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Help launch our new global ad campaign,
 "People of Action"

While many people have heard of Rotary,
 few people actually understand what Rotary clubs do.
 In fact, 35 percent of the public is unfamiliar with any Rotary program,
 including their local club. 
That’s why Rotary has created a new global ad campaign called 
“People of Action.”
 The ads are available for download at 
 where you’ll also find guidelines on how to use 
and localize each element, making it easier for clubs
 in any part of the world to tell their story 
in a consistent, compelling way.

Why is the campaign’s theme “People of Action”?

Rotarians share a unique passion for taking action
 to improve their communities and the world. 
Where others see problems, we see solutions. 
This is our chance to show others how Rotarians
 see what’s possible in their communities 
and to highlight what we can achieve when
 more community leaders join Rotary.

Here’s what you need to know
Who are we trying to reach?

This campaign is for people who do not know about Rotary 
or why it’s relevant to them.
 We hope the campaign will appeal to potential members
 who want to make a difference in their communities
, those interested in Rotary’s causes,
 and people looking to establish relationships 
with others in their communities.

Rotary International

 Rotary signed a partnership agreement with the
 International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.
 Their amazing work to eliminate the causes of preventable blindness
 will now be amplified by the network of 1.2 million Rotary members.

New Members

Rotary Club of Perth

Welcome David

Paul Harris Fellows

Rotary Club of Como

The Rotary Club of Como would like to congratulate the latest Paul Harris Fellows.
...Bill Kirkham and John Garmony for their continued service to the Club

New Promotions

Rotary Club of Cambridge

Rotary Club of Como

Rotary Club of Mandurah

Rotary Club of Osborne Park

Updated Flyers

Rotary Means Business D9455

Rotary Club of Perth

Rotary Club of Northam

Rotary Club of Geraldton

Rotary Club of Manjimup

Rotary Club of Morley

thanks to Wilf Hendriks

Rotary Club of Geraldton
Chapman Valley Primary School

Tree planting video

Rotary Club of Kununurra

Lake Argyle Bike Project

Rotary Club of Swan Valley

Rotary Club of Rockingham

a handful of members from the Rotary Club of Rockingham (Western Australia)

Rotary Club of Osborne Park

Thank you so much David -
 Rotaract Club of Mount Lawley, for your help today
 with loading Medical Equipment for Cambodia
 with Rotary Club of Osborne Park. 

Rotary Club of Karrinyup

What a wonderful vibrant meeting we had this week
 thanks to all our lovely visitors!
 We were delighted to welcome our beautiful Rotary Youth Exchange 2007 - 2008 
Inbound student Emmi from Finland back to visit with us 
and to meet her fiance Antti.
 Also along to share the evening were a number
 of her host families from ten years ago

Emmi catching up with host families and chatting with current
 inbound student Ona from Spain.

 were introduced by our member Russell.

Klaus and Phil

Rotary Club of Narrogin

The Rotary Club of Narrogin have recieved some exciting news
 about Annie Antonie, our 2015 outbound exchange student 
who spent 12 months in Germany

Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay

Sign erected on Men's Shed

Interact Club of Freshwater Bay

The Interactors from the Interact Club of Freshwater Bay
 made breakfast at Ronald McDonald House yesterday,
 Sunday morning, 13th August. 
A great turn out under the guidance of our member
 and Interact Coordinator, Nishi Galhenage
 and Pres. Jamie Krige's mum.

Rotary Club of Fremantle

Fremantle Rotary St Emilies Hostel Computer Project
This project is based in Northern Thailand. 
The Hostel provides remote based children somewhere to live 
so that they can attend school and get an education. 
Fremantle Rotary assisted by providing Computers to set up a classroom
 and give access to computers, the internet and learn computer skills.

In 2006, the Sisters of St Joseph opened up a hostel
 in the remote village of Mai Na Chon, Mae Cheam,
 about 3 hours north west of Chiang Mai, right up in the north west of Thailand.
 The hostel provides the children with somewhere to live while they attended school.
There are currently 70 children living there and parents pay 
with a combination of crops and cash. 
The children living at St Emilie’s come from the Karen and Hmong Hill Tribes.
 The hostel is located in an idyllic, rural setting. 
The hostel is run by two Sisters, who do an an amazing job.
Fremantle Rotary became involved in the project because PP Greg Paten 
was very keen that we became involved in an international project
 where members had the potential to visit and where we could be hands on.
 The St Emilie’s computer project seemed to fit all the parameters
 we were seeking in an international project
, especially the focus areas of education and literacy.
When the computers had been installed, one of our Rotarian's 
- Paul decided to visit St Emilie’s to see the facility and review the setup.
 Paul and Kaori visited St Emilie’s for 2 days in late May
. They were made extremely welcome at the hostel and also by the community.
 All of the children were assembled to give an official welcome 
and Paul and Kaori were presented with garlands.
The computers and a printer/scanner are installed and being well used.
 Money set aside for tuition was not required as the Sisters had that in hand
, so the funds were redirected to air conditioning of the computer room.
 It is located on the second floor for security reasons,
 but it is extremely hot.
Paul saw a need he could sort out whilst he was there. 
There was a volley ball net, but no volley ball. 
The children were playing soccer with flat balls.
 Sister Assumpta also wanted a rugby ball,
 even though she had no idea of how many people made up a team 
or the rules of the game.
 So, as an extension of the project, Paul bought a volley ball,
 soccer balls and a rugby ball.
The children were keen to speak to Paul and Kaori, asking lots of questions 
– especially of Kaori.
 They were warmly greeted wherever they went - 
If they knew any English, they would talk to you. 
And often even if they didn’t know any English, they would try to talk to you.
On the last night, the children performed some dances
, a bit like rap but not quite which was great fun, 
as they were wearing their Hill Tribe traditional dress.
 Everyone was very hospitable

Rotary Club of Wanneroo

Our Rotary Club of Wanneroo were pleased to present our
 Certificate of Appreciation to Jamie and Mandy of the Woodvale Tavern.
Our Program Director Neil Cook (centre) 

had the great pleasure in presenting this with Past President Deirdre Kenny
 to the Woodvale Tavern for their great support in our use of their venue for our meetings.
We have also had many functions there that have been a total success

 due to the hard work and attention to detail from the wonderful staff there.

Rotary Club of Boulder
Rotary Club of Hannans Kalgoorlie
Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie

Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie

seen at the Battle of the Giants Quiz night

Rotary Club of Geraldton

Rotary Club of Manjimup

Inbound Student Charlotte on her 16th birthday

Rotary Club of Swan Districts

This week’s special guest speaker was Stephen Inouye
 the newly elected President of the Perth Rotary Club.
Stephen gave a comprehensive over view 
of Perth Rotary Club projects and activities.
Stephen Inouye hopes to attract more young professionals to its club
 through its hands-on approach to charity efforts.
Mr Inouye, Veritas Engineering managing director, 
was recently sworn in as the 91st president of the Rotary of Perth,
 taking the baton from Larry Hirsch

New Presidents - 
Perth Rotary Club Stephen Inouye and Swan Districts Rotary Kay Eva 

Rotary Club of Attadale

An Historical Islamic Road Map.
At the Rotary Club of Attadale meeting last Monday evening
 the Guest Speaker was Dr Ameer Ali whose presentation was named
 "The Long Road to Islamic Radicalisation".
 Dr Ali gave an historical journey from the origins of Islam to where we are today
. From his presentation Dr Ali demonstrated
 his broad historical knowledge of Islam throughout the ages

Rotaract Club of Perth

Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

A beautiful fine morning at the Lighthouse Open day

Rotary Club of Kojunup

Club and District Promotions







Darci Lynne's New Singing Puppet 
Has a Romantic CRUSH on Mel B 
 America's Got Talent 2017

A Ship Passed Us By and 
 You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

Check out this really amazing and interesting tsunami
 l experienced when a large cargo ship ran up the river passed me
. The water was sucked away from the shore 
and then a huge tidal wave engulfed me and my friend.
 It was fun, but a little scary for a few minutes

Western Australia

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