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Rotary Club of Karrinyup

Rotary Club of Kenwick

Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay

Rotary Club of Swan Valley


Rotary in New Zealand

Rotary in Egypt

Microscopes in Schools

The Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay has seen 20,000 microscopes presented 
to almost 700 schools since beginning the Microscopes in Schools project in 2010. 

The project was inspired by the vision of 2006-2013
WA Chief Scientist Prof. Lyn Beazley
 of every primary school in Western Australia 
having a set of magnifying microscopes
 to assist children’s scientific explorations. 
She was concerned about the huge shortfall of young people
 going on to study science at higher levels.
 Unless a love of science was developed in students at an early age,
 she feared the trend would be difficult to reverse.

At the time, the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay was only recently chartered
 and President Di Collins decided this a perfect mission for the club to take on. 
Magnifying microscopes are small hand held units,
 with a removable base, magnifying between 60-100 times, 
ideal for children. 
Their portability easily allows them to be carried around
 to view items indoors as well as out in nature.

In excess of 115 Rotary clubs, along with corporations and individuals,
 have gifted microscopes to schools across Australia.
 Units have also been sent to schools in East Timor, Vanuatu, Nepal, 
the Solomon Islands, India, Tanzania, Thailand, Bali, Northern Laos,
 Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.
 This provides around 245,000 students annually with the opportunity
 to discover the microscopic world and develop a love of science.
 For its tremendous, and continuing, success the project was awarded 
a Significant Achievement award from Rotary International in 2013.

The project works best when a school is given a set of 30 microscopes
, which is one for each student’s use, although this figure may vary slightly
 depending on the size of the largest class in the school.
 This set then gravitates up and down throughout
 the school from Kindy to Yr. 6. 
Each magnifying microscope costs $15,
 with a full set of 30 units adding up to $450.
 For schools interstate and outside of the Perth metropolitan area,
 there is an added cost for delivery. 
Clubs have used Rotary Foundation District Grants to assist with the costs,
 in order to equip multiple schools.
Each microscope is emblazoned with the Rotary logo, crediting their origin 
and ensuring knowledge of Rotary reaches our younger generations.

The Water Corporation in conjunction with the 
Science Teacher’s Association of Western Australia (STAWA) 
has produced a complimentary activity book to assist teachers 
in integrating the magnifying microscopes with their existing curriculums. 
The activities focus on plant structure, adaptations to water supply
 and soil composition able to be undertaken in most school gardens.
 The Water Corporation further offers a free lesson from one of its staff 
for schools in Metropolitan Perth on how to use the units.

Microscopes in Schools Ambassador Rtn. Dr Tristan Clemons
 is available to present to students on microscope usage 
as well as discuss careers in science. 
The microscopes can also be used to study other subjects such as
 cells, bacteria and insects – and even support art projects.

Major General the Honorable Michael Jeffrey,
 Advocate for Soil Health and Chairman of Soils for Life,
 is a strong supporter of the project.
 “Of particular interest to me is the potential to use 
these microscopes in soil science,” he said.
 “With proper teaching, I would see the huge dearth in agricultural scientists
 in this country being quickly overcome, as I know from personal observation
 that when a child can see soil microbes and fungi in action through a microscope,
 huge interest in thereby engendered.

Encouraging interest in regenerating our landscape is important
 as 60% of it is degraded in some form or another, along with a million kilometres
 of our streams and rivers.
 This degradation, if allowed to continue, could spell disaster for agriculture in particular,
 at a time when there is a huge opportunity for Australia
 to meet the burgeoning food requirements of China and Indonesia.”

To find out more, visit
 or contact the Microscopes in Schools Project Coordinator

Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

Presentation of microscopes took place  (Friday) morning
 at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary in Girrawheen..

Pictured with Pres, Di Collins are students and Science teacher Ms Smith.
The units were gleefully accepted!

Rotary Club of Kwinana

Rotary Club of Collie

Rotary Club of Perth

Congratulations to Bluebird Mental Health for their volunteering efforts
 in support of young adults in our community. 
It was fitting that we presented Bluebird with a cheque as a result
 of a Rotary District 9455 Grant on a day when our guest speaker
, PDG Jerry Picher, presented on the work of Australian Rotary Health.

ARH reports that almost half of all Australians (45%)
 will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.
 Let's get behind Bluebird who like ARH
 is taking action in our local WA community.

Rotary Club of Batavia Coast

Community Services director Mick Powell promoting Hat Day
 at the Rotary Club of Geraldton Greenough breakfast meeting
 . Seen here enjoying an early morning coffee with AG Clark

Rotary Club of South Bunbury

Have you seen South Bunbury’s very one MAMILS (middle aged men in Lycra) 
out and about in their New kit? 
Supporting Australian Rotary Health and Lift the Lid on Mental Health.
 Thanks to our sponsors NAB, Simcoa Veen’s Drafting and Mad Cycles.

Rotary Club of Mill Point

Qantas working with Rotary, is donating well over 3000 of its old blankets 
for distribution to the homeless and others in need this winter.

Rotary Club of Western Endeavour

Club members Jane and Judy getting ready for the Big Red Kidney Walk. 

Rotary Club of Rossmoyne

Parmas for Farmers at Jack Caddy’s
Brilliant turnout, thanks everyone

Rotary Club of Nedlands

The last crew at the last Swap Mart run by Nedlands Rotary,
 Sunday 26th August 2018.
 Massive thank you to everyone who has been involved
 and a very special thank you to Nada.

Rotary Club of Mandurah

Anna our youth exchange student went for a road trip with her host family
 to look for wild flowers 
. What a beautiful weekend to take a country drive.

Rotary Club of Karrinyup

Members enjoyed a lively presentation this week by nature lover 
and educator of over sixty years Eric McCrum OAM,
 seen here with our member Colin. 
Eric is well known to members as the 2017 recipient
 of the Dr Michael Chin Humanitarian Award.
 He kept members and visitors enthralled, as he spoke to a beautiful collection
 of slide photographs taken during a nature walk in Kakadu National Park some years ago.
 The slides depicted Aboriginal rock art, of enormous international significance 
with paintings up to 20,000 years old, as well as birds, animals and plants.

Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

Open Day at Caning Vale Primary School had a table on Rotary
 manned by PRID Ken and Pres. Di Collins, along with 
PP Jeremy Foster and PP Simone Collins,

Rotary Club of Kununurra

Rotarian and International Director, Vernon Powell 
made time to catch up with Rotarians at a Highland Gathering in Braemar, Scotland,
 while on his travels - he also tells us he was about 10 feet from Liz 
(who we are taking to mean HRH Queen Elizabeth)!

Vernon is in the centre - in case the lack of a kilt made it hard to guess 

Rotary Club of Kwinana

The Interact club in Gilmore College.
Above Student Mikayla Oldham Rotarians James Sharkey, Lee Davis,
 Mick Nella and student Jayden Thompson

Rotary Club of Southern Districts

Guest Speaker  Dr Helen Jones   "Save the Rhino" 
with Rob Pannell and President Simon Dutt

Rotary Club of Como

President Sak at Shelter Box training...he is hiding up the back

Rotary Club of Elizabeth Quay

Thank you to all who came to the Rotary Elizabeth Quay strategic planning day.
 We are pumped and ready for a fantastic year.
 The results of our planning will be announced as soon as possible!
 If you'd like to hear more about the amazing community service
 being done under your nose, come to the Laneway Lounge
 next Wednesday the 5th of September for our Showcase meeting:

Rotary Club of Armadale

Yesterday, our Community/Vocational Service Director, Greg Walkington,
 in the company of Armadale Rotarians, Maryanne Gleeson and Barsha Shahi, 
were delighted to present a cheque for $1,000 to support delivery 
of a Bike Rescue programme at Armadale Shopping City
 to Dismantle Programme Mentor Lawson Smith
 and Save The Children's Regional Coordinator Amanda Splatt. 
We’re delighted to support Dismantle and Save The Children 
as they continue their great work with this group of 10 boys and girls
 who are learning to work as a team and build their social and organisational skills
 by repairing and repainting bicycles to be given to local charities
 and to obtain a bike for themselves that they have built.
 In the photo (left to right): 
Amanda Splatt, Maryanne Gleeson, Greg Walkington,
 Lawson Smith and Barsha Shahi.

Rotary Clubs of
Esperance Bay

Great morning and wonderful to see both clubs collaborating!

Rotary Club of Cambridge

Enjoying a great night out with Rotary friends at Indian Ocean Cafe & Cuisine,
 Ocean Village Shopping Centre, City Beach

Rotary Club of Bunbury Leschenault

We were very happy to welcome Salvos' Mark Schatz to lunch.

Rotary Club of Applecross

Ray from Applecross Rotary is joining Roger from South Bunbury Rotary
in the Dirt and Dust Run.
 Help The Drafter team raise money for mental health.

"Picture of the Week"

Rotary Club of Boulder

While a lot of our members are overseas in Bali 
the rest of us are getting down to the important job of running the club.

Club and District Promotions





10 Famous Funny Commercials


Western Australia

"Last one in has to shout lunch!
" With a scene like this, it's no surprise these friendly locals
 couldn't resist a day at the beach.
 This pretty spot is Sandy Cape Recreational Park
, which is located near#JurienBay - a relaxed fishing town 
blessed with long sandy beaches, colourful offshore reefs 
and amazing marine life

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