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Friends of Rotary
Friends of Rotary is a program that invites businesses

and individuals to team up with Rotary
for a year, two years or forever!

Becoming a Friend of Rotary allows those who share our ideals

and objectives to participate in our activities
without the responsibility of full membership
. As a matter of fact there are many people who would like to qualify
for' membership but simply do not have sufficient time
to join a Rotary Club.
Being a Friend of Rotary allows you to help in local fund raising

and community service events as well
as International projects.
Some club events are not specifically for fund raising but for socializing.
Rotarians call this Fellowship,
an opportunity to enjoy activities and each others company,
catch up with old friends
and make or develop new ones.

Role of Friends of a Rotary Club
§ Enjoy Fellowship and social occasions with like minded people.
§ Participate in and assist with any Rotary projects

or activities either by volunteering practical "in kind" or financial assistance,
particularly the major functions conducted by the club annually.
§ Protect the integrity of Rotary by advocating the importance

and advancing the ideals of Rotary.
§ Maintain contact with the club

and be informed of Rotary activities both locally and worldwide.
§ Contribute experience and wisdom when needed. "

Benefits to Friends of a Rotary Club
§ Opportunity to affiliate with community/business and professional groups.
§ Attend Rotary Club meetings and/or activities at own cost.
§ • Receive a monthly copy of the club Bulletin.
§ • Formal welcome and introduction to the Rotary club.
§ By supporting Rotary service projects

you are helping the local and international community.
§ Can be a stepping stone for you if you want to invest in the community

and also learn about Rotary.


What's new for clubs and districts
Rotary International News – 17 June 2010

Rotary International

A new Rotary year is set to begin,

and with it a number of changes to the way clubs
and districts do business.
The annual per capita dues that Rotary clubs pay to Rotary International

will increase to US$50 in 2010-11,
as established by the 2007 Council on Legislation.
The 2010 Council approved a $1 increase for the three subsequent years,
setting per capita dues at $51 for 2011-12,
$52 for 2012-13,
and $53 for 2013-14.

The 2010 Council, which met in April,
took several other actions that will go into effect 1 July:
E-clubs will become a permanent part of Rotary International

after years of participating in a pilot project.
Districts will be allowed up to two e-clubs,
which are defined as Rotary clubs that meet through electronic communications.
Some of the pilot e-clubs have been meeting solely through online forums,
while others have combined electronic with in-person meetings.
New Generations Service will join the other Avenues of Service

-- Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and International Service.
Before starting a project, Rotarians are asked to think broadly
about how their club and its members can contribute within each avenue.
Rotarians in North America will have the choice of receiving

either an electronic or print version of The Rotarian magazine.
Rotarians living at the same address may qualify for a joint subscription.

Here are some changes that will primarily affect Rotary districts:
District assemblies must be held in

March, April, or May,
and presidents-elect training seminars in February or March.
The chair of the nominating committee for district governor

must notify the current governor of the committee’s candidate within 24 hours,
and the governor must inform clubs within 72 hours.
When a governor-elect position is vacant less than three months

before the International Assembly, the successor will automatically fill the vacancy,
if he or she is willing.
If two or more governor election complaints are filed in a district

in a five-year period and the Board believes that the RI Bylaws
or election complaint procedures have been violated,
it may disqualify the nominee, select a past governor to serve,
and remove any governor, governor-elect, or past governor
who is improperly influencing or interfering with the election process.
The Board may dissolve any district and reassign its clubs
to other districts if three or more election complaints
are filed in a five-year period.

Here are some changes that will primary affect Rotary clubs:
No club may limit membership based on sexual orientation.
Clubs must inform their district governor of a proposed change

to the club name or locality at least 10 days before voting on the proposal.
The immediate past club president will be considered a club officer

and a member of the board.
The RI Board may suspend or terminate the membership of any club

that retains any member who has misused funds from The Rotary Foundation
or who otherwise has breached the stewardship policies of the Foundation.
Clubs accepting a transferring or former Rotarian

must first secure a certificate from the former member’s club
confirming that person’s membership.
The former club is obligated to verify that the member does
not owe any debts to the club.
A prospective member cannot join a new club until all debts have been paid.


Club Changeover June 19th
Rotary Club of Hannans Kalgoorlie

The theme of the night was Alice in Wonderland
We had Mad Hatters, Witches, Queen of Hearts, Duchess, Alice
A great fun night with formality when required

Thanks to Esther Roadnight for the pictures

All in the Family
President Geoff Horsley passes the Club Charter
to new President his wife Lorraine

Esther and George Roadnight

send your changeover photos to


Do you know an outstanding police officer?
If you know of any police officers who have excelled at their job,

let them know by nominating them for this prestigious award.
Selection criteria:
Outstanding service by a police officer,

over and above what is required as part of that
officer’s normal duties and functions.
Consideration of the following factors should be taken into account:-
To what extent has the service positively influenced the public’s perception

or confidence in the profession of policing?
To what extent has the service involved acts of compassion,

humanity or support for individuals?
To what extent has the service demonstrated exceptional devotion

to a particular policing duty, or cause?
To what extent has the officer demonstrated excellence

in a particular policing discipline, role or task?
Nominations close on 1 August
Any nominations received after this date will be held

for judging in the following year.

How to nominate
Nominations for the award are accepted from any member of the community

, including members of the WA Police and officers' families.

send it to:
The PresidentRotary Club of East Perth

Attn: Police Officer of the Year Award
PO Box 6235
East Perth WA 6892

About the WA Police Officer of the Year Award
The WA Police Officer of the Year Award was launched in 1973

by the Rotary Club of East Perth.
It is proudly sponsored by the Burswood Entertainment Complex,
Police and Nurses Credit Society, 6PR and 96FM
. The award recognises the hard work all police officers
contribute to our society.
The officers nominated highlight that police work is both varied

and challenging and greatly affects people from all walks of life
. Policing is not only a job, it is a way of life.
Recognising a police officer with a nomination reinforces
that members of the police are not simply uniforms,
but also community members who share the same concerns as others.


Subiaco Craft and Community Fair 2010

It’s on again –
the biggest Craft Fair in Western Australia
Book your stall now!!

The Rotary Club of Matilda Bay opened its craft fair website
on Thursday 17 June for craft fair stall bookings for this year’s
Subiaco Craft and Community Fair to be held on
Sunday 31 October from 9am to 4pm.

The website address is
and we encourage you to book on line and book early
to reserve the best stalls.

The Fair to be held on the Oak Lawn of the University of Western Australia
will feature a dazzling variety of local craft
and community products, free entertainment for the family,
and plenty of free parking.

The Fair is the major fundraising event organised by
the Rotary Club of Matilda Bay
and is the biggest outdoor craft and community Fair in Western Australia.

The beneficiaries of this year’s event are Uni Camp for Kids and Rotary Projects.
An entry donation of $8 adult and $15 family applies.

We encourage you to book your stall early without delay.

For further information: Christine Stewart


Rotary Club of Byford and Districts

click image to enlarge

Annual Ken Collins Address

click image to enlarge


Rotary Club of Boulder

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ryan Clarke
and I went to RYPEN with Cade, Monique and Rex.
We met the facilitators at the opening ceremony
and learned a lot about them.
Over the camp they knew a lot about us,
we learnt most of everyone's names and a bit about them.
By far it was the best food ever.
We had good breakfasts, lunches and teas.
The scenery of the mountain and the hillside roads were very good.
The Main theme of the camp was pirates and ninjas.
The facilitators were well prepared and came looking as a pirate.
We had a really good weekend with lots of fun, teamwork
, confidence boosting, life skills and many other attributes.
My favourite activity was blind walking;
we had to lead a partner through obstacles and up a hill.
My partner Steven was trusting except when I was blind folded
and nearly ran into a tree.
Before I nearly ran into another he said to me "watch out for that tree."
But then told me to stop and moved me out of the way.
Other activities like the consensus took so long..... up to 3 hours,
but we all came through with a
decision we all agreed on
. We used good decision making and judgment to make our minds up.
Other activities were based to get you working as a team
whether people had to be blind folded mute(can't talk)
or wasn't able to do anything,
by doing that we were able to work more as a team,
and more efficiently.
By the end of the camp we were working together smooth as a smooth rock,
quick as a ninja and as efficient as a hard working person.
We learnt so much from you sending us to the RYPEN march 2010
and wish we could go again.

Good evening Rotary members, parents, ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Monique Escudero
and I'm here tonight to tell you all about the amazing experience
I had while on RYPEN.
The aspect of RYPEN that I enjoyed the most was the chance to meet
and experience new people.
Many of the games involved getting to know your fellow RYPEN goers
and letting them get to know you.
We got involved ice breaker games and games that improve teamwork skills
and your confidence when meeting new people
. It was a really relaxed environment and by the end of the first day
everyone was pretty much at ease with each other.
Teamwork was greatly emphasized at RYPEN,
with almost every activity involving working co­operatively
and efficiently as a team.
This was a bit of a challenge at first but as everyone became more comfortable
it became easy and everyone enjoyed themselves.
We all had a good laugh and the more confident people encouraged
those who were more on the reserved side to
come out of their shell and get involved.
Encouragement was a big part of every activity
and it benefited everyone's confidence.
One thing that RYPEN really helped me combat
was managing all the things in my life effectively.
We learnt about the importance of having a healthy balance
between school, recreation, friends and most importantly family.
It was a really great help and an enjoyable activity.
RYPEN taught us all a very important lesson about empathy.
Everyone was asked to bring $10 for a mystery activity.
Once there we were informed that all our money would be combined
and given to a RYPEN goer that we all felt deserved it.
After a tense 3 hours of everyone adding what they would
accomplish with money and how it would help them.
After a long debate we decided who to give the money to
. It was a very humbling experience
and we all learnt the valuable lesson that sometimes the problem in your life
that you think is really bad is actually quite minor
compared to other's problems.
Thank you all for allowing me to experience RYPEN.
It was an amazing experience and it impacted
my life in a really positive way.
Thank you.


Rotary Club of Mill Point

Francesca Pittman, Richard Leske and Patrick Brockman
pictured here with PP David Tyler recently attended
a meeting to speak
about their RYLA experience

Homeward Bound
Youth Exchange student Celine [Belguim]
exchanges banners

taken from the Rotary Club of Mill Point newsletter

Rotary Club of Geraldton

Glen Feltham, Bob Urquhart,Don Rolston, John Grosse,
Les Walters,Peter Watt,Richard Larriera,PE Di Gilleland,
Trevor Beaver, Peter Staines, Geoff Crothers, Ray Ridge, Kevin Green

taken from the Rotary Club of Geraldton newsletter

Rotary Club of Bunbury /Leschenault
.John Bri gham was eyeing off Neville's dessert ...
while was real heart attack concoction
of choco‑late, cream and yumminess

---Rotary Auction Charity Ball
The Rotary Charity Ball, being held at the Qual­ity Lord Forrest Hotel
on 14 August 2010, is a major part of the 2010 Rotary Auction.
It is a joint clubs project,
and it is up to Bun-bury Rotarians to sell tickets.
The Ball committee wants to fill seats with peo­ple who will bid.
The purpose of the night is to make money for the beneficiaries, after all.
Remember it is easier to sell 1 table than 10 tickets.
If there are still spaces available after the drive for non-members,
then tickets will be available to the general membership.
Seating definitely limited to 250.
Remember the beneficiaries also
: Mens' Shed, Bunbury Mens' Shed, Milligan House, Youth-Care
Tickets are available from Ian Robertson or Ian Telfer.

taken from the Rotary Club of Bunbury /Leschenault newsletter

Rotary Club of Manjimup

Rotarian Fernando Pessotto gave an amusing account of his life and times.
He is a reluctant welder turned an orchardist
specialising in stone fruits in his mixed farm.
Migrant parents struggling to carve out an independent life
in a new country ably supported by the new generation with a market focus
– adding to the cultural diversity and horticultural success
of the Manjimup Region.
Fernando was District Governor of Apex
and Southern Zone President for WA Fruit Growers Association -
another facet of Fernando & Jean’s interesting life.

taken from the Rotary Club of Manjimup newsletter

Ditmar from the Rotary Club of Mill Point
was fined for his damaged brolly, which he claims was not of his doing

Rotary Club of Pinjarra
Inducted new member
Tim Birmingham
Rotary Club of Mount Lawley and PMH
Big Quiz Wednesday June 25th
Linda Le 9266 1757
Rotary Club of Ascot
Australian Golfing Fellowship of Golfing Rotarians
32nd annual Tournament
at the Western Australian Golf Club
October 3rd -8th
Rotary Club of Pinjarra
Opening of the Peel Hospital Paediatric Ward
Wednesday June 18th
Members to attend
Rotary Club of Cannington
is holding the 41st Ladies Semi­naron 26th June
at the Hyatt Regency.
Your $84 covers you for coffeeand a silver service luncheon
and a guaranteed interesting and informative day.
Our ladies are asked to contact
Joan Hudson to grab one of the last few tickets available.
The Theme this year is “Follow Your Dreams"
and selected speakers prom­ise to be enthralling!
-Rotary Club of Geraldton
As from June 16th
the clubwill having future meeting at Arcadia Waters
Rotary Club of Maddington
Wine and Cheese night for all past and present members
June 21st
Rotary Club of Attadale
Sausage Sizzles at Bunnings
July 10th and 11th
Rotary Club of Northam
Planning a Membership Forum to attract new members
Rotary Club of Bunbury / Leschenault
Rotary Auction Charity Ball
August 14th
Rotary Club of Maddington
Quiz Night July 30th
Rotary Club of Geraldton
Radio Auction....October 31st

Rotary Club Birthdays

June 18th
Rotary Club of Cockburn [1969]
June 19th
Rotary Club of Bunbury [1939]
June 21st
Rotary Club of Booragoon [1983]
June 23rd
Rotary Club of South Bunbury [1967]
June 25th
Rotary Club of Willetton [1982]
June 27th
Rotary Club of Mandurah [1961]
Rotary Club of Kalamunda [1962]
June 28th
Rotary Club of Mount Lawley [1949]
Rotary Club of Subiaco [1949]
Rotary Club of West Perth[1954]
Rotary Club of Armadale/Neerigen Brook [1982]
June 30th
Rotary Club of Quairading [1963]
Rotary Club of Cambridge [1969]
Rotary Club of Rossmoyne [1972]
July 4th
Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie
July 14th
Rotary Club of Bentley/Curtin
July 23rd
Rotary Club of Wanneroo
August 1st
Rotary Club of Scarborough[1956]
August 4th
Rotary Club of Swan Districts [1949]
August 5th
Rotary Club of Vivtoria Park [1948]
August 7th
Rotary Club of Thornlie [1982]


June 16th
Betty Bright
Doreen Langolulant
June 17th
Max Anderson
Ann Lake
Katie Fleming

June 18th
Steve Paxman
June 20th
Peter Lynch
June 21st
Peter Field
Bill Crispin
Betty Skinner
June 22nd
Vivienne Adams
June 23rd
Nancy Day
Gerry McGann
June 24th
Craig Jenner
June 25th
Lorraine Perkiss
June 30th
Keith Tinne
Phil Doyle

Birthdays but Date not known
Adam Guerin
Mark Baker
Robin Conway
Barry O'Grady

June 19th..........Saturday................Rotary Club of Ballajura/Malaga Quiz night
June 20th-23rd………………………………. Rotary International Convention Montreal
June 25th............Friday .............Rotary Club of Mt Lawley BIG Quiz
June 26th..........Saturday..............Rotary Club of Canningtons Ladies Seminar
July 3rd…………….Saturday……………District Changeover [D94555 and D9645]
July 21st..........Wednesday........Rotary Club of Gosnells Xmas in July
July 30th....Rotary Club of Maddington.....Friday...............Quiz Nite
August 7th....Saturday ...Rotary Club of Bentley/Curtain belly dancers fund raiser
August 14th...............Saturday...............Rotary Club of Bunbury/Leschenault Charity Auction Ball
October 3rd-8th............Rotary Club of Ascot Golfing Rotarians Tournament
October 24th-29th..............International Fellowship of Cricketing RotariansFestival@ Lillac Hill
October 31st..............Sunday..............Rotary Club of Mosman Park John Hughes "Big Walk"
October 31st........Sunday................Rotary Club of Matilda Bay Subiaco Craft and Community Fair
October 31st.............Sunday.............Rotary Club of Geraldton Radio Auction
December 3rd -5th.....................Rotary Institute [Perth]


May 30th
Rotary Club of Gosnells
June 19th
Rotary Club of Hannans/Kalgoorlie
Rotary Club of Esperance
June 21st
Rotary Club of Quairading
June 24th
Rotary Club of Pinjarra
June 25th
Rotary Club of Albany Port
Rotary Club of West Perth
June 26th
Rotary Club of Geraldton
Rotary Club of Boulder
Rotary Club of Mill Point
Rotary Club of Corrigin [noon]
June 28th
Rotary Club of Northam
Rotary Club of Bentley/Curtin
Rotary Club of Attadale
Rotary Club of Mosman Park
Rotar Club of Manjimup
June 29th
Rotary Club of Armadale
June 30th
Rotary Club of Bunbury Leschenault
Rotary Club of East Perth
July 1st
Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay
Rotary Club of Belmont
July 2nd
Rotary Club of Victoria Park
Rotary Club of Swan Valley
July 3rd
Rotary Club of Kenwick
Districts 9455 and 9465
July 6th
Rotary Club of Booragoon
July 10th
Rotary Club of Kwinana
July 13th
Rotary Club of Balcatta
July 17th
Rotary Club of Wyalkatchem
July 24th
Rotary Club of Kalgoorlie
send details of your clubs changeover to



Quote of the Week


The humble little accountant had his suspicion.
One day he left the office early and,
sure enough,
at home he found a strange hat and umbrella in the hallway
and sitting in the living room in the arms of another man was his wife.
Wild for revenge,
the husband picked up the man’s umbrella
and snapped it in two across his knee
.“There!” he said.
“Now I hope it rains!”

stolen from the Rotary Club of Pinjarra newsletter


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