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June is Rotary Fellowship Month


Its been a big week in Sydney for the Convention
Here are a few pictures

If you were unable to be there
here are some highlights

Watch for Craig Alford and Kero O'Shea

The flag ceremony at the opening plenary represents
 the international reach and diversity of Rotary.
 Myanmar is one of the newest Rotary countries

Bridge Climb
Geraldton Rotarians watch closely at about  0.46 


Rotary Club of Perth

Rotary Club of Fremantle




Rotary Club of Swan Valley



Past District Governors
Marilyn and David Barton at Olympic Park Railway Station



District Governor Elects 2014/2015

Angus and Grace Buchanan DGE 9455 enjoying the Convention

Jane Lowe ... Rotary Club of Willetton

Ride to the Other Side
Made a big impression

House of Friendship

Disaster Aid Egypt

One of the more popular things to do was to get your picture
 on the cover of the Rotary Down Under magazine
Here is Di Gilleand
Rotary Club of Geraldton

this is what Rotarian Patrick De Hann
Rotary Club of Tempe Rio Salado
Patrick is a Rotarian in Phoenix Arizona
did with the picture he saw on my Facebook page


A couple of pictures from my own collection

District Governor Yasser  D2451 Egypt


Rotary Club of Southern Districts

Chinda Sourivong being welcomed to the club by Youth Director Anita Diep,
 Pres. John Rechichi and PP John Simpson.


DG 2013-14 Erwin Biemel has announced the ratification 
of the appointment of Linda McLerie (Rotary Club of Hannans-Kalgoorlie)
 as District Governor-Nominee, to take office
 as our District Governor in 2016-17. 
Congratulations Linda!


Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie
Quiz Night



Rotary Club of Rossmoyne
President David asked Tommy Martin (PP RC of Clifton in Tennessee)
 to address the meeting.
Tommy explained his first visit here was with a GSE group in 2006
 where they had great pleasure in attending the Kalgoorlie Conference. 
Jane didn't accompany him then and desperately wanted to come to Australia this time
 and the Sydney Conference proved such an opportunity.

Since the GSE he has worked with Phil Cordery and Barry Berger
 on the Short Term Exchange program. 
He has hosted many students in Tennessee

Seen in Margaret River


Rotary Club of Northam


Rotary Club of Applecross

 Rotary Club of Applecross hosted the Annual Cooper and Bromwell Awards Dinner
 at Quinlan's Training Restuarant at Challenger TAFE. 
The awards are presented to the outstanding first year apprentice -Bob Cooper Memorial Award;
 and the outstanding final year apprentice-
John Bromwell Memorial Award, from the Beaconsfield Challenger TAFE College.
 The Bob Cooper Memorial Award is co-sponsored by Cooper & Oxley.
 The John Bromwell Memorial Award is co-sponsored by Bunnings.
 Sponsors have generously sponsored these awards from their inception.
 This year the outstanding first year apprentice was Hamish Peters
 and the outstanding final year apprentice was Nebojsa Radulovic


Rotary Club of Belmont

seen at the clubs Arabian Night


Rotary Club of Manjimup

PROGRAM – Mates 500 Relay

Wayne Barden spokesman for Mates Relay 
team thanked Rotary for sponsoring the event 
since the inaugural event in 2011.
The event in 2014 was an 11 day, 1500km monster event.
 The focus of the event changed still two major sponsors coming on board,
 Regional Men’s Health and Prostrate Cancer of Australia 
with increased Media coverage. 
People state wide becoming aware of men’s health. 
The big plus this year was securing the naming role of Aglime.
 They also received a very big commitment from the Manager of Aglime,
 and the owners Dave and Annie,
 who travelled with the crew giving up their time 
and raising a lot of money for the cause.
 New runners were introduced into the event to join the original 6
(only 3 of original able to compete this year)
There were functions every night to deliver awareness and raise money. 
They ran in new country and found great support in the wheat belt.
 There was a focus on small schools and raising awareness with children. 
Adam Catto, CEO of Men’s Health, 
has evidence that the mates relay has saved lives
 by men asking for help directly after the relay.
 They had over 100 volunteers over the 11 days
. A massive undertaking with at least $100,000 raised this time.
The future of the event is clear but the format 
and timing of the event, is yet to be discussed. 
Well done Mates Relay !!


Rotary Club of Scarborough

Club Promotions








Rotary Club of Applecross
June 3rd  [1971]

Rotary Club of Swan Valley
June  9th  [1993]

Rotary Club of East Perth
June 9th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Esperance
June 12th  [1962]

Rotary Club of York/Canning Bridge
June 14th  [1954]

Rotary Club of Wongan Hills
June 15th  [1965]

Rotary Club of Cockburn
June 18th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Bunbury
June 19th   1939]

Rotary Club of Booragoon
June 21st  [1983]

Rotary Club of South Bunbury
June 23rd  [1967]

Rotary Club of Willetton
June 25th  [1982]

Rotary Club of Kalamunda
June 27th  [1962]

Rotary Club of Mount Lawley
June 28th  [1949]

Rotary Club of Subiaco
June 28th  [1949]

Rotary Club of West Perth
June 28th  [1954]

Rotary Club of Quairading
June 30th  [1963]

Rotary Club of Cambridge
June 30th  [1969]

Rotary Club of Rossmoyne

June 30th  [1972]


Magician Darcy  Oake
 does the ultimate disappearing act 
Britain's Got Talent 2014

A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards

One of the great traditions of American economics
 is the evolution of labor-management negotiations.
 Unfortunately, not always do contract negotiations go smoothly,
 and whereas we often think about the irreconcilable differences
 between blueand white-collar personnel, 
let us not forget that anybody can go on strike.
 Even a great symphony orchestra is not immune,
 and a recent event in New York brought 
this thought to an inevitable conclusion.

Musicians have often gone on strike,
 but symphony conductors have never, 
to my understanding, refused to perform
. They are temperamental, to be sure, 
and they must have standards of perfection 
in order to get their orchestras to play to the best of their abilities.
 However, with economic conditions as they are,
 the City of New York was not able to pay its symphony conductor
 the salary he felt he was worth. 

Eventually, the orchestra's board of directors fired him
 and attempted to replace him.
However, no other professional and competent conductors
 would accept the position.
 In the spirit of solidarity;
 they refused to become scab conductors. 

However, the board did manage to locate
 a promising conducting student from a local music school.
 The young conductor was not very good; 
in fact, he was probably tone deaf 
and couldn't tell the differences among the instrument be heard.

During the first rehearsal, he looked up from his score
 and suggested the reed instruments play louder.
 The concertmaster said the reeds had been playing loudly enough;
 it was the trumpets and trombones that needed more volume
 The conductor demurred, insisting that it was the reeds. 

Finally the concertmaster and the entire orchestra
 walked out in disgust, 
the concertmaster exclaiming that the conductor
 didn't know his brass from his oboe.

Western Australia

Get right off the beaten track with an adventure 
to Quobba and Gnarloo;
 that sits at the southern tip of our beautiful
 World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef. 

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