Sunday, June 2, 2013


The Rotary Fellowships Program . . .
Rotary Fellowships are not fixed in time .
 some are removed for not being effective and some new ones appear.
There are currently 62 Fellowships with “Rotarian Jazz Fellowship” 
becoming official last September, and in January 
“The International Fellowship of Rotarian Photographers”. (IFRP) 
(Could have had a shorter name!).
IFRP is not just for skilled photographers, 
but is for any Rotarian interested in photography at any level. 
Probably we all fit that category.
There are many Fellowships ,
 and they are detailed on,
 including contact advice and advice on how to join.
Most Fellowships have a booth at the International Convention
, and have special events, including tours,
 in association with the Convention,
 and at other times.
Some of the Fellowships that could be of interest  are:
 Amateur Radio; Caravanning; Computer Users; Cricket; Cycling; Fine Arts & Antiques;
 Fishing; Golf; Internet; Jazz; Lawyers; Motorcycling; Music; 
Photographers; Recreational Vehicles; Rotary on Stamps; 
Scouting; Scuba Diving; Singles; Skiing; Tennis; Travel & Hosting;
 Wellness & Fitness; Wine; and Yachting.
Fellowships bring together Rotarians, spouses and Rotaractors
 who share a common interest, 
helping them to make new friends and explore opportunities to serve. 
All Fellowships have members in at least 3 countries.
Through our Fellowship activities, 
we could all have close friends in many countries.
 One of our great pleasures is meeting with them at the Convention 
and at other times. 
All Rotarians would benefit from membership of one or more Fellowships 
. Why don’t you give it a try


This is a new one that needs support
First 100 applicants get free membership
Published on May 5, 2013
Welcome all Rotarians, Rotaractors, spouses, and friends of Rotary, 
all over the world, to join us and share our passion.
Around the world we can find wonders,
 but underwater wonders are so unique, as water covers about 
70% of our beloved MOTHER EARTH.
We are a group of Rotarians who are really interested in scuba diving
 and sub-aquatic sports as means to discover and explore marine life. 
This group will hopefully provide us with the opportunity of exploring together 
the underwater wonders all over the world.
Our aim is to enhance fellowship and friendship
 amongst Rotarians and non-Rotarians. 
Both scuba diving and Rotary, are not limited by sex, age, color, religion or race..
.and the ability to indulge into your fellow human being, 
and thus be able to serve beyond yourself.
We plan to have diversified activities that enhance fellowship and friendship.
 We would like to volunteer to clean sea beds and watch for, 
and conserve marine life. 
We seek to organize marine life awareness seminars,
 group gatherings, and offer scuba diving courses.
So keep your gear ready and your rotary pin too........:) 
Have fun!

Your's in Rotary
Founder/ RTN. Ahmed Aly.

contact  phil

Further Australian support for polio eradication
Joint media release

·         The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister
·         Senator the Hon Bob Carr, Minister for Foreign Affairs
28 May 2013
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister Bob Carr 
today announced further funding to help eradicate polio –
 a debilitating disease that continues to strike the world's most vulnerable people,
 especially children.
Australia will provide $80 million over four years from 2015 to 2018 
to help finish the job and achieve worldwide polio eradication.
This contribution follows a $50 million commitment to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative
 from 2011 to 2014 announced by the Prime Minister
 at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth in October 2011.
The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister applauded the leadership
 shown by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, 
UNICEF and Rotary International on polio. 
The Gates Foundation is contributing US$1.8 billion
 for the Polio Endgame Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018,
 which is one-third of the total budget.
Australia has a proud history of support for polio eradication.
 From 1912 to 1972, more than 30,000 cases of paralytic poliomyelitis 
were reported in Australia, 
and a number of polio survivors in Australia today still live
 with the pain and debilitation of post-polio syndrome.
It was Australia's Sir Clem Renouf 
who, as President of Rotary International in 1978 and 1979,
 led the international campaign to vaccinate every child against polio.
 As a result of these early efforts by Rotary,
the global community came together in 1988 to launch the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
Since 1988, there has been a reduction in the number of polio cases by 99.9 per cent. 
Following the certification of India as polio-free in 2012,
 polio remains endemic in only Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. 
The world now has polio eradication within its reach
. This would be the second disease to be eradicated globally 
after small pox and a major victory for international aid and public health.
The new contribution brings Australia's total commitment to polio eradication
 to over $130 million. 
Our aim is to help eradicate polio and strengthen routine immunisation.


Rotary photograph competition 2013



Final Rotary Global Swim 2013 totals and awards announcement!

The Worldwide total to 31st May 2013 is $111,081 or £70,304 
of which $95,388 for End Polio 
Now with an additional $15692 raised for other local charities (12 in all)!! 
- so we've officially passed last years total of $105K!

Number of clubs taking part - 
186 clubs in 36 countries worldwide at 95 separate events 
(compared with 118 in 23 countries at 64 events)

Number of swimmers 6103 - 
compared with last years record of 4546 in 1 hr. 

Through your extraordinary collective efforts, 
together we have established Rotary Global Swimarathon 
as the biggest mass participation simultaneous annual fundraiser in Rotary history 
- you are amazing!!!

Most importantly in these first 2 years the total is just over $200,000 
for End Polio 
Now and $216,000 overall, enough to protect up to 1 million children
 worldwide from the devastating disease of Polio.

Now it's time to announce our special awards. 
As you know, we previously announced 3 main award challenges. 

The first for the event that raised the most money for End Polio Now. 

Delighted to officially confirm that by raising Aus $9858.60 or US $9721 ,
 Rotary Club of Kwinana District 9465, supported by Rotary Clubs of Rockingham, 
Canning Bridge, Willeton, and Booragoon are our deserving winners -
 many congratultations on a very innovative online fundraising campaign 
that provides a great model for other clubs to follow!

Next we have the prize for the event that had the most swimmers taking part -
 that honour goes to Rotary Club Green City Jaysingpur in District 3170
 who recorded a fantastic 350 swimmers 
with local schools and colleges taking part.

Finally there was the overall District Prize.

Based on the number of clubs taking part there were 5 finalists

1. District 2980 India 5 points
2. District 9320 South Africa 4 points
3. District 9550 Australia 3 points
4. District 2450 Egypt 2 points
5. District 3170 India 1 point

We then judged them based on 3 additional criteria

1. Number of events staged
2. Number of Swimmers who took part
3. Amount raised

These were the results in the 3 categories

1. Number of events staged

1. 9320 = 5 points
2. 9550 = 4 points
3. 3170 = 3 points
4. 2980 = 2 points
5. 2450 = 1 points

2. Number of swimmers

1. 3170 = 5 points
2. 9320 = 4 points
3. 9550 = 3 points
4. 2980 = 2 points
5. 2450 = 1 point

3. Amount Raised

1. 9550 = 5 points
2. 9320 = 4 points
3. 3170 = 3 points
4. 2450 = 2 points
5. 2980 = 1 point

Final totals:

1. District 9320 - 17 points
2. District 9550 - 15 points
3. District 3170 - 12 points
4. District 2980 - 10 points
5. District 2450 - 6 points

So the overall Best District participation award winner is District 9320 -
 congratulations to everyone involved!!

However, so worthy of recognition were the contributions
 of the other 4 finalists we would like to make 4 additional awards

1. District 9550 Australia - for the most money raised by 1 district
2. District 3170 India - For the most swimmers in 1 district
3. District 2980 India - For the most clubs taking part in 1 district
4. District 2450 Egypt for the most clubs taking part in 1 single event

We also felt it was important to recognize the outstanding contribution 
of so many new clubs to the event. 
so we have added a Best Newcomer award. 

Deserving special mentions are the Rotary Club of Hamilton D9600 Australia, 
Rotary Club of Waynesboro D7360 USA
 Rotary Club of Los Olivos District 5240
, and Rotary Club of Cabarrus County 7680
 who each featured in either the worldwide
 top 10 for funds raised or for most swimmers 

However the overall winner, with 240 swimmers
 taking part and raising well over US $5000 was judged
 to be Rotary Club of Murwillumbah in District 9640 - 
not bad for a first year!

Finally, we felt it was very important to recognize the outstanding efforts
 of individual fundraisers. 
This years award for the most amount raised by 1 swimmer goes to Kero O Shea,
 of the Rotary Club of Canning Bridge District 9465
 who raised over $2000 in sponsorship at the Kwinana event

So there you have it -
9 awards in total and all fully deserving of the recognition.
 Rotary Club of Grantham President Irvin Metcalf 
and myself will be in Lisbon for the Rotary International Convention.
 On Tuesday 25th June I'm proud to be representing 
Rotary Global Swimarathon at the Advanced social media workshop 
at 2.30pm local time -that would be a great opportunity for participants in 2012/13
 Global Swimarathons to meet up.

For the award winners, 
please let us know if you or other representatives
 of your district will be in Lisbon
 and we will get in touch to make arrangements 
for presenting the awards if we possibly can. 

Finally, delighted to announce that for 2014
 event planned for Sunday 23rd February 2014 
we will be partnering ( I am actually leading the social media campaign for )
We plan to make these fantastic silk Flower pin badges 
available to raise funds at every event worldwide in 2013/14
 and you can find out more details in Lisbon in the Hall of Friendship

So hope to see as many of you as possible in Lisbon - 
will be wonderful to meet up in person after all this time working together!

Enjoy your weekends and get ready for further announcements 
around August time for the 2014 event!

Thanks and Very Best Wishes

Paul Wilson
Rotary Club of Grantham
Rotary Global Swimarathon worldwide event co-ordinator



What in the world is Rotary


District 9465 has expressed an interest in partnering 
with Hope for Children Australia (HFC)
 to develop a restaurant training facility for at-risk young people
 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia..

Our District 9465 in Western Australia 
would like you to partner us in a project to help the youths in Ethiopia
 to be trained in hospitality so that they could find useful employment.
According to UNICEF, 43% of Ethiopians today are under the age of 14 
and youth unemployment stands at about 54%.
The Friends Café aims to break the cycle of poverty f
or at-risk young people in Addis Ababa 
by providing accredited hospitality
 and tourism training in a professional, working restaurant setting,
 together with employment support for those young people 
to enter Ethiopia’s growing tourism industry.

The target group of trainees will be 14 to 25-year-old impoverished youth,
 with preference given to those already engaged
 with Hope for Children (HFC) through the sponsorship, 
school or other community programs 
in Addis Ababa and Babile.

In supporting at-risk youth to become economically self-reliant, 
the FRIENDS Café Project also hopes to reduce the risks
 of illegal migration human trafficking, 
now identified by the Ethiopian Government,
 the ILO and the IOM as an increasing problem,
 particularly for Ethiopian girls and young women
 in search of work in Arab countries.
It is envisaged that within a two year period 
this restaurant will become self funding with the intention
 of channelling the profits towards vocational training.
HFC plans to train at least 150 young people 
over the first 3 years of operation. 
Once we are well established as a training facility 
and a self-sufficient enterprise,
 we hope to be able to extend opportunities
 to many more young Ethiopians who are struggling
to access training that translates to real employment.

The District has agreed to quarantine $20,000.00
 under the Global grant to help in establishing 
a Vocational Training Centre to train the youths of Ethiopia
 in hospitality so that they can gain useful employment
 not only in Ethiopia but overseas
 like the middle Eastern countries.

The total cost of the project is $200,000.00
 over a three year period.

We would like Districts and Clubs in Australia  
and also International partners to join us 
by contributing funds to the project.
Please contact undersigned for further details.

District Rotary Foundation Chair
District 9465 (Western Australia


Rotary Club of Rossmoyne
 Induction of Dr Ritthy Bonvann


Rotary Club of Geraldton
 Induction of Russell and Charity Zeeger

Rotary Club of Bussellton Geographe Bay
President Ian Clark inducts Mike Felton


inaugural president Geoff Witshire on receiving
 double sapphire Paul Harris Fellow (PDF) recognition from his club last night.
 Geoff, pictured with RCSD Pres-Elect John Rechichi 
was recognized for his outstanding work in establishing 
the Gosnells Community Men's Shed.



And in Carnarvon


May 28th was a joint meeting between the
Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin  
Rotary Club of Booragoon
Rotary Club of Canning Bridge

for the" Spark of Life" night at the South Perth Yacht Club


Rotary Club of Geraldton


Rotary Club of Bridgetown
Car Boot Sale
June 2nd    2013

 Secretary Alan Wilson
Rotarians Chris Shedley  Ted Lamont with Kath Bell and Cheryl Lombardo
 Rotarian Trish Paisley
 Satisfied buyer Kathryn Holland



Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin
 About 20 Rotaractors helping out who were here 
attending the district conference[Dili Timor Leste];
 there were youth from Canada, Brazil and all over the world.
Helping unload containers shipped from Fremantle



 Rotary Club of Heirisson
Gary Redmonds Toast

At the meeting on the 23rd of May a Roast was held
 to Farewell Foundation Member Gary Redmond from the club -
 it was a great morning, 
with lots of laughs and some more serious moments...


Rotary Club of Fremantle Port
Guest Speaker Belinda Lekass from Australian Hearing


Rotary Club of Southern Districts





Rotary Club of Perth



Rotary Club of Mundaring


Rotary Club of Como
Rotaract Club of South Perth
Car Parking at Million Paws walk




 Even the Rotary Dolphins are joining in the fun


Rotary Club of Geraldton
 Alison in Finland



International Photo

Rotary Club of Applecross
June 3rd  [1971]

Rotary Club of East Perth
June 9th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Esperance
June 12th   [1962]

Rotary Club of Midland
June 14th   [1985]

Rotary Club of Wongan Hills
June 15th   [1965]

Rotary Club of Cockburn
June 18th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Bunbury
June 19th   [1939]

Rotary Club of Booragoon
June 21st   [1983]

Rotary Club of South Bunbury
June 23rd  [1967]

Rotary Club of Willetton
June 25th   [1982]

Rotary Club of Kalamunda
June 27th   [1962]

Rotary Club of Mandurah
June 27th  [1961]

Rotary Club of Mount Lawley
June  28th  [1949]

Rotary Club of West Perth
June 28th  [1954]

Rotary Club of Quairading
June 30th  [1963]

Rotary Club of Cambridge
June 30th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Rossmoyne
June 30th   [1972]




"the power of one"

       Patrick was spotted driving along the highway at a steady speed, 
when he suddenly indicated right and pulled off onto the shoulder. 
 He quickly jumped out of the car and opened the trunk.  
From a large bag, he produced a party hat, streamers,
 a bottle of lemonade, several sandwiches and a cake. 

       After eating the food and drinking the lemonade,
 he launched into a little Irish jig.  
The whole proceedings lasted about fifteen minutes,
 after which he got back in his car and drove off. 
       Curious, the police officer, 
who'd watched from a distance, followed him. 
 Half an hour later, 
they saw him stop and repeat the whole procedure. 
       This was too much for the officers, 
so they decided to check him out.  
"Can we ask you the reason for all the stops 
and the food, drink and Irish jigs?" 
one of the officers asked. 
       "Well, sir," explained Patrick, 
"I'm on the company outing." 
       "But you're the only one here,"
 argued the officer. 
       "Yes, I know," replied Patrick.  
"I'm self-employed!"

 for the Golf nuts

A husband and wife were at a party chatting with some friends when the 

subject of marriage counseling came up. 
"Oh, we'll never need that. My wife and I have a great relationship,"
the husband explained. "She was a communications major in college and I 
majored in theatre arts." He continued, "She communicates well and I act 
like I'm listening."

 Western Australia
near Margaret River


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