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The History of Rotary


 This past year was one of exciting achievements
 and forward momentum for Rotary, as highlighted in the
We launched a bold new chapter in our partnership 
with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
 that makes your contributions to the vital polio eradication end game 
work three times as hard.
We also finished preparing for the global launch 
of our new grant model, boosting our ability to help more communities
 secure and sustain a better quality of life. 
And we carried out our first projects with Mercy Ships,
 while building on our work with Aga Khan University,
 UNESCO-IHE, the Rotary Peace Centers,
 and other partners.
In addition, The Rotary Foundation earned top marks
 from several independent charity evaluators, 
including the American Institiute of Philanthropy,
 Charity Navigator, and the Wise Giving Alliance.
I encourage you to review our annual report carefully, 
and to share it with others who may be interested in joining
, partnering with, or donating to Rotary.
 You can order print copies of the report at
 For those who want a more detailed look at Rotary finances,
 the audited financial statements are
Thank you for the important role you play in Rotary's work 
to help meet critical human needs,
 strengthening the groundwork for a more peaceful world.

John Hewko

General Secretary
Twitter: @johnhewko



Rotary is a worldwide organisation of some 1.2 million men and women
 in virtually every country in the world.
It works in truly miraculous ways sometimes.
Some events are well planned by the experienced dedicated people
 working at Rotary Head Office in the USA.
 Some other events just seem to happen.
 These wondrous happenings spring from the fertile minds
 of people driven by desire, passion 
and a burning need to help those less privileged.
This is such a story.
It was “cooked up”, just a month ago by two Rotarians 
on opposite sides of the globe,
 Past District Governor Mukesh Malhotra in District 1140 London UK
, and District Polio Challenge ChairSusanne Rea in District 9550 Cairns Australia.
Mukesh and Susanne are asking as many people as possible to
 "The World's Greatest Meal to Help Polio"
As many as one million people will be sitting down to a meal during 
the week starting February 23rd 2014 with the aim is to raise $300,000
 to help rid the world of the scourge of poliomyelitis. 
Polio eradication has been Rotary’s major goal for some 25 years now.
 The numbers of cases are down from more than 150,000 a year
, to around 250 a year.
 Unfortunately, due to poor hygiene, low income levels and warring factions,
 the last cases are proving hard to eliminate. 
Nevertheless Rotarians are committed to a polio free world.
The dinners throughout the world may be a frugal meal
 with the spend going to the cause,
 they could be a weekly Rotary Club meal where donations could be made,
 or they could be just a meal where people meet
 and raise money or give money to End Polio Now.
Susanne Rea has taken this to Facebook 
and with the help of Social Media the idea has gone mad.
 In few weeks she had commitments from all 5 continents
 and over 50 Rotary Clubs.
 As of writing, the Facebook page has over 2,700 members
. Have a look, the Facebook page is



Shelter Box Thank You

2013 was a momentous year for Shelterbox.
 We responded to to 25 disasters in 20 countries and brought shelter
, warmth and dignity to over 13,000 families. 
Here in Australia, the response from Rotary 
and the public has been fantastic.
 We raised over $1 million for our Typhoon Haiyan
 and Syria Refugee appeals and our SRT members 
were involved in deployments around the world. 

At present we have SRT member, Greg Moran
 recently returned from the Philippines 
and newly deployed SRT members, Peter Pearce 
and SRT Anthony Keating, continuing our relief work 
in the typhoon-stricken country.

ShelterBox has committed to help nearly 8,000 families 
in the Philippines and none of this would be possible
 without our fantastic donors.
 As our focus shifts back to the plight of the Syrian people,
 I'd like to thank you all for your support 
and wish you all the best for the coming year.

This month's quote comes from Dr Seuss
 and I think sums up ShelterBox beautifully,
 “Sometimes the questions are complicated
 and the answers are simple."



Mike Greenslade
General Manager
ShelterBox Australia

0459 959 501



District Conferences


International Item


Rotary Nepal


Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay


Rotary Club of Swan Valley
Welcomes Tom Tolchard


Rotary Club of Victoria Park

Michelle Webster receiving a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition
 for the outstanding job she has done as Manager of The Rotary Residential College
 over the past three years.

Michelle has now moved to Tasmania to take up a new life there


Around the Clubs

Rotary Club of West Perth
BBQ in Kings Park to start 2014


Rotary Club of Geraldton

Xmas Function


Rotary Club of Victoria Park


Rotary Club of Bunbury Leschenault
"Rotary Sail Into Life "gives people with disabilities 
the opportunity to enjoy sailing on the pristine waters
 of Koombana Bay in Bunbury, Western Australia

Rotary Sail Into Life gives people with disabilities
 the opportunity to enjoy sailing on the pristine waters 
of Koombana Bay in Bunbury, Western Australia


Rotary Club of Applecross


Sailability came to a great close for the end of the pre Christmas period 
at the South of Perth Yacht club and at the same time 
spelt a fond farewell for Lynne Newton,
 who has stepped down to attend to personal matters.

The weather was clear and the breeze was definitely in,
 with the boats in full swing taking sailors with a disability
 out on to the water in their droves.
 With Lynne at the helm, organizing the sailors as they arrived 
and then putting them onto the boats with their skippers
 to take them out onto the river, all was doing well.
 The fleet now numbers 8 boats with a Redwitch 
and “Captain Pugwash” (a Court 550) capable of taking two sailors
 and their carers at once.
 All the others are two person boats that scoot around the water
 each Wednesday when the weather is suitable. 

Many thanks to Past Commodore Gerry Drysdale
 who stepped up to the barbecue plate 
and cooked a fine sausage sizzle lunch
 for the volunteers on day.
 He also gave a brief note of thanks to Lynne 
and all the volunteers and welcomed our new co-ordinator on board.

We have found a new co-ordinator in Rear Commodore Bob Benton 
who has stepped up to take over the role so well run by Lynne
. Bob recently retired and found himself
 with a loose Wednesday morning
 or two and he volunteered to take up where Lynne has had to let go.
 He is well known amongst the sailors
 and will bring a new outlook into the role.

Sailability looks forward to more volunteers (always)
 and would be delighted to welcome you aboard.
 There are several roles that can be filled,
 from helping load the disabled people onto boats,
 to skippering a boat, to acting in support roles in the safety boats 
and preparing and de-rigging the boats each day.
 All of these roles are important and go together to make
 sailability at South of Perth such a viable prospect.

We know it works. It’s the smiles on the sailors’ faces
 as we take them out onto the water and bring them back in again.
 They come back time and again.

We look forward to the start of the other half of the season
 for Sailability after Christmas.


Rotary Club of Swan Valley
Xmas Function



Rotary Club of Bunbury
Bring in the New Year


Rotaract Club of Subiaco

Helping out at Ronald McDonald Hose



Rotary Club of Geraldton
 Our guest speaker for our meeting on Wednesday night 
was none other but outbound exchange student Marlee Sice 
who is off to Italy in 8 days!!! 
Marlee has already been in touch with her first host family 
and shared with us the excitement that lays ahead for her. 
Marlee will be living it up in Lecco, Northern Italy 
for the next 12 months which is close to the Switzerland border.
 We're glad you've packed your thermals! 
Here's a pic of Marlee being presented 
with her jacket by President Colin Wise


Rotary Club of Karrinyup


Rotary Club of Ascot

President Julia Temby with D9465 Short Term Chair Phil Cordery 
with Anna Corecki who is off to Austria for four weeks


Club and Districts Flyers




Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough


Rotary Club of Cockburn




Rotary Club of Mundaring
January 7  [1971]

Rotary Club of Matilda Bay
January 11  [1979]

Rotary Club of Cunderdin
January 22  [1965]

Rotary Club of Balcatta
January 25  [1980]



Hey Jude

Because of an ear infection, my young son, Casey,
 had to go to the pediatrician.
 I was impressed with the way the doctor directed 
his comments and questions to my son.
 When he asked Casey, “Is there anything you are allergic to?”
 Casey nodded and whispered in his ear. 
Smiling, the pediatrician wrote out a prescription
 and handed it to me.
 Without looking at it, I tucked it into my purse. 
Later, the pharmacist filled the order, 
remarking on the unusual food-drug interaction my son must have.
 When he saw my puzzled expression, 
he showed me the label on the bottle
. As per the doctor’s instructions, it read:
 “Do not take with broccoli.”

My Beautiful Thing

 HM Queen Elizabeth II prepares to welcome home England's Ashes Team.
“No cricket Knighthoods this year Your Majesty?”

Western Australia

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