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There are 31 approved Rotary regional magazines published in 24 languages. 

For Rotary Magazine Month, take a look at The Rotarian Magazin

 or a few of our regional magazines --

More than half of Rotarians worldwide receive a regional magazine
 instead of The Rotarian. 
These publications are produced independently by Rotarians,
 distributed in more than 130 countries, and published in 24 languages.
 They have a combined circulation of 872,000.
 Each magazine has a regional point of view but also includes articles
 and photographs of international interest from The Rotarian.
In addition, Rotary International publishes Rotary Canada,
 a quarterly supplement to The Rotarian with a circulation of 28,000.

For more information about the Rotary World Magazine Press 
or to request sample copies,
 send an email


Rotary's Vision for a Better World


Rotary International Meetings and Events []




Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough
 Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough has just inducted 
Nathan Lowder as a member of our club


Rotary Club of Perth
 Welcome back Larry! Our newest member!


Rotary Club of Cockburn

Shogo Williams-Matsuoka is Cockburn's newest Rotarian 
after he was inducted on Thursday morning. 
Welcome Shogo!


Around the Clubs

District 9455 Conference


What a fantastic night we had last night as host of the semi finals 
of Rotary District 9455's Four Way Test Speaking Competition.
 We heard from six wonderful young speakers 
 all supported by their sponsoring club and a team of supporters.
 Thanks to DG Hank de Smit, PDG Fred Marsh, our Rostrum adjudicators

Our District 9455 Rotary Youth Exchange students ready to party at our 

, Norm de Grussa and Jacob Skjøth Clausen


Rotary Club of Scarborough

 Don Brooks with visiting Rotarian Debbie Cash from the Bayview Claremont club.

 Pres Dave Taylor presenting a cheque for Scarborough Life Saving Club to Bob Phelps


Rotary Club of Applecross
 Katelyn presents President MurrayMcKay with her NYSF certificate.

 With her family

 Leonie Kelly, Gerry Faulkner (honorary member),Sukhwant Singh(past member)
 and David Shannon(past member and visiting Rotarian) to the meeting


Rotary Club of Heirisson

more from the Duck Derby


Rotary Club of Manjimup


Rotary Club of Mundaring


Rotary Club of North Perth
 The Rotary Club of North Perth held a ShelterBox
Dinner with SRT Member and General Manager, Mike Greenslade as guest speaker.


Rotary Club of Boulder


Rotary Club of Hillarys
 Science News
On Monday the 24th of March the Hillary's Rotary Club 
will presented Ashdale Primary School with a class set of microscopes. 
We are thrilled to have this wonderful resource to assist our students
 with their observation and investigation skills in Science.

 The Rotary Club of Hillarys provided a cheque for $500
 to Marianne to assist the Stirling Women’s Refuge
 in this essential Community nitiative.


Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

       Moroccan Dinner – Ken, Malcolm, Kay, Nancy, Roger, Vince, Anne-Sophie, Dale and Carol

Moroccan Dinner - Jen, Kristen, Jason, Rajah, Jes, Liz and Kate

 James, Max, Merran, Mike, Laura & Adam


Rotary Club of Bridgetown

 We are going to open our meetings (after grace) with the attached "Light up Rotary"
 invocation and  light the candle for the duration of each meeting
 President John Awcock and PP Mike Fletcher and  Rotarian Marie Perrier.


Rotary Club of Batavia Coast


City of Gosnells Rotaract Club

Having a blast at our 5th Sunday Social 


Rotary Club of Mosman Park

Donated Defibrillator


Rotary Club of Bunbury Leschenault
     Look what Past President Wendy Perdon been up to in the Ferguson Valley!


Rotary Club of Northam
Working hard at the markets. Bernard Park, Northam


Rotary Club of Booragoon


Rotary Club of Southern Districts
This is the way we roll at Southern Districts. 5.30am and the crowds are here. 

Bring n Buy Market at Maddington centro.



Club Promotions



Rotary Club of Osborne Park



Rotary Club of Mosman Park











Deserving Waitress

 Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a King
. In the King's court was a Jester. 

The Jester had a real talent for puns and shared them
 with the King at every opportunity. 

The King, however, hated puns more than anything.
 In fact, puns so annoyed the King that he issued
 a proclamation banning puns from his kingdom.
 Anyone caught creating or distributing puns
 was to be hung immediately. 

When the Jester heard his King's proclamation,
 he immediately re-quested an audience.
 Appearing before the King, 
he begged to have the new rule revoked. 

The King refused.

The following dialog ensued: 

King: “Why can't you tell normal jokes like other Jesters?” 

Jester: “OK, I'll try.
 Name a subject.” 

King: “How about the King?” 

Jester: “But the King is not a subject.” 

This blatant pun angered the King greatly.
 He demanded that the Jester try again,
 and this time be serious. 

The Jester agreed, and thought long and hard before speaking. 

“You know,” he said, “our Queen may be a wonder,
 but Queen Mary was a Tu-dor.” 

This was too much for the King and he ordered that the Jester be hung. 

However, when he saw his old Jester up on the gallows 
he was filled with sympathy. 

“Listen,” said the King, “I'll give you one last chance.
 If you can go for one more week without telling me any puns, 
I'll let you live.” 

The Jester agreed and was escorted down from the gallows. 

When he reached the ground,
 he looked back up at the swinging rope and said to the King,
 “You know it’s true what they say.” 

"What's that?” asked the King. 

“No noose is good noose.” 

The Jester was promptly hung

Firestone Pickup Truck
Having a pickup truck with Firestone tires on it is perfect 
when you need to make that quick pick up and get away
. An entertaining ad from Firestone and Ad Agency Leo Burnett 
about the benefit of Firestone Tires.
 I love the look on the father’s face when he realizes that not only 
has daughter left home but she has taken the dog with her.

Western Australia
Horizontal Waterfalls, Talbot Bay

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