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The certification of the World Health Organization's Southeast Asia
 region as polio-free has led to many stories in the media
 highlighting Rotary's instrumental role in achieving this important milestone.
 General Secretary John Hewko joined Rotary member Devin Thorpe 
last week in a live interview to discuss how we will eradicate polio
 in the three countries where it still exists:
 Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan


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Rotary Club of Perth
Welcome Ioan! Our newest member.


Rotary Club of Kenwick
Congratulations to DrJames Savundra, 
named as Paul Harris Fellow (PHF)  for his services to Interplast.

 Even Prime Minster Tony Abbott has been recognised


Around the Clubs

Pictures from D9455 Conference


Rotary Club of West Perth
Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor of Perth City, 
is now an Honorary Member of the West Perth Rotary Club.
 President Steve performed the induction ceremony at our club breakfast.
 Hon Member Lisa aka Lord Mayor,
 also presented an amazing outline for the future of Perth City.


Rotary Club of Fresh Water Bay

90 year old Rosemary Schaber (with PRID Ken) who attended the club walk with her daughter. 
Rosemary was the very first female Rotarian admitted to Rotary membership
 after the USA court ruling that females were to be admitted to Rotary.
 Rosemary was a member of the RC of Lewiston, Idaho, BC


Rotary Club of Bunbury Leschenault

A bustling Bunbury Leschenault Rotary suitcase rummage  at the Bunbury Show!

Nice work if you can get it Anna! Great fun at the Bunbury Show ...


Rotary Club of East Perth

Banners  exchanged with Ted A.Gaebler from RC Rancho Cordova 
who visited our club on Wednesday 9th April.


Rotary Club of Ascot


Rotary Club of Fresh Water Bay

Pres. Mike, PRID Ken, PP Di and Stephanie at the
 Nedlands Monumental Walk which commenced and finished 
at the Peace Memorial Rose Garden in Nedlands


Rotary Club of Fremantle


Rotary Club of Corrigin


Rotary Club of Wanneroo

This container of Wheel Chairs was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Wanneroo.


Past President Debbie Singh has been working with the Burma Children Medical Fund
 and has raised funds to assist the
refurbishment of a house to support outpatients in Mae Sot Thailand .
The Rotary Club of Wanneroo donated  $3000.00
 to the Building fund to help this project.

Through an introduction by our Past President Graeme Smith ,
 Wheel Chair for Kids received a private donation 
from Beth Leece  of $3000.00
to pay for the cost of the container and freight to Bangkok .
 Beth also made a donation of $2000.00 to the Burma Medical Fund .
The Rotary Club of Wanneroo through Past President Debbie 
has approach the Rotary Club of  Bangkok South
 for assist to organise
getting the container of Wheelchairs to Mae Sot. 
Their member Mike Ellis Managing Director 
has agreed to donate the freight to Mae Sot .
 He will also arrange to get the goods cleared off the Wharf at Bangkok.
Rotary Club of Wanneroo has agreed to pay $US1600.00
  for the cost of the demurrage  and  "folding" money
 to get the goods released .
This is not what we like doing 
, however on past experience goods can be held up for months
 if the necessary steps aren't taken.

Father Olly Pickett and Don Kitson  from Wheel Chairs
 have been great support

                              PP Debbie Singh,Jacqui Whelan (Burma Medical Fund ) 
                                  and Clive Bain attended the loading of the container.


Rotary Club of Byford and Districts

Rotary Club of Mundaring
The Rotary Club of Mundaring held a very successful social bowls
 night at the Mundaring Sporting Club on 9 April 
for no other reason than ‘why not?


Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay
Lawrie Walter and wife Lyn spoke about their trip 
through the Northern Territory, Kimberly region 
and back to home in 2013


Rotary Club of Southern Districts
In a first for our district, Rotary Club of Southern Districts & E-WA 
have formally negotiated satellite club status for E-WA.
 This consolidates the relationship between the two clubs


Rotary Club of Armadale
District Chair of Interact, Ron Mildenhall of Kenwick Rotary Club, 
gave an impassioned and informative talk to our club last night.
 Excellent food for thought as we consider assisting 
in the commencement of an Interact Club at a local high school.


Rotary Club of Victoria Park

Annette and Arun at our Sausage sizzle raising funds
 for the PCYC Time 4Kids fundraiser on Sun 6th April


Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie
not sure what's happening here!!!

Club Promotions




Rotary Club of Mosman Park










Down under Aussie Selfie


Drop Bears

the Prank is on Gordon

A witch doctor kept the members of his tribe in subjugation 
by means of his powerful magic
. Whenever one of the tribe’s people tried to revolt against the tyrant,
 he uttered a magic incantation
 and turned the person into an apple.

One night, a group of the witch doctor’s subjects sneaked into his hut,
 opened his book of magic and learned the apple incantation.
 When the doctor awoke
, the people recited the magic phrases
 and turned him into an apple.

But the magic book warned that if the apple ever dried out 
and changed significantly in weight,
 it would change back to the person under the spell.
 Not wishing for the doctor’s revenge,
 every day the tribe’s people would place the apple
 on a scale to make sure its weight remained the same.

Moral: A weigh a day keeps the doctor an apple

Western Australia
Conto's Beach
Margaret River

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