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When Rotary members in Brazil learned that literacy rates 
had fallen in their community,
 they used a Rotary Foundation District Grant to take action.

March is Rotary Literacy Month. 
Learn more about Rotary's grants and make a difference in your community at

The Worlds Biggest Commercial

or follow this link

Rotary Club of Perth
 The world's newest Rotarian, Shona Mittra, receiving the Four Way Test at her induction


Rotary Club of Mindarie
 A big congratulations to Margaret and Nicole
 who were inducted into our club at last nights meeting 
we are honored to have you both join our team


Rotary Club of Canning Bridge
 Congratulations Dr Helen Fairnie!
 Helen was recognized today as Paul Harris Fellow 
- our first PHF recognition as a club since the move from York


Rotary Club of Swan Valley

Congratulations to our latest Paul Harris Fellow Colin Hughes
 who not only has contributed to many projects 
as an active member in Rotary but as a passionate supporter
 of Indigenous health has done many stints in remote WA
 and the NT helping improve health standards. 


Rotary Club of Corrigin
Rotary Member Fraser Job cutting the cake at his recent 80th birthday


The photo shows l-r 
Pam Lyons, Maureen Graham, newest member Heather Long,
 Club President Rona Hurley, Brigitte Koehler, Jan Duffy

                           INNER WHEEL CLUB OF KALAMUNDA
                                      INTERNATIONAL VISITORS
At the latest meeting of the club we were privileged 
to have Inner Wheel members, Brigitte Koehler from Trier in Germany
 and Maureen Graham from Worthing Steyne UK with us.
  They both told us a little about their respective Clubs
 and how much the International friendship meant to them.
 Also present were District Chairman, Jan Duffy
 and District Secretary, Pam Lyons.
For information on Inner Wheel please contact 
Maureen Betts 9453 6973


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 Linda McLerie and Robyn Jones

PDG Allan Lewins, driving force behind the very successful
 Sustainable Cambodia Australia project


Rotary Club of Esperance

Australian Rotary Health presentation to Rotary Club of Esperance
 President Chris Roberts
pictured here with Assistant Governor Jim Gray


Rotary Club of West Perth

It was on to say the least.
 Selecting 3,000 golf balls from 5,000 contenders,
 and having to wash most of them.
 But it was done thanks to Russell and Carol 
and the  members who attended. 

Youth is a priority focus for Rotary and for our club. 
Thursday's guest speaker David Reed OAM spoke on Passages,
 a program that provides care and shelter for homeless youth. 
What a brilliant concept and now has places 
in Northbridge and Mandurah.Check the website:
Acting Pres Bernie stepped in to welcome David 
and Alexia Winandi RYE student represented youth.


Rotary Club of Albany Port
Our meeting night was changed to Thursday this week 
in order to welcome the visiting Danish Group Study Team
. We were joined by Rotarians and their partners
 from Katanning, Mt Barker and Albany City
 as well as Suzannah Lyons who was part 
of a group study exchange to Denmark last year.

Rotary Club of FreshWater Bay
 A set of microscopes were presented to Balga Primary School 
Friday morning 14th March. 
At least 50% of student are indigenous / from other cultures,
 with Asian and African the dominant cultures represented.
 Principal Laura O'Hara is a valued member

 Rtn John Duff, Principal Clive Kelly, PRID Ken Collins,
 teacher Wendy Carruthers, Tim Boyes 
(agVivo and future scientists at Glen Forrest Primary School


Rotary Club of Karrinyup
 East Hamersley Primary School Head Boy Lachlan, 
Head Girl Breanna and Principal Lyn 
were delighted with the gift of a class set of 30 microscopes
 from the Rotary Club of Karrinyup presented at the school assembly 
by President Elect Carolyn. 
The microscopes will enhance studies and 
pportunities in science for East Hamersley students.


Rotary Club of Victoria Park
 President Wilf was one of 81 swimmers
 who participated in the Swimarathon at the Kwinana Aquatic Centre 
to raise money to eradicate polio on 23rd Feb.


Rotary Club of Northbridge
 Monday night’s visitors to the Rotary Club of Northbridge 
were Tony and Carol Stafford of the
 Rotary Club of Fingal, Dublin in Ireland.


Rotary Club of Armadale
 Rotarians were thrown to the Lions last night 
at Armadale Bowling Club -
 but we retained the annual trophy with 29 points to 22.
 It was a great fun night and excellent fellowship 
with our friends  from Armadale Lions Club.


Rotary Club of Perth
 Fascinating insight on Heart and Lung transplant in WA 
from leading surgeon Robert Larbalestier.


Rotary Clubs of Boulder and Kalgoorlie
 President Adam White and Kalgoorlie’s President Esther  Roadnight
cut the Birthday Cake for Rotary’s 109th birthday
 at the joint meeting to raise funds for Polio Plus


Rotary Club of Hannans Kalgoorlie
Come and buy a book or two. — at Boulder Markets.


Rotary Club of Wanneroo
 Fabulous presentations last night at the Rotary Club of Wanneroo
from Inbounds Akin (Turkey) and Anson (Taiwan);
 as well as from Tristan, who recently returned
 from a Rotary Youth Exchange year in Denmark.


Rotary Club of Mindarie









    A Rotary Club of Geraldton-Greenough community project.

4 weeks to go till we fire up the hill!
Saturday April 5!
Shannon Noll & band, Mark Wilkinson and local lads C4 
with all profits going to those in need through the
 Rotary Club of Geraldton - Greenough. 
Remember the Redhill Concert is family day










Rotary Club of Mosman Park
March 17th   [1972]

Rotary Club of Bridgetown
April  10th  [1954]

Rotary Club of Hillarys
April 11th   [1986]

Rotary Club of Mandurah Districts
April 11th    [1986]

Rotary Club of Attadale
April 12th b [1982]

Rotary Club of Perth
April   15th   [1927]

Rotary Club of Collie
April 15th   [1954]

Rotary Club of Mount Barker 
April 15th   [1955]

Rotary Club of Carnarvon
April 15th    [1963]

Rotary Club of Northbridge
April 17th   [1994]

Rotary Club of North Perth
April 17th  [1972]
Rotary Club of   Mandurah City
April 19th    [1993]

Rotary Club of Kwinana
April  22nd  [1971]

Rotary Club of Dalkeith

April 24th   [1984]



Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist

 A duck was walking along a stream in Australia
 when he happened upon a platypus standing on the bank. 
The platypus was t holding a sign that read:
 "Homeless. Out of work. Please help."

The duck offered to help the platypus
 but not through a simple grant by donation.
 He said he would help the platypus find employment.
 But in the interim he would also loan him the money
 necessary to get on with his life.
They shook hands to seal the deal
 and each went their separate ways.

Speaking in his simple language,
 he told his wife that evening of what he had done.
 "Duck help out platypus today," he said.
 "Duck feel good. 
Economy get better. Everyone happy."

His wife looked at him somewhat askance 
as she continued to prepare food for the evening's meal.

"What's the matter?" The duck asked

She turned to face him.
 "And what do you plan to do when
 the platypus fails to pay you back?"

"It pretty simple," he replied.
 "Duck bill platypus."

A girl and her dog take a look backward at the life 
they’ve shared growing up together.
 You may want to get a hankie before you watch.
 The ad for Chevy was directed by Lloyd Lee Choi.
Yes, believe it or not, it’s a car ad.
 It should send you right out to buy a car
or adopt a dog from the local shelter

A teenage boy is getting ready to take his girlfriend to the prom.
 Firtst he goes to rent a tux
, but there's a long tux line at the shop and it takes forever.
 Next he has to get some flowers,
so he heads over to the florist and there's a huge line there.
 He waits forever but eventually gets the flowers
. Then he heads out to rent a limo.
 Unfortunately, there's a large line at the rental office,
 but he's patient and gets the job done.
 Finally, the day of the prom comes.
 There two are dancing happily
 and his girlfriend is having a great time
. When the song is over, she asks him to get her some punch,
 so he heads over to the punch table 
and there's no punchline

Western Australia
Head to Ningaloo and paddle out to the world’s largest fringing coral reef.

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