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 Just as we were seeing record-low cases of polio worldwide
 and coming closer than ever to eradication, 
105 new cases of wild polio have been identified in Kenya and Somalia,
 raising new concerns about low coverage 
and inaccessible populations in that area. 
While the outbreaks are undoubtedly a setback, 
the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) 
had anticipated that sporadic cases would occur 
in vulnerable settings during the final push for polio eradication, 
and it's noteworthy that the situation has been met 
with one of the quickest and most effective emergency responses to date.
Although polio has been cornered in a handful of countries, 
the last vestiges of the disease will be the most difficult to stop
. For example, political instability and insecurity in some areas 
--which in Nigeria and Pakistan culminated
 in the targeted murder of health care workers engaged 
in delivering services earlier this year -- 
hinder access to at-risk children and can fuel the risk of outbreaks.
 Fortunately, containing outbreaks, 
such as those in the Horn of Africa, is a crucial part of the 


Rotary Club of Hillarys


Rotary Club of Osborne Park
Welcomes Michael Lardis

Combined District PubliC Relations Committee

L-r   Ray Philip  Di Gilleland  Jerry Pilcher PhilIp Skelton  DGE Brian Eddy   
DGN Melodie Kevan
DG Hank de Smit ...ZONE 8 PR  co ordinator Philip Parker
DG Erwin Biemel
Absent... DGE Angus Buchanan

At the Combined District Membership Action Forum


D9465  Group Study Exchange Team bound for Denmark


Rotary Club of East Perth



Rotary Club of Manjimup


 Australian Rotaract Conference 2013

 Rotaracters around Australia are invited to head out west this October
 to attend the 4th annual Australian Rotaract Conference 
which is being held in Perth in Western Australia. 
This conference is open to all Rotaractors around Australia
 and is perfect for making connections with other clubs
 and networking with your fellow volunteers.
 The location for the conference is the Ibis Styles Northbridge 
in the Perth city which is offering fantastic halls for the conference
 and cheap rooms for all guests attending the event
 by quoting the code ROT9465 to the hotel reception.
Standard Room: $149.00 Per Room Per night, 
Internal standard queen twin room
The hard working members of the committee
 have put a lot of effort into organising a fantastic and fun filled weekend 
for all attendees with several exciting events, 
fantastic guest speakers, entertaining activities
 and options for attending a volunteering event while you are over here in Perth.
 The Conference runs from Saturday the 12th of October 2013
 until Sunday the 13th of October 
but for all the early birds we have organised a spine tingling ghost tour
 of the historical Fremantle Prison on the Friday Night
 before the conference. 
We hope you will join us for a walk through the dark prisons corridors 
listening to some fascinating and entertaining guides
 followed by a warm meal provided by a local Rotaract Club 
and a night on the town going to some of the best pubs and clubs in Fremantle.
 And if a ghost tour is not your thing feel free to catch up
 with us later to experience the Perth nightlife.
On Saturday the conference will begin and we have a great day
 planned with two great guest speakers
 (including John Iriks from the WA Cord Blood Bank,
 our second speaker is a secret and you will have to attend to find out who it is)
, as well as breakout sessions for “Rotary/Rotaract projects” 
and “Professional Development” run by experienced RYLA facilitators.
 We will also be introducing a lot of fun fillers throughout
 the day to keep everyone on their toes.
 After the day’s events we have a Asian style buffet 
where you will be surrounded by flavours of the orient 
followed by a night on the town starting at nearby nightclubs.
The following morning will include the Rotaract Australia Awards Ceremony,
 as well as a panel discussion and more fun filler activities. 
The conference will be concluding with lunch in the scenic Kings Park 
which is being provided by one of our local rotary clubs 
as well as an opportunity to participate in a local charity event, 
Climb for a Smile, which is being held on the Sunday afternoon.
With less than two months until the conference get your tickets
 while you can and we all hope to see you here in Perth for a great weekend.
Tickets are available at

Shaun Needham
Marketing and PR Director

Australian Rotaract Conference Committee


Rotary Club of Kununurra
 Summer has arrived in Denmark; just as well for Kununurra's Laura Kuiper, 
who arrived in January to minus 10!
 She's midway through her Rotary Exchange - 
and loving her adopted home in Copenhagen


Rotary Club of Swan Valley

The Club turned out in force this evening at the Perth International Airport
 to welcome our inbound RYE student, Sarah.


Rotary Club of Geraldton
 New Inbound Til from Germany has arrived safely
 and been met by serial hosts Dennis and Di. 
Til will be hosted by the Rotary Club of Geraldton
so we know he is set for a wonderful year.


Rotary Club of Hillays
 Exchange Student Hono Mori from Japan at a club meeting


Rotary Club of Perth
 Rotary Exchange Student Cami Anderlini just touched down in Perth.


Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of Byford and Districts


Rotary Club of Mundaring

Foodbank WA Visit
The club recently had a vocational visit to the HQ 
and warehouse of  Foodbank WA 
and it was an eye opening experience
 for all the members who attended.
Foodbank’s Anne Graydon and Colin Woodward
gave us a guided tour of the Welshpool warehouse facility,
Before the club departed President Sue Reid
 presented a donation to Anne and Colin 
to help them to continue to continue
 the wonderful work of Foodbank.


Rotary Club of West Perth

Project Merc

Jill Smith, our Magnificent MERC mover and shaker
 reviews the goods with Doctor Mo, 
her mentor for hospital needs in developing countries.

Jill Angel and Gordon Allan boxing bits for MERC (Medical Equipment Recycling)


Rotary Club of Belmont

Supporting @Charles Kamwi in his quest to fund a new infants hospital in Zambia. 
The Belmont Rotary Club and its members were very pleased
 to help and it was an outstanding night of African themed fun and entertainment.
 — at Hippo Creek Waterford

and seen at the Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin Quiz Night


Rotary Club of Geraldton


Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

Rotary Club of Booragoon

This weeks Fun picture

Rotary Club of Ascot

 Register early for Sydney convention and save

Rotary News -- 9 August 2013 

Register early for the 2014 Rotary International Convention
 in Sydney, Australia, 1-4 June, and pay US$100
 less than the on-site registration fee.
Rotary’s annual convention is a wonderful way to experience
 the true internationality of Rotary, as you connect with leaders,
 exchange ideas, and get inspired to take action 
to benefit communities worldwide. 
By planning ahead and reserving your room now
you’ll increase your chances of staying at your first-choice hotel.
You’ll also have a better chance of securing tickets for host events
 like an Australian rules football match 
or a concert at the Sydney Opera House.
 Ticket requests will be processed in the order they are received
 through 1 May or until an event reaches capacity. 
After that, tickets will be sold on-site if available.
 On-site prices will be about 20 percent higher.
Free transit passes
The New South Wales government is offering free transit on ferries, buses,
 and trains in the greater Sydney area from three days
 before until one day after the convention, 
to help visiting Rotarians and their families fully experience the land down under.
You can use these passes to see not just Sydney’s sights
 but also attractions as far away 
as the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and Kiama.
Bring the family, and make it a memorable vacation.
 Kids will enjoy splash parks, playgrounds,
 and shows in Sydney Olympic Park, the venue for all convention activities,
 while Darling Harbour is home to an IMAX movie theater,
 shops, restaurants, and the largest Chinese garden outside Asia.
 If the kids still have energy after that, visit the kangaroos, dingoes, wombats
, and many other animals at the Taronga Zoo
 or take them to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.
At the convention, you’ll hear from some of the world’s leading experts
 on topics such as water, polio, and social media. 
You’ll also develop your leadership skills and connect with others
 who share your recreational, professional, or humanitarian interests. 
As you browse the project booths in the House of Friendship,
you’ll discover new ideas for service 
and perhaps even a new partner for creating change.









Rotary Club of Mill Point




Rotary Club of Melville
August 24th  [1959]

Rotary Club of Northam
August 30th  [1946]

Rotary Club of Joondalup
September 12th  [1986]

Rotary Club of Narrogin
September 14th  [1948]

Rtary Club of Cannington
September 25th  [1965]

Rotary Club of Kununurra
September 26th  [1986]

Rotary Club of Katanning
September 26th  1957]

Rotary Club of Moora
September 26th  [1957]


Be More Dog

This is a story of self-control and marksmanship 
by a brave, cool-headed woman 
with a small pistol against a fierce predator.  
What is the smallest caliber that you would trust to protect yourself?
Here is her story:

While out walking along the edge of a bayou
 just below Houma, Louisiana 
with my soon to be ex-husband discussing property settlement
 and other divorce issues, 
we were surprised by a huge 12-ft. alligator 
suddenly emerging from the murky water 
and charging us with its large jaws wide open. 
 She must have been protecting her nest 
because she was extremely aggressive.
 If I had not had my little Beretta Jetfire .25 caliber 
pistol with me, I would not be here today! 
Just one shot to my estranged husband’s
 knee cap was all it took.  
The gator got him easily,
 and I was able to escape 
by just walking away at a brisk pace.
It’s one of the best pistols in my collection!
  Plus … the amount I saved in lawyer’s fees 
was more than worth the purchase price of the gun.

A bill collector knocked on the door of a country debtor.
 "Is Fred home?"
 he asked the woman who answered the door
. "Sorry," the woman replied. 
"Fred's gone for cotton."
The next day the collector tried again.
 "Is Fred here today?" 
"No, sir," she said, "I'm afraid Fred has gone for cotton." 
When he returned the third day he humphed,
 "I suppose Fred is gone for cotton again?"
 "No," the woman answered solemnly,
 "Fred died yesterday." 
Suspicious that he was being avoided,
 the collector decided to wait a week
 and investigate the cemetery himself.
 But sure enough, there was poor Fred's tombstone
, with this inscription: 
"Gone, But Not for Cotton."

Ad with a good message

Western Australia

Horizontal Falls in the Bucanneer Archipelago

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