.

I am writing to all Rotary clubs that currently sponsor a Rotaract club

to share a significant opportunity to participate in a pilot program

running from 1 July, 2011 to 30 June, 2014 –

the Satellite Club Pilot Program.

For Rotary clubs sponsoring Rotaract clubs,

particularly community-based Rotaract clubs,

this is an excellent opportunity to consider strengthening the relationship

between your two clubs.

By establishing the community-based Rotaract club

as a satellite Rotary club, your club can assist Rotary International

in developing a new model for Rotary clubs with a club

for younger member affiliates.

Rotaractors conduct many hours of service

and enjoy fellowship through meetings and activities.

Many of these are young professionals who wish to continue the fellowship

and service after they age out of Rotaract at thirty.

For some, joining a Rotary club is a natural step,

for others, there are barriers to Rotary club membership.

We hope that some clubs will consider participation in this pilot,

to increase our potential with the New Generations.

I strongly encourage you to consider establishing Rotaract clubs

as satellite clubs with this pilot program.

Your existing Rotaract club could seamlessly be established as a satellite club,

by participating in the 2011-14 Satellite Club Pilot.

For more information, please review the documents (

that outline the pilot program:

3) Implementation Plan

You may also wish to review recent news on the pilots on the RI website:

Please consider submitting an application to support efforts

in club recruitment and retention,

evaluating measures in flexibility and innovation,

club outreach, successful service projects and helping to establish

a possible roadmap of transition from Rotaract to Rotary.

Your club’s participation could facilitate Rotary membership

for a group of young people already inculcated with the ideals of Rotary

where the established Rotary club in the community

may not be suitable to their work and life situations.

Please note the application deadline of 1 April 2011.

Should you have any questions,

or contact your Club and District Support representative.

Yours sincerely,

Ed Futa

General Secretary


click to embiggen ------- March is Bowelscan Month

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------- Rotary Club of Perth

- Dear Friends, Colleagues & Fellow Rotarians.

Please find below the Final 'Live' Flyer for the forthcoming

Clara Helms Kelmscott-Roleystone Fire Relief 'WoW' Concert,

which is now for 'Public Release'

Here are some key points where you can assist this very worthy cause.

Flyer Distribution...

Please forward to YOUR Social networks ASAP,

with your personal note seeking support for the Concert attendance.

Please reproduce some copies to leave on your front counter

and to display in local shop windows.

Media Contacts...

If you have contacts within the Media

(Main Stream Media, Local Press, Community Radio, etc, etc)

please inform them and seek their support.

Auction Items...

We are seeking donations of Goods (new) or Services,

which we can use in Live & Silent Auctions, on the night,

to raise more funds for the Fire Victims.

If you have 'suppliers' with whom you do business,

please ask them to donate some goods or services

and 'if' they say no, think about changing your supplier!

Ticket Sales...

All ticket sales are being managed by the

Staff of the Australian Technical College (ATC)

Tickets may be ordered by calling the ATC on 1300 303 677

and paid for via Credit Car

Rotary Clubs...

Please promote ticket sales within your own Club and Community

and then email names/numbers to Samantha O'Neill (Sam)

for seat allocations.


10 x Rotary Volunteers are required to assist on the day

(Saturday 2nd April)

if YOU can help please email

to volunteer your services


100% of revenue raised from Ticket Sales and Auctions

will go to the Lord Mayors Disaster Relief Fund to directly aid

the victims of the recent Kelmscott/Roleystone Bush Fire Victims.


Please support our sponsors who will cover ALL

operational costs associated with this event.

Come-Along... On 2nd April 2011

and enjoy a Wonderful Evening of Song and a Complimentary Supper.

See you all there...

Many thanks for your kind and generous support

Regards Rod Slater

Concert Event Manager

Perth Rotary Club

0418 958 735


click to embiggen ------

PROBUS - One of the greatest Rotary Community Service Projects. Bill Lake;

Rossmoyne Rotarian and former Victoia Park Rotarian

for twenty years has been appointed to the Board of Management

of Probus Centre-South Pacific for a period of three years.

Bill is a past President, Secretary

and a Life Member of the Probus Club of Victoria Park.

He is a Foundation member of the Probus Club of Byford and District

and has served on the WA Probus Association.

He was a former,Rotary Probus District Chairman

for former Rotary District 9470.

He was dual President and Paul Harris Fellow

with the Victoria Park Rotary Club.

Bill transferred to Rossmoyne 12 months ago

and is enjoying Rotary.

Bill will be inducted onto the Board of Probus South Pacific

at their Headquarters in Parramatta NSW

on the 17th May, 2011.

PROBUS - Tomorrow's Vision for Active Retirees.


Rotary Club of Busselton-Geographe Bay

Rotary gifts books to babes

16 Mar, 2011 03:27 PM

THE Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay

has teamed with celebrated children’s author Mem Fox

to provide a very special gift to newborn babies who share their birthday

with the global Rotary organisation.

To mark the 106th anniversary of Rotary’s founding on February 23, 1905,

each baby born at the Busselton Hospital near that date was presented

with a copy of Mem Fox’s hugely popular book

“Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes”.

The Books for Babies program is a national Rotary program

to promote literacy by encouraging parents to read

to their children from their earliest days.

Mem Fox says she is thrilled to endorse the excellent work of Rotary on literacy.

“Reading and sharing the magical world of books

brings great joy, laughter and peace to everyone involved,” she says.

“And literacy follows ... as night does day.

“Well done Rotary for knowing what’s important in the lives of children.”

Rotary Club president Benjamin Bridgham

says the men and women of the Busselton club

are proud to be working with the hospital to bring

these special gifts to our youngest residents.

Literacy is among the dozens of local, national and international programs

run by Australia’s Rotary clubs.

Other areas of focus are health, water supply, humanitarian aid,

education and a range of youth projects.

Western Australia has approximately 100 Rotary clubs

with more than 3000 members drawn from business, the professions

and the general community who share a commitment

to voluntary community service.

One of the lucky babies to receive a book is Luke James Hodgkinson,

born at the Busselton Hospital on February 21

to Fiona and Joel Hodgkinson.

Books have also been presented to

Leah Sladden and Banjo Book’s daughter,

Arayah, born on February 22

and Natalie and Morgan Bendall on behalf of their daughter Abbey

who was born in Busselton on February 27.

For more information, contact the Busselton Geographe Bay

Rotary Club’s New Generations director

Anne Faithfull on 0419 744 440.

from the Rotary in Action Facebook page


Rotary Club of Crawley

For a new kid on the block Rotary Crawley has big aspirations.

Within a year it has already achieved the status

of the largest membership in the Perth metropolitan area.

It also has the most diverse range of ages;

its youngest member is 20 years old.

Now it has another ambitious target:

to raise over $120,000 in their first charter year.

The club is focusing on a mix of local and international projects

that have realistic and achievable outcomes.

The club’s motto, 'Giving has never been this much fun',

is wonderfully attuned to a structure

where the majority of members are new to Rotary,

working, and aged under 50.

In fact, one-third of the club’s almost 100 strong membership are under the age of 30. Understanding the financial and time constrains of a young membership

who are establishing careers and starting families,

Rotary Crawley has established strong mentor

and youth development programs to support

and encourage the younger members to take an active role as project leaders,

leadership team members and club ambassadors.

Although Crawley has shed some of the 'traditional' elements of Rotary,

such as presidential chains and formal proceedings,

the core Rotary values are not just alive

and well but flourishing with new vitality.

Rotary Crawley could not have embarked on the range of projects

past and present without support from District funds,

partner clubs and corporate sponsors.

This collaborative approach spreads the fundraising workload,

increases the amount of funding worthy projects receive,

and increases fellowship between clubs.

One of the current projects is to fund the installation

of toilet blocks in an East Balinese village,

as part of the fabulous health development that is happening in this area.

RCC Project Team Leader, Debra Royle,

would like to invite clubs in the District to get involved.

The goal is to fund 100 toilets, at a cost of $250 each,

which will be constructed by local villagers

under the supervision of East Bali Poverty Project staff.

“Sanitation is something we in Australia take for granted,

but it is something that is inaccessible in many remote villages” explained Debra.

"Many West Australians travel to Bali,

unaware of the poverty in rural areas.

By individuals or clubs donating funds for one or more toilet blocks,

our goal will rapidly become a reality.”

Tax deductible donations can be made by sending a cheque payable

to RAWCS (WA),

to The Rotary Club of Crawley,

PO Box 3448 Broadway, Nedlands WA 6009.

Please include name and address so that a receipt can be forwarded.

For information on the RCC collaborative fundraising initiative

and current projects, visit

thanks Judith Giddings



Altough this Video is in Portuguese it is well presented and worth a look


Rotary Club of Ascot

Duggan Anderson was a founder member of the club

thanks Janet Holding


Rotary Clubs of Mandurah


Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

Maryanne in her work and I am pleased to advise that her

‘Wapenamanda Centre for Primary Health Care’

has been registered with RAWCS as project number WR005-2011.

For those not at the address I met Maryanne in 1986

when she, as a nursing aide,

was responsible for the health care of 10,000 refugees

in eight separate camps along the West Irian border.

I was extremely impressed by her dedication

and professionalism despite her meagre training

and was pleased to be able to assist her in obtaining

a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship to undertake

a Bachelor of Nursing Degree in Adelaide.

She completed the three year course in one year, passing with honours.

She later returned to Adelaide with an AUSAID Scholarship

tocomplete her masters.

She is now establishing a medical centre in her remote village

some distance from Mt Hagen.

Any financial assistance you can provide through RAWCS

would be greatly appreciated.

C o n t r i b u t i o n s f rom individuals or businesses are tax deductible


Ken Collins

from the club newsletter


Rotary Club of Karrinyup


Rotary Club of Corrigin
from the club newsletter


Rotary Club of Geraldton-Greenough


Rotary Club of West Perth
Dr Alexey Muraviev is the Director of the Strategic Flashlight Forum

on National Security and Strategy at the School of Social Sciences

and Asian Studies at Curtin University.

Dr Muraviev is also an expert on international relations.

from the club newsletter


click to embiggen


Rotary Club of Southern Districts


from the club newsletter ------
------ Rotary Club of Boulder

Fish n chips Night

A great night was had by all at last weeks

Fish n Chips night at Lakes Electrical.

As per usual, the battered fish was exceptional,

with a tasty golden brown batter.

There was also a fantastic selection of salads

all washed down by a couple of ales and assorted soft drinks.

Many thanks go to our cooks: Bill, Ray and Jeff,

the salad makers and Jim Fleming

all for putting on such a great night.

from the club newsletter



Rotary Club of Osborne Park
click to embiggen


Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin
last week Caitlin Els spoke of her RYLA experience

and bought two other Rylarians to the meeting

L-R Janet Moore Rotary Club of Rossmoyne

Caitlin Els, Patrick Hake and Selma Irkhawy Caitlin was sponsored by Bentley Curtin

Patrick by Busselton Geographe Bay

and Selma by the Rossmoyne Club

Daphne Chipper RYLA in D9630, Caitlin Els, Patrick Hake and Selma Irkhawy

from the club newsletter



March 31st....... 2011

for both Districts



Peter Durrant 9388 9775


Peter Hodgson 9494 1250


Rotary Club of Applecross


Rotary Club of Subiaco

Rotary Club of West Perth

Rotary Club of Rossmoyne
Assistant Governor Fred Strauss with Carla Hilenbrank

pictures of Rotary Exchange students taken from club newsletters and websites

and Phil Cordery



Rotary Clubs of Bridgetown and Manjimup

have a combined Meeting with the inbound GSE Team

from Portugal


March 21st


Rotary Club of Swan Valley

Bassendean Markets

Next Markets March 27th


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

Progressive Dinner April 16th


Rotary Club of Cannington

Sausage Sizzle Bunnings March 20th


Rotary Club of Attadale

Sausage Sizzle March 20th


Rotary Club of Willetton

Sausage Sizzle Bunnings April 7th


Innerwheel of Mandurah Charter night

May 28th

Meadow Springs


The Rotary Clubs of Harvey, Collie and Pinjarra

are helping out people who were not fully covered

by insurance in the recent bushfires


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

Mid West Muster

April 24th


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

Relay for Life breakfast

April 3rd -



There are literally hundreds of Rotary clubs and Districts

on Facebook ,Websites and Blogs

Below are a couple of District icons that caught my eye




March 24th

Rotary Club of Fremantle Port [1980]


April 10th

Rotary Club of Bridgetown [1954]


April 11th

Rotary Club of Hillarys [ 1986]


April 11th

Rotary Club of Mandurah Districts [1986]


April 12th

Rotary Club of Attadale [1982]


April 12t

Rotary Club of Palm Beach [1982]


April 15th

Rotary Club of Perth [1927]


April 15th

Rotary Club of Collie [1954]


April 15th

Rotary Club of Carnarvon [1963]



March 25-27th......Districts 9455 and 9465 Conference @Burswood

March 27th...........Sunday......Rotary Club of Willetton Community Fair

March 31st...Thursday..........Closing date for RotaryYouth Exchange 2012

April 2nd.......Saturday.......Rotary Club of Perth Bushfire Concert

April 3rd........Sunday...Rotary Club of Karrinyup Community Fair

April 8th.........Friday.... Rotary Club of Crawley .. A Night to Remember

April 9th.......Saturday...Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough Red Hill Concert

April 9th..........Saturday........Rotary Club of Corrigin Motor Show

April 23rd........Saturday... Rotary Clubs of Mandurah "Duck Race"

April 24th... Sunday......Rotary Club of Batavia Coast Mid West Muster

April 30th........Saturday......Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin Quiz Night

May 7th...Saturday.....Rotary Club of Western Endeavour Quiz Nite

May 14th........Saturday........Rotary Club of Balajura/Malaga Quiz Night

May 20th...............Friday..................Australian Rotary Health Hat Day

May 28th........Saturday........Innerwheel Mandurah Charter night

June 11th...Saturday...Rotary Club of Canningtons Ladies Seminar

August 21st.......Sunday.......Rotary Club of Boulder Radio Auction

October 23rd...... Sunday........Rotary Club of Hannans Belzano Race


Club Changeovers

Rotary Club ofApplecross..............Friday June 3rd

Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin ...... Monday June 20th

Rotary Club of Attadale.........Monday June 27th

Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay........ Thursday June30th

Rotary Club of Ascot .......................Friday July 1st



All items appearing in Rotary out West are considered to be in the public domain.

Should you own copyright to any of these items or require recognition,

or have your copyright item removed please contact Phil at


stolen from the Rotary Club of Manjimup newsletter ---
Inner Peace:

If you can start the day without caffeine,

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat plain food every day and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without liquor,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

thanks Brigette from Victoria Park


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