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November is Rotary Foundation Month

Polio Drops



Have you seen this on TV
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"Sail into Life" program

Rotary Club of Belmont

Rotaract Club of South Perth
40 years old on November 8th

Enter the Interact Video Contest
 for a chance to win $500
Show us how your Interact club is creating positive change
 in your community and you could win $500
 for your next service project.
For this year’s contest, 
we’re asking Interact clubs to create a short video
 (from 30 seconds to three minutes long) 
showing one of the following:
·         How your club’s actions have led to positive change
 in your community and beyond
·         How your members use their diverse talents,
 skills, and gifts to achieve great things
Entries are due by 2 December.
 All videos must be in English or include English subtitles. 
You can find complete details in the
Interact is Rotary’s program for youth ages 12-18.
Rotary News


If you need any information on Camp Opportunity 
please contact me by email 
  or phone 0429 957 251. .
 We are really short of male buddies at this point in tim
 but female buddies are also very welcome.

PP. David Brockway
 [D9455 Camp Opportunity 2014 Treasurer]
Rotary Club of Mundaring Inc.
0429 957 251




Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of Mill Point
had as Guest Speaker 
the Lord Mayor of Perth
Lisa Scaffidi

Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

 Speaker this week was our member Max Hipkins,
 who is the Mayor of the City of Nedlands
 and a Town Planner by profession.


Melbourne Cup and Hat Day celebrations

Rotary Club of Ascot

Rotary Club of Northam

Even had their own bookmaker!!!

Rotary Club of Applecross


Hat  Days
Hat nights - easy to organise,
 a good way to raise funds for mental health 
and a fun event


Joint Meeting

Rotary Club of Karrinyup
Rotary Club of Claremont Bayview


Rotary Club of Mill Point
Pride of Workmanship Awards


Rotary Club of Karrinyup
Toru Minami, Past President of RC Kagoshima West, 
exchanges banners with President Bob

Toru had a lovely time -
 he must be an amazing organiser as this trip comes just two days
 after he chaired his District conference with 1500 delegates! 
 Good to have the RC Mindarie President and AJYCE Chair Darren,
 pictured here with our member Tony,
 visit for the meeting.
 2013 Outbound District 9455 Rotary Youth Exchange student to Japan Eily
sponsored by the Rotary Club of Subiaco
and current Inbound, KiKi hosted by the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour,
 joined our own current Inbound, Christoph for the meeting.

While Brenda entertained us with fantastic traditional music.


Rotary Club of Swan Valley
   Graham Nicholson from the Rotary Club of Waitakere
 situated in the West Auckland district of New Zealand, 
Vincent Nikles a Rotary exchange student from Switzerland
 who is staying with Graham


Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie


Rotary Club of Mundaring


Rotary Club of Southern Districts
Apparently someone has forgotten to let Gary Worthington 
know that we no longer run the food van.

Gary appears determined to sell hotdogs 
- or at least a sausage in a bun.


Rotary Club of Wanneroo
Susan Saleeba from Nakuru Hope was given a donation from our club
 after her great talk on what she has been acheiving in Kenya. 
We wish her well in her activities. 


Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough
 Exchange Student Marc and Rotarian Jason helping out at today's
 Rotary Radio Auction for the Rotary Club of Geraldton.


Rotary Club of Bunbury Leschenault
Leanne Oshea hanging out with Young Australian of the year Akram Azimi 
and assistant mentor Allan Cross 


Rotary Club of Cunderdin
Nice surprise today at our Craft Markets with - 
— with Karen Hagarty 


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells
Tonight members raised a whopping $776 through simply selling raffle tickets,
 and all in just a few hours.

This was a joint event, as RC Gosnells (our parent club) 
where the sponsor of The Canning Greyhound races.

Welcome Matt

Happy birthday Emma
 We at ROCOG are lucky to call you
a member.


Seen in a pool in Bali drinking Bintang Beer

MB from Rotary Club of Ascot


Rotary Club of  Tempe Rio Salado
A short music video showing the value of using fellowship and laughter
 to bond the members of a service organization. 
The Tempe Rio Salado Rotary Club is known 
as the "funniest Rotary Club West (and East) of the Mississippi."

if you watch closely
at about... 1.05/06
you can see some members holding the Sister Club agreement with
The Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin


Club Promotions















The Rotary Club of Perth, in association with Mark Coughlan
 will present the Twenty-sixth Annual New Year's Eve
 Vienna Pops Concert in Perth Concert Hall
 on 31 December 2013.

Featuring the stunning voice of acclaimed European Soprano,
 Judit Moln├ír, this popular New Year's Eve champagne celebration
 will help bring the spirit of Vienna 
to the last day of the year in Perth




Rotary Club Birthdays


Find the Black and White Cat
I assure you....  its there 

The Drill

City officials were dumbfounded when they discovered
 their new courthouse had been destroyed during the night. 
The beautiful edifice was now merely a single pile of rubble
 contained within a single city block.
 The City Council convened immediately to determine what to do.

They decided to hire the best consultants they could find
 to help them determine the cause for the courthouse catastrophe.
 After a month, the consultants could find no answer.
 The building had simply collapsed upon itself 
with no outside influence of any kind.

The City Council could not accept this answer
 and hired new consultants who arrived at the same conclusion
. A third set of engineers completed their study
 and once again reached the same conclusion.
 In their final report, however, 
they offered some advice to the Council.

"You are wasting money and time trying to determine
 why the court house collapsed," they said. "
You will be far better off if you accept the facts of the situation. 
Your courthouse is truly a rubble without a cause."


Western Australia
Aerial view of Albany's spectacular King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour.

Picture by Andrew Halsall

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