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January is Vocational Service Month



 New Rotary Club in Timor Leste

Timor-Leste is one of the poorest countries in the world
 and one of the youngest.
 It has one Rotary Club, and four Rotaract Clubs with approximately 200 members,
 and these Clubs play a vital role in the lives
 of many young Timorese people.
Many of these members have now reached 
or passed the age of 30, and they want to continue to be involved with Rotary
 and have their own Rotary Club.
 Under the direction of District Governor Mike Woods, 
the proposed new Rotary Club of Lafaek Dili
 could be a reality very soon, with 49 young people
 keen to be charter members of this new club.

DG Mike says there is the potential of up to 100 members,
 however affordability is a major issue,
and with the very high rate of unemployment in Timor-Leste, 
the mandatory RI and district dues
would prevent some of them becoming Rotarians.
Whilst these young people might be financially poor,
 they are rich in community spirit and keen to make their contribution
 in their local communities and villages,
 and building their self-development at the same time.

To enable the opportunity for young Timorese 
to become Rotarians, 
 I am writing to you to ask for your financial support 
of the proposed Rotary Club of Lafaek Dili. 
This support can be as an individual or as a club,
importantly though I would like this support 
to be for a minimum of at least five years,
 with a per member contribution of AUS$200.
 Not-withstanding this support,
 and irrespective of the financial status of an individual member, 
each must pay a minimum of AUS$50 annual membership fee.

This new club will be in D9550,
 which includes Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory 
and is one of the largest districts geographically in Australia. 
It is also the smallest district by way of membership,
 and this new club will help grow Rotary in D9550.
I know many Australian clubs and  districts
 have a close association with Timor-Leste
 with ongoing projects, many of which focus on youth activities.
 This can be another way that you or your club 
can be involved indirectly with community service in that country by,
 supporting the proposed Rotary Club of Lafaek Dili,
 and sponsoring one or a number of the young people
 of Timor-Leste to become Rotarians.

The  brochures above outlines all things that you need to know
 about the proposed Rotary Club of Lafaek Dili, 
and I hope you will join Sue and me and other Rotarians 
by giving serious consideration to my request.

Kind regards,



Good morning District Governors, District Governor Elects, 
District Representatives and Australian Rotary Health Ambassadors 
and Rotarians

Hope this email finds you and your families well 
 probably Festive Season Celebrations overload.

Please find here links to the final Rural Yarn 
and Message Stick for 2015.  

The links to the website are:

Please feel free to circulate to any other interested parties.

There is no time more fitting to say Thank You 
and to wish you a Happy Christmas
 and a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity.

Kind regards,

Cheryl Deguara



thanks Julien



Around the Clubs

Bunbury Rotary Clubs helping out at the South West Bushfires

All ready for the big day tomorrow helping provide meals to evacuating families 
at the Leschenault Rec Center.
 The generosity we saw today was absolutely amazing and humbling,
 and we want to say a massive thank you to everyone 
who gave selflessly to help those in need


Rotary Club of Northam
District Governor Jerry Pilcher presents
President Ian Gibbs with Rotary Foundation Banner
100% Sustaining Members


Rotary Club of West Perth
Kings Park Perth was a glorious place for our Rotary Club of West Perth
 New Year informal bbq breakfast start to 2016.
 It has become an institution for the club and members.
 President Colin Arthur made members and guests welcome 
while President Elect Guy Mattioli with wife Josephine 
cooked up a storm for breakfast.


Rotary Club of Karrinyup 
Xmas Party


Rotary Club of Fremantle
Xmas Party


Rotary Club of Kojunup
Xmas Party


Rotary Club of Broome
Xmas Party


Rotary Club of Scarborough
Xmas Party


Rotary Club of Ballajura/Malaga
Xmas Party


Rotary Club of Geraldton
Marta's Xmas in Australia


Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay
Birthday Bash

lots of Acronyms..ed


Rotary Club of Cckburn

Gabriela our wonderful exchange student with her host families
 at her farewell before she goes home 


Rotary Club of Ellenbrook

President Eddie Ward with our International Youth Exchange student.
- Isabelle (centre) heading out to Brazil in January for 12 months
-Alissa (right) from Switzerland is 1/2 way through her year in Australia


Rotary Club of Perth

Welcome home Lamo


Welcome Home Kathryn Froend


Rotary Club of Perth
at the New Years Eve Vienna Pops Concert


Rotary Club of Ascot


Rotary Club of Victoria Park
·         Bunnings BBQ.
 On the 28th Dec the club held a sausage sizzle at Bunnings 
to raise funds for various community projects
 like supporting Gladella Ulep who was selected to attend
 National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)
 from the nominations we put forward from Kent St Senior High school
. Gladella will be attending NYSF in Canberra in January
 and is looking forward to the experience.
 Gladella and members of her family helped with the BBQ 
and despite the temperature getting up to 39 C 
a total of around  $400 was raised.  


"Pictures of the week"

Club Presidents asking Santa about 2016


Club and Districts Promotions



















A Tribute To Romance in Movies


Deng Thiak Adut Unlimited

Seabin Project

Western Australia

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