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Rotary Club of Karrinyup

Our meeting last Wednesday was just that little bit more exciting 
as we welcomed Rose and Wayne 
as members of the wonderful Rotary Club of Karrinyup.

Rotary Club of Perth
David Wee the World's newest Rotarian


Rotary Club of Rockingham
Glenn Udy inducted as the latest member of the Rotary Club of Rockingham


Rotary Club of Heirisson

Induction of our newest member Matt Clarke


Rotary Club of Perth
Mike Gurry - our newest Paul Harris Fellow 
well deserved for his amazing work in Cambodia


New Flyer


Rotary Club of Wanneroo
Can you Help??

We received an enquiry on our Face book page

 Was from Christian Ball trying to find his father Peter William Ball.

 Peter was living in Wanneroo in 1995 and up to about 2000. 
He was a member of Rotary around 1995
 but Christian does not know which club. 
Peter’s phone number has changed.
Unfortunately we at the Rotary Club of Wanneroo have no
record of a Peter William Ball 

contact Clive Bain 9387 3266


Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of Byford and Districts

Our Rotary Club joined with the SJ Men's Shed
 to operate the donut stall at the Mundijong Fair.
We flew our respective banners, had heaps of support and fun

Earlier in the month, the Rotary Club members celebrated their 17th birthday.
 We were chartered on the 5th of August 1998.
 Our dedicated group of members and partners enjoyed some Indian cuisine
, while reflecting on past years of service.


Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

Rotarian. Anne Passmore presenting a Certificate of Participation
 to Newman College Yearr. 11 Coordinator Stacey Cikarela 
or another successful Rotary WA Driver Education Day.


Rotary Club of Ascot
Participants and coaches from the LEAP Program
 that was run in the USA early this month
 came to our meeting to provide some highlights of what occurred for them.
  LEAP  is a Leadership. Excellence.  Accelerating Potential program
 that is run annually to help young people achieve their potential.


Rotary Club of Manjimup
Exchange student Layla Simanant of Belgium
 gave an interesting, informative and enjoyable presentation
hat provided members and visitors with an outline
of her family, home town and Belguim. 


Joint Meeting
Rotary Club of Kwinana
Rotary Club of Gosnells
Rotary Club of Palm Beach
at Marri Park Golf Course


Rotary Club of Balajura Malaga

 A great day was had by around 3000 people on Sunday 16th August.
We give thanks for the wonderful fine day that brought so many people out

Club and District Promotions














Rotary Club of Melville
August 24th  [1959]

Rotary Club of Northam
August 30th  [1946]

Rotary Club of Joondalup
September 12th   [1986]

Rotary Club of Cannington
September 25th  [1965]

Rotary Club of Fremantle
September 26th  [ 1928]

Rotary Club of  Kununurra
September  26th   [1986]

Rotary Club of Katanning
September 26th  [1957]

Rotary Club of Moora
September 26th  [1957]

Rotary Club of Balajura /Malaga
October 1st     [2007]

Rotary Club of Geraldton
October 2nd  [1950]

Rotary Club Gnowangerup
October 8th  [1970]

Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough
October  17th   [1986]

Rotary Club of Broome
October 18th   [2000]

Rotary Club of Batavia Coast
October 21st  [1969]

Rotary Club of Wagin
October 24th  [1958]

Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay
October 27th  [1956]

Rotary Club of Morley
October 28th  [1964]

Rotary Club of Boulder
October 30th  [1961]



Joe Lycett and parking fines



Toddler's Priceless Reaction
 to Her First Summer Rain with Daddy!
This is a toddler's priceless reaction to her first summer rain with daddy.
 Although she's seen it from the window before, 
this is the first time she played in the warm summer rain. 
This is further proof that as we grow older
 we take things for granted.

Western Australia
Ferral Camels  near Giles

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